Woman of 9.9 Billion – Episodes 13 & 14 Recap and Review

Dividing the Money

Back for another slice of suspense and tension, Woman of 9.9 Billion returns as the mystery surrounding Tae-Woo’s brother death deepens, giving us more hints behind the real mastermind of these events. Everything seems to be linked to this man; even what happened to the ex-cop three years ago. All the pieces are slowly starting to fit together which makes the show even more enjoyable to watch.

We start with Seo-Yeon and Geum-Ja having dinner together, talking about other ways to launder the money which would involve a large and legal company. We then cut to where the last episode ended with Seo-Yeon surprising Hee-Joon, and Jae-Hoon having breakfast. After sending her husband away, Hee-Joon asks her friend why she disappeared and asks if it’s because of Mi-Ra’s death. Seo-Yeon quickly changes subjects and mentions that she has a favour to ask her.

We then cut to In-Pyo who’s still spying on Tae-Woo. The latter meets with Min-Gyu who offers to give him the tracking device from his brother’s car in exchange for the identity of the person who gave him the locker key. Meanwhile, Seo-Yeon meets with Jae-Hoon to discuss the money and offers him 2.8 billion as he has used half a billion already. Knowing she’s planning to give a third to Tae-Woo, Jae-Hoon gets angry and insists on getting half while grabbing her. As they argue, he accidentally pushes her and almost lands on the corner of the fish tank, just like Mi-Ra. She then mentions the favour she asked Hee-Joo for, which is to set up a trust fund with 3.3 Billion for Mi-Ra’s kid.

Tae-Woo asks Kim-Seok to help him decrypt the flash drive of his brother he found in the locker while we see In-Pyo putting a tracking device on Tae’s car. As he follows them, we see them investigating the side of a road where Seo-Yeon finds some of the empty money boxes. Suddenly, a suspicious young biker rides past them and after threatening him, they find out that one night he saw two men stopping and arguing with one of them throwing the box away.

Back home, Tae-Woo decides to look for the person the driver worked for while we see Hee-Joo watching some video footage of the exterior of Mi-Ra’s house. She sees Seo-Yeon, her husband, then Mi-Ra entering the house and a few minutes later, Jae-Hoon leaving with all the suitcases.

After seeing Mr Oh’s bar trashed by Black Bear, Tae-Woo rushes to Do-Hak’s office to see that the thug has already been taken care of by his men as Do-Hak wanted him to lay low. Outside, Tae-Woo meets with Min-Gyu, who tells him that the man behind everything is actually the same one Tae-Woo tried to arrest three years ago.

Seo-Yeon decides to drop one third of the money in a locker for Jae-Hoon to pick up. Unfortunately when he arrives, the locker is empty. We then cut back to Seo-Yeon meeting with Tae-Woo who vows to protect her while she moves the rest of the money.

Arriving at the restaurant, Seo-Yeon heads in to meet Hee-Joo while Tae-Woo stays in the car park, not realizing that In-Pyo has been following them all along. He manages to get Tae-Woo to leave his car which prompts him to break into the boot. Suddenly, Jae-Hoon arrives to confront Seo-Yeon about the money missing from the locker just as everyone comes to head. However, Seo-Yeon manages to stop a fight from happening between the two men when she mentions the presence of Hee-Joo in the restaurant. After Jae-Hoon leaves, Seo-Yeon proceeds with the exchange of money while In-Pyo hides.

We then cut to Hee-Joo who seems to have figured out that the woman Jae-Hoon has been seeing is Seo-Yeon while In-Pyo is now aware of his wife’s new place. The episode ends with Seok finally cracking the password for the flash drive which contains pictures of Seo-Yeon and Sung-Jae meeting secretly.

Who is the strange man everyone is fearing? The show has been building to his return for the last few episodes and we’re slowly seeing how deep his connection is with what’s happening and how everyone fears him. This has definitely brought even more tension to the show and just as Seo-Yeon is starting to get her life back on track, she’s set to face more obstacles with this new threat looming over.

Woman of 9.9 Billion has been quite the intriguing show to watch so far with enough plot twists and interesting characters to make for an addictive watch. Looking at the preview for next episode, it seems that there might be a time jump in store at some point too. Let’s not forget the evil In-Pyo who is not going to give up on controlling his wife or getting his hands on the money. There are still a lot of tense moments waiting to happen in this drama which I am definitely looking forward to see unfold in the coming weeks.

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