Will Trent – Season 1 Episode 8 “$200 and a Bus Pass” Recap & Review

$200 and a Bus Pass

Episode 8 of Will Trent starts with Alison Schooner, a college student, exiting her campus late at night to encounter Jason, a man whom she does not want to see due to her exhaustion from studying all night.

While walking through a forested area, she hears footsteps behind her but discovers it is only a man walking his dog. Alison eventually arrives at the edge of a lake, where she stands thoughtfully.

The following morning, her body is found by the lake with a cinder block attached to her leg. FBI agents Trent and Faith Mitchell investigate the scene and find Alison’s identification and a suicide note inside her shoes. The note’s contents state, “I want it to end.”

When University Chancellor Vera Kuo meets with  Trent and Faith to discuss Alison Schooner’s suicide, Trent is suspicious due to the note’s brevity and the fact that it is written on torn paper. Trent requests that the coroner inspect the body and discovers a fish wriggling beneath Alison’s skin, beneath her ears.

He speculates that this is the result of a stabbing, and when he investigates further, he finds blood on a nearby tree. Faith deduces that the killer was waiting for Alison, leading the agents to conclude that her death was not a suicide.

On the other hand, Angie and Ormewood are on a crime scene investigating a murder where a magician was murdered. The magician lies on his stomach with a stab in his back. Ormewood says that no one in the hotel had signed out, so the killer must still be in the hotel.

The caretaker also tells them that Steve (the dead man) has been their magician for quite long. Ormewood later sees a tripod, and they both conclude that the phone is still in the hotel, so they decide they will ask for a search warrant.

Upon arriving at Alison’s residence, where she lives with six others, Trent and Faith discover her room filled with padlocked containers and notes requesting that people stay away from her belongings.

Trent deduces that Alison may have grown up in foster care due to her labelling of personal items to prevent others from touching them, similar to Trent’s own experiences. Dwayne Gilbert, their guide, reveals that Alison was a diligent and private individual who was always neat and organized.

As they investigate further, Faith realizes that the handwriting on the containers matches that of the suicide note, and they notice someone spying on them from outside. Trent apprehends the individual, discovering a knife in his rucksack. The individual claims it’s a fettling knife used for sculpting before experiencing a seizure and losing consciousness.

At the hospital, Faith is talking to her Jeremy when Doctor Farhad arrives. Faith learns that Milo has sustained head trauma, requiring him to be placed in a medically induced coma to prevent brain swelling.

Due to suspicions that Milo may be connected to Alison’s murder, Faith requests a guard outside his room. Before leaving, Farhad offers Faith his personal contact information and invites her out for dinner.

Faith becomes flustered and talks mainly about herself before departing in a hurry. Meanwhile, at the morgue, Trent is informed by the coroner that Alison’s liver enzymes were elevated, potentially due to excessive alcohol consumption, which is typical for many college students.

Alison appears to Trent and admits that she didn’t have time for parties due to juggling two jobs and a partial scholarship, as well as a lack of assistance.

Trent requests the plastic container discovered in Alison’s bag be brought to the autopsy room. The coroner reveals that the murder weapon was used to pierce Alison’s carotid artery and then twisted, similar to how a deer is killed.

Trent suspects that the murderer might be a hunter. Later, when the container arrives, the doctor explains that it is commonly used in drug tests conducted in colleges, which many students participate in for extra cash.

Given that these tests can pay several thousand dollars and Alison’s financial struggles, it is plausible that she was involved in the drug tests.

Meanwhile, Angie and Ormewood are questioning the manager. After questioning Hernandez, the detectives discover that the cafeteria worker Ernesto had a criminal record, and he mentions that Steve was skilled at hypnotizing people out of their bad habits. Ernesto also points out that some of the residents also have criminal records.

Faith tells Trent that Alison had a boyfriend named Jason Howell, who used to work with her. Jason was a research assistant who worked on developing a new drug for high blood pressure. They broke up some time ago, but Jason did not take it well.

They suspect that something may have happened between Alison and Milo, and they are trying to figure it out. They check Jason’s social media and find a picture of him and Alison at his family’s cabin, with a deer hoist in the background, which matches the murder weapon.

At the university, they talk to Darla Wall, who is also a research assistant of Dr Tilda, and she tells them that the drug is still in the first phase of research, and they are studying the potential side effects of human consumption.

In the presence of Jason, who arrives at the cabin, he clarifies that the cabin belongs to his family and that he did not hunt like the rest of his family. He mentions that he was with Darla all night, working on compiling data because they had a strict deadline to follow.

He also reveals that Alison needed money, and that’s how she got into the trial but never reported any side effects. Jason says he doesn’t know why they broke up and gives his theories, but Trent shuts him down, pointing out that it’s possible that Alison wasn’t interested in him.

