Will Trent – Season 1 Episode 7 “Unable to Locate” Recap & Review

Unable to Locate

Episode 7 of Will Trent starts with Will lying on the back of a track unconscious and holding a bloody handkerchief. Someone calls him and tells him they need to go. He opens his eyes but he struggles to regain consciousness.

We then skip to a day earlier. Will is at his home trying to make lamb for his pet dog Betty. Betty is dressed and Will wonders why he is a grown man with a fully dressed dog.

Betty starts to eat a paper and Will takes it from her. He keenly looks at it and realizes it is a pregnancy kit instructional paper. Will wonders what that discovery means. There’s a knock at the door, and it turns out to be Amanda, his boss.

Will tells her they need to set boundaries between them, as Amanda tells him they have a problem. She asks him about the Confederate Front which is a Neo-Nazi militant group. The group has been recruiting more members. Amanda adds that there is a container of missing guns, and the two think the cases are related. Amanda says if they stole the guns, they can support a small militia group and there will be a lot of innocent people losing their lives.

There’s another knock and Will asks Amanda if they are hosting brunch. He opens the door and it is Faith. Amanda tells Faith that she is late and Faith asks if Will has coffee, to which he responds that there is a cup brewing in his kitchen.  Will is noticeably not happy with the two uninvited guests.

Amanda gives Will and Faith the task of investigating the container yard at the Atkins Co. container Yard. Will is also not happy that Babs, the manager of the yard, was notified in advance. Will goes back to his kitchen to find Faith holding the pregnancy instructional paper. She tells Will that she will wait for him in the car.

Will tries to call Angie but struggles to get through to her. In a flashback, a young Will is trying to steal something from a bag while a young Angie waits. Angie and Will run, steal a car and drive off.

Will and Faith arrive at the yard and Bab walks them around. Faith asks Will about the pregnancy kit instruction paper she saw on his kitchen counter but Will doesn’t want to talk about it. Babs introduces them to Taki Georgiou who is the terminal grounds person. Taki looks at and manages the inventory and maintenance. He was in charge of the missing container.

Faith asks Taki what happened and what she knows. Taki says the day before a truck came with the proper waybill to pick up a container but it wasn’t in the yard. Babs says they have a 99.9% location accuracy.

Will looks at the numbers on one of the containers. He goes up on top of a container. Babs tries to stop him and tells Taki to get him down but Faith stops Taki. While inspecting the container, Will discovers something suspicious and upon further investigation, he realizes that an employee had tampered with the container numbers.

This explains how a container of guns went missing, as the culprit altered the number and drove it out undetected. It suggests that a member of the Confederate Front was likely employed at the company and responsible for the theft. During his search of the container yard, Will uncovers a hidden corpse in a corner, later identified as Jed, a logistics coordinator.

Elsewhere, Angie and Ormewood accompany the coroner at the Atlanta Police Department morgue as he explains how Roland Wynders was killed in a shootout outside a sneaker store during the release of a new collection.

Ormewood mentions that they have eyewitnesses and motives, implying that it will be a straightforward case, and proceeds to question the store manager.

The manager, Lou Lou, informs them that the victim had just purchased the last pair of sneakers when someone barged in, shot him, and fled with the shoes. She suspects Pun’kin, a sneaker reseller and her competitor, who was present at the store and caused a disturbance.

However, Angie is taken aback when Lou Lou addresses Ormewood by his first name, Michael. When Angie leaves, Lou Lou tells Ormewood that he owes her. Lou Lou does not want people to think her store is not safe. Ormewood tells her they solve the case quickly.

Outside, Angie sees a man named Jerry Kilargis. He tells her he saw the shooter who wore a hoodie. He says the shooter wore basic sneakers. Angie introduces him to Jerry Kilargis

Meanwhile, Faith tells Will that the victim, Jed Pipski, was a logistics coordinator who had no connection with the Confederate Front, but had an unusually high number of calls with Babs. Also, Babs never said that Jed was missing for three days. Wills seems a bit distracted so Faith asks him if he’s thinking about the pregnancy test but Will doesn’t want to talk about it.

Babs, the yard manager, is then brought in for questioning and tearfully informs them that everyone in the yard is devastated over Jed’s death, and they plan to honour him that night at The Truck Stop, a local bar. Babs confesses that she and Jed were having an affair, and she saw him on the same night he went missing. She also tells them that one of the workers, Craig McDonald,  has a confederate front tattoo on his arm.

McDonald will also be present at The Truck Stop that night and is identifiable by his Confederate tattoo. Will explains to Amanda that Jed may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she sends him to find evidence to bring McDonald in, as the threat of the Confederate Front is growing.

During the interrogation of Pun’kin, Ormewood accuses him of being a criminal and almost apprehends him. Meanwhile, Angie manages to take a picture of the reseller’s expensive sneakers without being noticed.  She calls Ormewood outside and points out that the suspect’s shoes don’t match the description given by Kilargis. Ormewood, however, argues that a pair of stolen sneakers were found in Pun’kin’s car, so he still intends to arrest him soon. He accuses her of poking holes in their straightforward case.

At the GBIs offices, Will tells Amanda that Craig had spent prison time at Central State Prison which is a haven for Confederate members. Amanda tells Will he needs to work fast because the Confederate Front is working too.

Will steps into the elevator and remembers when they were running away from their foster parents. He had told Angie to report the foster dad to the police but she shot down the idea saying the police can’t do anything about it. Will told her that he will kill him but Angie told him to stop the car asking why Will would throw away his life because of the foster dad.

