Will Trent – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Bad Temper and a Hard Heart

Episode 13 of Will Trent starts with the police processing the crime scene at Trent’s house where Angie was kidnapped. Ormewood is worried about Trent, and Faith informs Trent that Paul is on his way to pick him up. Paul wants Trent to stay at his house as the police work the case.

Trent remembers he forgot his tape recorder and tries to find it but can’t remember where he left it. He starts believing that Angie used it to leave a message and frantically tries to search for it through the house. He recreates her attack and finally finds it in the bathroom drawer and he was right, Angie left a message on it. She gave them a description of the killer.

Trent demands to be back on the case and Amanda agrees. They go back to the office and go through the 1986 case file trying to find another link to the current case. Trent sees his mom’s file and is still angry with Amanda. It turns out that the killer didn’t kill Lucy, he kept her until she died from childbirth. It seems Lucy was his favourite.

Hearing Lucy died in childbirth, Trent starts blaming himself. Trent asks about his dad, but Amanda tells him that Lucy never revealed the man’s name.

Through a flashback to 1986, we learn that Amanda and Evelyn tried to solve Lucy’s case but they were rookies. The lead detectives in the case refused to hear them out but they never gave up.

Back in 2023, Ormewood and Faith try to chase evidence and only learn that the neighbours saw a coal jaguar at the time of Angie’s abduction. Trent circles back to the first crime scene and gets a call from the killer. The killer is following him in a car and tries to run him over but Trent escapes.

He goes back to Paul’s house and tries to help him remember the scent of the killer who already tried to attack Paul. Trent believes that the killer is targeting him to get his attention and because he blames Trent for killing Lucy. However, the fact is that the killer made a mistake at the crime scene and is trying to clean it up.

Later, Trent goes back to the office to talk to one of the lead detectives in the 1986 case. Of course, the man, Butch, is still a piece of work. At first, Trent thinks that Butch could likely be the killer and starts interrogating him. As expected, Butch gets angry and leaves but Amanda tells Trent that Butch is a coward and doesn’t have the guts to kill.

Faith comes in and informs them that she found a witness from the 1986 case. The witness, Kitty was the first victim of the killer but she managed to escape. She is still terrified out of her mind to talk about the killer and it is understandable. Trent tries to get her to say more but she is hesitant to say more.

Elsewhere, Angie tries to hold her own as the killer keeps choking her. After the killer leaves, she listens keenly so she can plot her escape.

Back at the station, Ormewood and Faith find a lead in James’ case file. This new information leads them to believe that Butch might actually be the guy.

As it turns out, Butch has an affinity for assaulting sex workers. Amanda orders them to survey Butch while she and Evelyn meet with James. They find him at a club and they ask him about Butch. James tells them that Butch used to rape sex workers and would choke them. James believes that Butch is the killer.

Meanwhile, Ormewood, Trent and Faith go on a stakeout to watch Butch. Butch spots them and opens fire on them. Things quickly escalate as Butch refuses to surrender but they manage to shoot him in the arm and arrest him.

As they wait for Butch to come out of surgery, they get news that Kitty’s body was discovered. Kitty had a panic attack, left the safe house and landed in the hands of the killer. Trent receives a call from the killer taunting him about killing Kitty. They realize that Butch is not the culprit and they are back to square one. This stresses Trent out and he starts having hallucinations of his mom.

How Does Trent Identify The Killer?

As he goes through the case files, Trent notices what looks like a footprint and checks James’ files and realizes something is off about the dates.  He realizes the killer is James. He makes a deal with James to surrender himself in return for Angie’s safety. Trent goes to James’ house by himself.

This leads to Amanda worrying about his whereabouts but luckily Paul drops by and tells them he solved the scent mystery. This gives them the break they need and they realize James is the man they are hunting.

Does Trent save Angie?

Before Trent can get to her, Angie tried to flee and makes it long enough to call Trent but she’s unable to say anything.  Once Trent arrives, James makes sure he is alone and warmly welcomes him into the house. He offers him a drink but Trent turns down his offer and demands to see Angie.

Nonetheless, James has the drink and tells Trent all about Lucy. He had a soft spot for Lucy but he is not Trent’s father.

Finally, James takes Trent to Angie who’s passed out in the basement. James wants Trent to watch Angie die. They start fighting and Trent overpowers him and for a moment, thinks about killing him.

Thankfully, Angie temporarily gains consciousness and stops him. Trent arrests James but it is too late. The drink James took had poison in it and they rush him to the hospital.

Angie is also rushed for treatment and her condition is stabilized.

Does Trent forgive Amanda?

It turns out that Amanda was the one who rescued Trent when he was a baby after James threw him in the trash can. She tried as much as she could to get custody of Trent but back in the 1980s a single woman was not seen as a fit parent. She had no choice but to give up Trent, but she at least got to name him after her dad.

She thought that Trent would be okay but it didn’t turn out that way. 19 years later, Amanda found Trent again when he was arrested and took him under her wing.

After hearing the story from Evelyn, Trent finds Amanda and thanks her. Amanda gives him Lucy’s necklace and leaves.

The Episode Review

What an emotional rollercoaster this episode has been! The finale truly delivered all the feels and the thrills. We understand Amanda better now and she tried her best but the system was against her from the beginning. I can’t help but wish that she was allowed to keep Trent, his life would have been less painful.

I hate that James tried to take the easiest way out. I hope he makes it and ends up in jail. Death seems too easy a price to pay for everything he did. He took so much from Trent and many more, he deserves to pay for it.

As for Angie, I hope that she is okay but we still don’t know what will happen to her career and how long she will need to recover. We also don’t know the exact status of her relationship with Trent either. Their relationship is a tad too toxic and they have been unable to figure it out even after numerous tries; they should move on from each other.

Throughout this season, the cast and the storyline have been superb and I can’t wait to see what season 2 has in store for us!

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