As they leave the university, Faith notices Darla exercising outside, and she briefly mentions Jason’s good qualities before saying that she had left to go to the gym for a workout and shower.

While questioning the residents, the fire alarm goes off, forcing everyone to evacuate. Angie wants to continue questioning the residents, but they are unable to provide any helpful information.

Concurrently, Trent and Faith receive a call from Dr Farhard telling them that Milo’s seizure was a result of drug interactions and that he needed to be kept in a coma for a few days. He tries to invite Faith on a date, but Trent hears about it since the phone is on a loudspeaker, and Trent jokes about it.

Trent and Faith analyze why Milo would take the drugs if his parents were rich. They decide to question the other students, and Faith finds a way to get college students to talk.

Trent gets the pizzas that they will use to question the students. The elderly people the nursing him, and they all get distracted. Angie and Ormewood continue with the questioning.

Faith and Trent also get to question the students while they offer them pizza. They learn that to get the drugs; one must offer a blood sample. They also learn that Milo was buying them to keep him active.

Later, a resident’s daughter named Leigh arrives and demands to take her father, Gus, home because he spends a lot of money at the facility, and the officials are not monitoring his expenses.

Angie later meets with Trent and asks him for a favour to hook her up with someone at the GBS. Trent agrees, but Angie sees that he is fidgeting. She asks him to tell him about the fidgeting. Trent tells her that it’s about Alison’s case and especially because she was a foster child like they were.

Trent is recording and tells Alison (whose spirit is in the office with him) that selling drugs would put her in trouble. Alison tells Trent that she knows how Trent is disappointed in her, but Trent tells her he is not disappointed. He goes on to record, and he tells Alison that he will find out who killed her.

Later, Trent and Faith try to look into the case, and they conclude that to get Alison’s extra pills, there had to be extra blood samples, and they proceed to question Dr Tilda.

Dr Tilda says that she wouldn’t jeopardize her career for a few extra dollars, but they later request to be taken on her lab’s tour.

In the meantime, Angie and Ormewood continue to talk about their case, and Angie tells Ormewood that Steve, the magician, was siphoning money from the elderly people in the nursing home by hypnotizing them. Just then, Ormewood receives a call, and they are informed that someone poured water on the computers.

As Faith and Trent are taken to Dr Tilda’s lab, she tells them that she will call her layer. They notice blood coming from a separate room in the lab Dr Tilda is shocked. They realize it is Darla, and she is rushed to the hospital.

Angie and Ormewood watch a video of Steve, the magician, where the manager is seen killing him without noticing the phone across the room. Sheila takes up the phone afterwards.

Trent and Faith question Darla at the hospital, where she mentions noticing that the blood samples were all the same when she went inside the lab store, Jason was behind her, and he stabbed him.

Trent and Faith go looking for Jason at the school, and they find him in the basement lying in a pool of his own blood, holding a gun while the walls have written the words: ‘ I’m sorry.’

Faith and Trent later meet with Amanda, and they conclude that Jason may not be the murderer and that someone wanted it to look like it was him. They also conclude that the killer was very smart and they need to be smarter.

They then go to the hospital, where Trent tells her that all is over and she can focus on her studies now that Jason is dead.

Dr Farhad calls Faith and Trent to tell them that Milo is awake, and he sees how Slisob was followed. All the while, Darla is listening because Trent didn’t fully close the door.

Next, we see Darla entering Milo’s room. Carrying a syringe, he looks at Miko, but he is not on the bed. Just Trent lights up the lights and tells Darla that they already know she is the one who killed Alison and Jason.

According to Trent, Darla killed Jason first, heated up the boiler room so that the time of death wouldn’t be accurate, and then stabbed herself. She also supplied Alison with the extra drugs to sell, but Alison wanted it to end, so Darla killed her intending to pin it on Jason. Darla runs outside, where she meets the police, and Faith puts her in handcuffs.

Angie and Ormewood find out that the manager was not only Steve’s lover but also his accomplice. She is then taken away.

Trent later asks Faith if she will go on a date with Dr Farhad, but Faith doesn’t want the talk to go on, so she goes into the elevator and does not let Trent in.

Later on, Angie, Trent, and Nico have dinner at their home, and they dedicate it to Alison.

The Episode Review

This case hit close to home for Angie and Trent and I am glad they paid tribute to Alison. Alison tried her best to change her future and she deserved better. Unfortunately, she met her untimely death because she felt like the only option she had at the time was to sell the drugs.

I hope that Faith can start dating again. She is a great woman and deserves to find love and be dined and wined. Even if it is not now, sometime in the future when she is ready. I am looking forward to seeing who will play her love interest and what their love story will be.

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