With Love- Season 2 Episode 5 “Thanksgiving” Recap & Review


Lily and Nick spend time together at the beginning of With Love episode 5. Following that, Santiago messages Lily, wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving, and Nick appears to be fine with it, saying he trusts Lily.

At the clothing store, Santiago’s father runs into Tia Gladys. She invites him and Santiago to the Diaz family’s Thanksgiving party after some conversation.

At work, Miles gives Sol a lab coat as she becomes a doctor and she’s overjoyed. Meanwhile, Lily is looking at houses but realizes she can’t afford them. Nick offers to help Lily, but she politely declines.

Laz asks Santiago if he wants to go to Diaz’s Thanksgiving party, and he agrees to go, saying it will be nice to catch up with Lily.

Jorge, Henry, Lily, and Nick are all walking together to the Thanksgiving party, where Jorge expresses his happiness and refers to them as a quad couple.

Santiago texts Lily before going to the Thanksgiving party, but her phone is charging. However, Marta hints that Louis’ dementia is getting worse.

Nick and Lily are kissing when Santiago enters the house and he happens to see them. Santiago appears to be crushed, so Lily confronts Santiago and tells him he should have notified her about him visiting. He tells her that he messaged, and that’s when she sees his text. Santiago inquires as to why Lily did not inform him about Nick, but Lily tells him that she lived up to their previous agreement.

During dinner, Santiago offers to help Lily find an affordable house, and she accepts his help. Following that, Nick expresses his pain as she refused his help and then accepted Santiago’s help. Lily recognizes the problem and they reach an agreement.

Tia Carmela keeps putting Sol down at the party. Miles eventually grows frustrated and lashes out at Carmela, which upsets Sol. Sol then asks him not to interfere with her family.

While playing the family game, Santiago and Lily serve as an excellent team, which bothers Nick. Beatriz tells Sol that she liked Miles standing up for her, and as such Sol and Miles reconcile, with Sol thanking Miles for standing up for her.

Lily and Nick seem to be getting close about halfway through the party, and they appear to be having a great time. Santiago, on the other hand, can’t stand the thought of Lily being with someone else. Laz notices his son’s sadness and offers to take him home early, which Santiago accepts.

Lily realizes Santiago is leaving when he goes to get his coat. Lily talks to Santiago, who expresses his feelings for her. Santiago kisses Lily, and she kisses him back. Jorge walks in on Lily when she realizes her mistake and breaks the kiss. Following that, Santiago leaves.

Jorge expresses his disappointment with Lily and demands that she tell Nick what happened, warning her that if she does not, he will.

While walking home with Nick, Lily tells him about the kiss. Nick is deeply hurt but Lily assures him that kissing Santiago was a mistake and that she wants to be with Nick.

Nick agrees to be with her on the condition that she stop being friends with Santiago, and Lily agrees to his terms. Nick forgives Lily, and they reconcile.

When Jorge returns home, Lily informs him that Nick has forgiven her. Jorge expresses his disappointment  and tells her that, while Nick has forgiven her, he has not. Jorge lashes out at Lily, and they continue to trade insults and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The Diaz family’s Thanksgiving has been included in the episode, which is very entertaining. As usual, Jorge and Henry’s bond shines through. Miles and Sol have an argument in this episode, but the resolution is pleasant.

The love triangle plotline becomes increasingly ridiculous as the episodes progress. Having said that, it was a good move to showcase Jorge’s strong objections to his sister’s behaviour.

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