Wistoria: Wand and Sword – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Like a Lone Sword

Episode 1 of Wistoria: Wand and Sword begins at a school called Rigarden Magical Academy. There, the narrator tells the audience that this school favors those with incredible magical talent. Then, we see our protagonist Will entering a dungeon and fighting a beast. The narrator wonders if talentless people can advance at this academy. Will vows to answer that question by slaying dungeon monsters.

Next, Will attends class with his familiar, Kiki. Professor Edward, Will’s teacher, asks him to come to the front of the class to perform a fire spell on some balca ore. Unfortunately, Will can’t perform the spell and his classmates laugh at him. Sion, another student, performs the spell instead from his seat. 

Edward yells at Sion for performing the spell and reminds the class that the supremacy of magic is absolute. Additionally, Edward says those who lack magical capabilities are unfit to attend Rigarden. After class, Sion, accompanied by his buddies Lyril and Gordon, scolds Will for his pitiful spell attempt in class. Then, another classmate, Colette, arrives and tells Sion to stop bullying Will. 

Sion argues that Will should abandon his hopes of becoming a skilled mage, let alone, a Magia Vander. He argues hard work and kindness won’t help him achieve these things. Will, Colette, and Kiki wander the halls and discuss Colette’s dislike of Edward, Sion, and the others’ treatment of Will. Will tells Colette he’s okay and is happy someone’s sticking up for him. 

The two look up at the sky and Will delves into detail about their world’s origins and who the Magia Vander are. He says invaders called the Celestial Host terrorized this world. However, five wizards thwarted the Celestial Host’s plans by setting up a seal over their world’s sky. Will confirms the strongest wizards can earn the Magia Vander title.  

Then, Colette brings up Elfaria, the Icemaiden’s Wand, and wonders if she is watching over them. We receive a scene featuring Elfaria looking outside a window. Will is certain Elfaria’s observing them from this window. Next, we receive a flashback featuring a young Will and Elfaria. The two discuss their shared dream of seeing a gorgeous sunset together. 

However, to achieve this shared dream of theirs, Elfaria suggests she and Will become a Magia Vander. The two promise to see it together one day. Then, Will monologues about Elfaria, stating how she became a Magia Vander at a young age, due to her exceptional skills. Although Will isn’t as talented as Elfaria, he vows to fulfill his promise to Elfaria one day. 

Next, Will apologizes to Professor Workner for entering a dangerous dungeon. Nonetheless, Workner awards Will two credits for bringing in an Evil Guard specimen. Then, Workner tells Will that if he wants to ascend the tower like other Magia Vander, he must advance to the Upper Institute. Workner says Will must improve his writing, spellwork, and praxis skills. 

Unfortunately, Workner doesn’t see Will earning spellwork credits because Will can’t use magic. Will argues that focusing his effort on praxis will help him achieve his goal but Workner shoots that method down. Nevertheless, Workner tells Will he should focus more on trying to graduate than becoming a Magia Vander. 

Noticing Will’s concerns, Workner tells Will that there have been reports of a Baskerville causing issues on the dungeon’s sixth floor. He also knows no one’s slain the creature yet. Will thanks Workner for this intel. While Will’s thanking Workner, Sion eavesdrops on their conversation and heads to the sixth-floor dungeon to deal with the Baskerville. 

Then, we see Will and Sion’s respective groups exploring the dungeon’s sixth floor. Internally, Sion argues people like Will shouldn’t think of becoming Magia Vanders nor attend academies like Rigarden. Then, a Sentinel, a different type of beast in this world, attacks one of Sion’s comrades, causing the other to scream. Will hears Sion’s ally’s cry and rushes to the scene.

He’s surprised by the Sentinel’s presence and says slaying one will earn you ten credits. Moreover, Will sees Sion in danger and wonders if he should save him despite all the mean things Sion has done to him. Then, Will puts on some goggles Elfaria gave him in the past and attacks the Sentinel with his sword. Later, Edward visits Workner and tells him to send his familiar to the dungeon’s sixth floor. 

Edward tells him Sion went to the dungeon’s sixth floor without permission. Workner tells Edward not to fear because the former knows Will’s there too. Workner uses his crystal ball to show Edward what’s happening on the dungeon’s sixth floor. The men see Will holding off the Sentinel. Edward and Sion can’t believe Will’s putting up a great effort. 

Workner tells Edward that Will is a mage with superhuman strength, a robust physique, and wonderful observational skills. The former says with one slash of Will’s sword, he can land a blow that surpasses lightning. Will attacks the Sentinel with this sword. Edward leaves Workner’s office infuriated and Sion shares a similar reaction when Will extends a helping hand to him. 

Will returns to Workner’s office and the latter awards him with ten credits. The episode closes with Will telling the audience how this anime, Wistoria: Wand and Sword, began. 

The Episode Review

It appears Wistoria: Wand and Sword is the new magic-academy anime on the block. Based on the first episode’s events, Will feels like a mix between Kafka, Mash, and Asta from the shows Kaiju No. 8Black Cloverand Mashle: Magic and Muscles respectively. Additionally, his goal to stand by Elfaria’s side is similar to Kafka’s mission to be by Mina’s side. 

Also, Will’s lack-magic state will remind folks of Mash and Asta, two other characters who aren’t as magically gifted as their peers. Even, Colette’s character will remind Black Clover fanatics of Noelle’s character in that series. Although this episode provides fans with a sense of familiarity, we’re optimistic Wistoria: Wand and Sword can offer something refreshing instead of relying on ideas found in popular works. 

Those issues aside, the episode contains some nice visuals and animation. Actas and Bandai Namco Pictures Studios utilize CGI to decent effect. Will’s battle with the Sentinel will get fans pumped for our talentless hero’s future battles. The episode’s lighthearted humor was nice and fans will appreciate receiving some intel about Will’s world, its Magia Vanders, and his shared goal with Elfaria. 

Overall, this was a fine outing from Wistoria: Wand and Sword. While its storyline feels uninspiring, this series has time to provide fans with something different. Let’s hope that happens sooner than later. 


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