He goes to Angie to ask her about the pregnancy kit instructions paper. He asks her if she’s pregnant but Angie tells him she hasn’t taken the rest so she might not know if she’s pregnant. Will tries to tell her that she might be a good mother but Angie does not want to hear him say that. Angie tells him that she doesn’t know if the baby might be his. Will is furious and leaves.

While outside Will remembers the time Angie lay on his shoulder as they sat beside a river. Angie is also in deep thought but hears Ormewood ask about Polaski so she leaves.

At the local bar, there’s a party for Jed and Faith and Will are there. Suddenly there’s a fight and Take is thrown out. Faith follows Taki and Will follows Craig. Will tries to question Craig but other confederate Front members join in and start attacking Will.  He is hurt in the fight but he manages to hide in one of the trucks. He touches the back of his head with a handkerchief sees blood and goes unconscious.

Faith calls Amanda to tell her that she can’t see Will that she has found his gun and that she was following a confederate. Amanda looks devastated and sits down. Faith asks for backup and Amanda tells her she will send the entire GBI to help with the search.

Amanda tasks Faith with following up with the missing guns. Amanda feels that if the Confederate Front is attacking law enforcement, then they are up to something terrible.

After her shift, Angie goes home and calls out for Will but obviously, he is not at home. She receives a phone call from Amanda and she tells her about Willl missing. Amanda tells her to stay home if he comes home because he might need medical attention.

Angie is in the house wondering why Will sees the good in her. She is also wondering if Will is thinking about marriage. As she shares her true desire, she confesses that she wishes for Will to come back. Memories flood her mind, taking her back to the day they had left the foster home. The two teenagers had spent the night in the park, promising to stick by each other until they turned 18 in two years. They had shared a kiss, only to be interrupted by an approaching police car, forcing them to leave.

Will hears the voice of a young Angie urging him to wake up, as he finds himself at the Neo-Nazi base where they are preparing to arm themselves. The following morning, Ormewood visits Angie at the police station and notices that she is exhausted and anxious.

The captain asks for updates on the homicide of Roland, and Ormewood informs him that Pun’kin is about to be processed. However, Angie shares her findings from her online research and reveals that the Bobos found at the crime scene are issued from Georgia State Penitentiary, where Billy Thompson was released just a week ago, while Roland had been released a couple of years ago. She stresses the importance of checking this lead before sending Punk’in to prison, and the captain agrees.

Despite her good intentions, Angie has angered Ormewood by going over his head and questioning his motives for trying to indict an innocent man based on the statement of a woman who has an eye on him. He loses his temper and throws his coffee cup against the wall, shouting at Angie to leave it alone before storming off in a fit of anger

Faith storms on to interrogate Taki. Amanda is listening and watching the interrogation. Taki tells her that Craig beat up Jed to death. He also gives a possible location where Will might be.

Will is hiding in the truck. He tries using his phone but the flip phone is dead. The confederate members come to open the track but Will hides deeper to avoid detection.

Faith and the team invade the warehouse where the guns are and they arrest one person. Faith finds out that some guns are missing and she demands for answers.

As Angie pursues Billy Thompson, it appears that he will successfully evade her, until Ormewood abruptly tackles him, allowing Angie to confiscate the suspect’s firearm, which was also the murder weapon.

Silently exiting the truck, Will moves covertly towards the group of Neo-Nazis who are rehearsing with their rifles, as McDonald reveals his scheme to disrupt a peaceful demonstration aimed at removing a Confederate statue, with the clear intention of attacking an upcoming protest.

Upon discovering an unloaded gun, Will opts to use his trusty tape recorder to capture audio evidence, acknowledging the foolishness of his actions, apologizing to Angie for their argument, and expressing his willingness to raise their child with a remarkable woman like her, whom he loves.

After completing the emotional message, Will storms into the Neo-Nazi assembly, seizing a member at gunpoint and instructing the others to surrender as they are surrounded. Despite McDonald’s malevolent nature, he mocks Will’s empty weapon, but the detective persists, risking his life. When the commander is on the verge of firing his loaded weapon at Will, the special forces unit arrives, detains the criminals, and saves Will.

Faith embraces her partner and arranges medical aid for him, and they all return to the bureau. Amanda hands him a statement outlining the expenses incurred to rescue him and requests that he remain for a debriefing before departing. However, her tears of relief go unnoticed by the others.

Angie is also happy to see Will, in a flashback we see Will waiting outside a clinic for Angie and presenting her with a teddy bear after her abortion. Expressing gratitude for his support, she thanks him, and he assures her that he will always be there for her.

Angie visits Ormewood to relay news that Billy has admitted to murdering Roland and expresses her appreciation for his earlier concern. Ormewood apologizes for his earlier outbursts and admits that he knows he has anger issues and is working through them.

Later, while awaiting pregnancy test results, Angie prepares to share her thoughts with Will but learns that she is not pregnant. The couple embraces, and after Angie leaves the room, Will removes the tape from his recorder and conceals it in his desk drawer.

The Episode Review

It was heartbreaking to see what happened to Will and Angie when they were young. They have been through a lot together and it is not easy to forget the trauma they have been through. Even a happy moment like finding out they are expecting is attached to sad memories of pain from the past.

It is also why I can understand their valid concern about not knowing how to be parents. The fear of thinking they will mess up their kid because they have each been so hurt in the past. At the end of the day, Will deeply loves Angie and this episode showed us the hopes he has for them. On the other hand, Angi also loves Will but her way of coping is self-sabotaging when she is scared.

This in most cases ends up with Will being hurt but he is always waiting for her to come back to him. Do I think it is healthy? No, but they can work through it.  In their case, they both have the best intentions for each other, they just don’t know how to get past the trauma and move ahead. Probably because they went through the trauma together so sometimes seeing each other becomes a trigger.

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