With Love – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Wedding

What happens before the wedding?

Episode 6 of With Love season 2 begins with Henry and Jorge sharing a tender moment on the night before their wedding. Meanwhile, Jorge continues to be disappointed and angry with Lily, and he refuses to speak with her.

Sol, Miles, Chuey, and Gladys are preparing for Jorge and Henry’s wedding. They discuss the family curse and decide to do everything in their power to ensure that nothing goes wrong at the wedding.

Nick inquires about Lily’s situation with Jorge, but she refuses to discuss it. Instead, they have sex. Meanwhile, Beatriz is concerned that Jorge will no longer need his parents once he gets married. Jorge Sr assures her that their children will always need them.

Laz asks Santiago to accompany him to his dance class so that he can introduce him to his girlfriend, and he agrees. Meanwhile, when Nick arrives to collect Jorge’s vows sheet, Henry is doing yoga. Nick assists Henry in relaxing after noticing that he has gotten stress rashes.

What happens when Lily runs into Santiago?

When Lily goes to the shop to get some wine, she runs into Santiago. Lily gets closure though, when she tells Santiago that the kiss was a mistake and that she is very happy with Nick.

Lily is concerned that meeting Santiago is a sign from the universe. Sol then asks Lily to suppress her emotions for a while and concentrate on Jorge’s wedding.

Does Jorge forgive Lily?

Jorge refuses to let Lily ride in his limo to the wedding ceremony. Sol, on the other hand, forces him to let Lily accompany them.

When Santiago meets Laz’s girlfriend, they get along well. She eventually asks about Santiago’s dating situation, and Laz tells her about Lily. Laz’s girlfriend tells Santiago that it is not too late to get Lily back because she is not yet married.

When they arrive at the venue, Sol informs Beatriz and Jorge Sr of the situation, and Beatriz pushes them to make peace with each other. Lily tells Jorge what happened the day she kissed Santiago and assures him that she truly loves Nick. Jorge is relieved.

Does the season have a happy ending?

Jorge and Henry’s wedding ceremony goes on without a hitch and ends up being very touching. However, Santiago can’t stop thinking about Lily. He accidentally damages Diana’s car while driving. He then exchanges numbers with her. We later learn that Diana is Lily’s cousin.

Lily expresses her concerns to Beatriz, with the latter helping her see things more realistically, assuring her that cosmic signs aren’t real.

Following the ceremony, Lily tells Nick that she is ready to begin house hunting with him. She tells him that she wants to marry someday, and they share a touching moment. Santiago shows up with a ring and happens to see them hugging from a distance as the season comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Jorge and Henry get married in the episode, and their wedding ceremony is absolutely stunning. The wedding festivities are touching, and the way the Diaz family all pitches in together is certainly entertaining to watch.

Lily’s character arc, on the other hand, is paper thin. Her quick switch from Santiago to Nick makes her relationship with Nick appear very superficial. Her kissing Santiago while dating Nick doesn’t help her case either.

You can’t possibly root for Lily and Nick’s relationship, even though they appear to be stronger than ever at this point. On the other hand, you’ll feel bad for both Nick and Santiago because Lily appears to be using them at the expense of her confusion.

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  1. Lily’s character never seems to truly grow. She’s still looking for a man to look after her like a dama in distress and whilst I enjoyed season 1, her character this season has just become annoying to watch with all that prancing around like a princess. It ain’t cute.

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