Will Trent – Season 1 Episode 6 “Should I Go Get My Tin Foil Hat?” Recap & Review

Should I Go Get My Tin Foil Hat?

Will Trent Season 1 episode 6 starts with a couple packing in a hurry trying to flee their house. A man in a hoodie breaks into their home and shoots the guy as the lady hides in the closet.

Meanwhile, Amanda is having dinner with her boss who informs her that he is retiring and would love her to be his replacement. He warns her that the job is tough but Amanda assures him she is ready.

On the other hand, Faith is having another argument with her son when she hears strange noises. She goes to check what it could be and is shocked to see Charles, her ex, in the house. He tells her that he is being followed and needs her help.  He has spotted the same car for the past few days following him. Faith is not sure he is being followed and asks if he is off his medication. Charles insists that he is being followed and asks her to take a look.

Faith agrees to help him and calls Will for backup. They meet at Charles’s house but there is no sight of the silver sedan Charles said was parked two blocks away. There is nothing out of the place in the house.

Will realizes that someone has been in the house and Charles agrees he left his house clean and the windows draws were supposed to be open. He deduces that someone might have used Charles’s house to watch his neighbours, Sally and Kevin. They head to the house and find Sally tied to a chair dead and Kevin laying next to her, also deceased.

Elsewhere, Angie runs into the woman she rescued from a sex trafficking organization known as “Zero Mile.”  The lady (Katie) was arrested trying to buy heroin and the cops called her since she is her witness in the case. Katie is angry that she is part of the case. She is also worried about another girl called Jade who is still being trafficked. Angie promises Katie that they will rescue Jade too.

Back at Charles’s house, he is freaking out, blaming himself for the death of Sally and Kevin. Faith tries to calm him down while Will analyzes the crime scene. He believes Sally was tortured for information before she was killed. He thinks that Sally left a message for them and tries to find out what it means.

Sally worked at a tech company, Selantus which designs and manages all of GBI’s electronic systems. Will suggests they head over to Selantus and ask what Sally was working on. Amanda is also concerned about the return of Charles to Faith’s life. She cautions Faith to keep Charles away and Faith loses it. She is pissed that they keep reminding her of the mistake she made when she was 15 and got pregnant.  She blames her mom and Amanda for how things went down with Charles.

At Selantus, they think that they are hiding something but Will and Faith can’t pinpoint it yet. Faith spots a poster of a tech conference held the weekend before at the Cabin Ridge Hotel. This is where Charles works and they go over to the hotel. The manager tells them that Charles’s key card was used during the conference and he has already given the GBI all the information on Charles. Will tells him that he spoke to an impostor and asks to see surveillance footage of the tech conference.

They learn that Sally stole Charles’s keycard and took something from one of the rooms booked by Selantus. It seems the killer is looking for whatever Sally took from the room.

Night draws by and Faith goes home to find Charles bonding with their son while cooking dinner. She asks Charles questions about the weekend and learns that Kevin made sure that Charles was away that weekend. He gave him tickets to a show so that Sally can steal his keycard.

The next morning, Faith is happy to have her own office and they meet Rockie who is the digital forensic assigned to their case. Rockie was able to extract the digital backup of Sally’s phone. They call a number linked to the star sign Sally left behind but the other party hangs up on them.

Meanwhile, Angie is working on convincing Ormewood to go rescue, Jade. She has a tip but no warrant. They get to the house and pretend they heard a scream. They barge into the house and find Jade who is under impression that she is there for an audition. Angie tells her that she is about to be sold and that is why the man gave her a tattoo. Jade admits that she has been forced to sleep with different men in the past. Angie takes her out of the house and comforts her. She later reunites Jade with Katie.

Later, Will goes home and confronts Nico (his dog walker) about stealing money from his wallet. Nico decides to quit instead of talking about the problem with Will. Faith returns home and finds Charles having a PTSD attack. Charles insists someone was in the house and Faith decides to clear the house. She finds a message on her mirror telling her to back off. She calls Will and he tells her that someone is following him.

Will manages to confront his stalker who turns out to be a reporter, Jess. Jess tells Will and Faith that Sally was a whistle-blower. She swears them to secrecy and reveals that Selantus has a back door for the GBI system. In other words, Selantus is spying on them and selling valuable information from the GBI system. Sally was supposed to get the evidence and she had sent Jess a key but failed to tell her what it opens.

Jess thinks the key opens a safe where Sally hid the evidence in a hardware drive. They need to find out what the key opens. Jess refuses to go with them into GBI where Will thinks she will be safe. She warns them to trust no one and avoid using devices with the Selantus system. As she leaves, she is shot and killed on the spot.

Will and Trent head back to the office and update Amanda on the shady business Selantus has been up to. Amanda asks for evidence and as they discuss, Rockie interrupts them and tells them someone is doing a fishy maintenance update on the computer servers. Faith believes Selantus is covering their tracks and Will asks Amanda to shut it down.

Amanda wants to give a heads-up to her boss but Will tells her that no one can be trusted. Amanda is shocked that Will thinks the people above them can’t be trusted. She asks what will happen when she is promoted. They get into it but Faith reminds them they are on the same team. Amanda’s secretary interrupts them and informs her that her boss is waiting in her office.

Amanda tells her boss that Selantus is behind the murders. She reminds him about a former investigation on a man who is on the Selantus board. She admits that the man was always a step ahead of the investigation. Her boss asks her to let it go and Amanda pretends she is on board with his advice.

Charles drops by and informs Will that the key belongs to Sally’s P.O. Box. In the meantime, Amanda shuts down all computers at GBI. Will and Faith head over quickly before Selantus gets their hands on the last piece of evidence remaining. They arrive at the P.0 Box offices and spot a silver sedan. Inside, a man has already accessed the evidence and locks himself in a room when he sees the police. He opens fire and takes a hostage but unfortunately, he throws the hard drive on the road and a car crushes it.

They arrest the man, Vince but he refuses to talk and the CEO of Selantus insists that the man was not spying on GBI but on Selantus. The GBI decides to sever their relationship with Selantus.

After the case, Charles and Faith talk and she apologizes to him for how things went between them. Charles praises her for raising their kid and says it is all good.

Angie tells Will that Nico got into a fight and they are in a holding cell. Will asks Nico to trust him and they open up about a man named Troy who is extorting them. Will decides to take Nico in and renovate his garage to make room for them.

The Episode Review

Will and Faith are now working together well and have started acknowledging each other as partners. It is quite a beautiful sight to behold, Will is opening up more and this is why he even agrees to let Nico move in

I hope things remain great with Angie, they looked like a family in that elevator scene.

Overall, Will Trent delivers another good episode, leaving things wide open for next week’s follow-up.

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