Wind Breaker – Episode 1 Recap & Review

Sakura Arrives At Furin

In episode 1 of Wind Breaker, we meet the protagonist Sakura as he walks on a tightrope in complete darkness as strangers hurl degrading comments at him, mostly at his appearance from which they judge him to be a delinquent. He suddenly wakes up from this nightmare, bothered by the visions that seem to haunt him. 

The scene changes to a bustling Tonpu shopping street, with walls painted with graffiti. As Sakura narrates his love for the strong and his contempt for the weak, we see some gang members harassing a woman. Sakura conveniently intervenes and gives them a taste of his fiery punches. He introduces himself as Haruka Sakura of Furin High School to the bodies lying on the ground, unconscious. 

As he turns to leave, the woman stops him and expresses her gratitude, along with inviting him for a meal much to the dismay of Sakura’s hot flushed face. As she serves him some omurice, she introduces herself as Kotoha. Through Kotoha, it’s revealed that the town was infested with gang and turf wars until some years ago. 

Unlike Sakura’s previous experiences, Kotoha is genuinely interested in his “half and half” appearance and does not assume ill of him. Neither is she scared of the fact that he beat up people. At the same time, it’s revealed that Sakura came to Furin in order to fight his way to the top of the ladder at the infamous delinquent school. While they talk, an old man walks out the restaurant and Sakura hands him his bag that he forgot to take with him. Later, Kotoha mentions that he won’t be able to climb up the ladder at Furin because he is alone. 

Later, the same gang members return to create havoc – breaking glasses and damaging shops. The people shut themselves inside their homes and call some unknown people. Remembering Kotoha’s comment about being alone, Sakura charges onto the gang and begins fighting. Kohota is taken hostage and Sakura tries to protect her but it affects his fighting ability. Just when he readies himself to get hit with a baseball bat, an unknown man appears and protects them.

Students from Furin arrive and stylishly fight the remaining gang members, riding on cheers of the residents. Kotoha explains a stunned Sakura that the town changed and experienced peace because students from Furin began protecting the residents. They put a warning sign in the neighbourhood . The locals affectionately call them ‘Bofurin’. 

After the end of the fight, the residents come to meet Bofurin and thank them. Sakura discover they’re drastically different from what he though the students at Furin would be. He’s uncomfortable and rejects kind gestures from the people. As Kotoha urges him to open up to others, Sakura charges at the gang leader. 

Wind Breaker Episode 1 ends with a quote: “This story is how a boy at the lowest of the low, hated by all, worth nothing but his fists become the hero of the town.”

The Episode Review

Wind Breaker episode 1 was all about great art and amazing action sequences. The anime reminds me of the webtoon UnOrdinary and My Hero Academia but perhaps for mortals without superhuman powers. Episode 1 did not have much world building but we did get relevant information about our hero – Sakura.

Sakura reminds me of Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, especially in the Sakura’s appearance. Even though he seems tough, Sakura hides a painful past – of being rejected as a person. These continuous rejections force him to assume an identity harmonious to how people view him – that of a delinquent. However, underneath the garb of his trauma, he is a good person and through Furin, he might just gain what he always desired: acceptance and affection. We are looking forward to his character growth in this exciting anime! 


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