Will Trent – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Look Out” Recap & Review

The Look Out

Episode 5 of Will Trent season 1 starts with Will and Angie frantically searching for Will’s missing dog, Betty, who escaped after Angie accidentally left the front door open. Despite Betty’s safe return, their argument continues, with Angie blaming Will for being too nitpicky and always reminding her of her flaws, while Will accuses Angie of looking for excuses to end their relationship. As a result, the couple breaks up once again, a recurring issue in their relationship.

As Will and Faith work at their GBI office, Faith receives a call about her son Jeremy, who was at a club where a woman was shot. Will and Faith quickly go to the scene, where Jeremy reveals he was only slightly injured in the stampede. Faith is upset with her son for being at a club while he is underage, as the legal drinking age in Georgia is 21.

Meanwhile, Will learns from the police that the club owner, Chris Conlan, was a former football player and award-winning athlete who had given up his profession due to a knee injury. Conlan was getting out of the club with his wife, Brooke when a thief snatched Conlan’s necklace and shot Brooke accidentally.

Will believes someone inside the club must have informed the shooter and bets that he can solve the case within one night. A fellow police offer accepts the bet and tells him the case might be connected to a string of recent robberies in midtown.

While inside the club, Will searches for the informer working with the shooter and discovers a social media account called Deux Peches. Upon checking it, Will realizes that the person running the account may be the informer. He and Faith find the owner of the account, Ava Green, and arrest two men after breaking into her apartment. However, Ava claims she is innocent and only gave information to the gang about places through her social media account.

Ava had no involvement in the shooting at the club and the similarity between her car and the getaway vehicle was a coincidence. Will and Faith question the club’s manager, Pudge who also happens to be  Conlan’s friend. He doesn’t tell them much and when they circle back to ask him more questions after finding out he lied, they find him dead. Will grows suspicious of Pudge’s close relationship with Conlan, as Pudge never reached out to Conlan after the incident.

The investigation into the theft of Chris Conlan’s necklace leads to the discovery of a complicated plot. Conlan had insured his necklace and had a fake replica made in order to earn money through a fraudulent insurance scheme.

He asked his best friend Pudge to steal the fake necklace in a public,  but Pudge accidentally shot Conlan’s wife while carrying out the plan. The reason Pudge and Conlan did not contact each other after the shooting was that they had planned the fake theft, except for the part where the wife was shot.

It turns out that Conlan’s manager, Lucas, was having an affair with Brooke and wanted Conlan out of the way. Lucas gave Pudge a fully loaded gun instead of an empty one, hoping Pudge would accidentally shoot Conlan and kill him. This would give Lucas access to Conlan’s money and Brooke. Will begins to think that Lucas might have killed Pudge in an effort to conceal his part in the shooting and to get the murder weapon from him.

They request Conlan to help them lure Lucas and get the murder weapon (the loaded gun Lucas gave Pudge). Unbeknownst to them, Conlan is the one who killed Pudge and he is hoping to kill Lucas too and claim self-defence. Unfortunately for him, Will catches on and rushes in to save Lucas.

Hurt by the betrayal, Conlan intends to murder his friend and manager but is ultimately dissuaded by Will’s intervention. Both men are taken into police custody for their respective crimes, which include an accidental shooting and insurance fraud.

The outcome of Brooke’s situation is not disclosed in the end. Meanwhile, Ava is granted probation by the police and Will has a final encounter with her. He openly states that he has not moved on from Angie and is not seeking any romantic involvement.

While working the case, Will offers food to Faith because he knows she is diabetic and needs to watch her sugar level. He is observant and has noticed she has changed her diet since she fainted and is carrying around insulin shots which she hides.

Away from Will and Faith’s case, Angie and Ormewood are assigned another homicide case by the APD. They are tasked to investigate the death of Sean Hinchcliff, a wealthy property realtor, in a wealthy neighbourhood.

Sean was shot and killed while showing one of the houses, and the murder weapon was left behind. However, the homeowners’ association claims that Sean was a fraudulent realtor who sold homes on a rent-to-own basis without any initial payment, which is a violation of the law.

The situation surrounding the man becomes more complicated when all of his employees are questioned at the police station. They reveal that he paid them using cryptocurrencies and owed them several months of salary, which they believe is now gone.

This was due to Sean’s death causing the money in his cryptocurrency account to become inaccessible. However, one employee who was responsible for the man’s technology claims that someone had recently hacked into the account and transferred the funds to another account.

Ormewood delves deeper into the investigation and discovers that Hinchcliff had a secondary business with Gregory Pardee. This business involved selling NFTs of performers from strip clubs and utilising cryptocurrency. Sean had sold the company and kept all the profits for himself, leaving Gregory out in the cold. This ultimately led to Sean’s murder, as it was committed by Gregory.

At Gregory’s residence, Angie and Ormewood apprehend him and find a frightened woman. Angie realizes that she is a victim of the sex trafficking organization known as “Zero Mile.” Despite previous attempts, while working in Vice, she has been unable to take them down. Now, Angie may have a witness who can assist in bringing an end to “Zero Mile.”

After wrapping up the case, Angie returns to Will’s home, where he invites her in to discuss her challenging day.

The Episode Review

Faith and Will are getting close, she is helping him with the reports while he helps her with her diabetes. I wish we can see more of Faith as a parent, she and her son have an interesting dynamic.

Will and Angie keep breaking up every other week and it is getting exhausting. I know their relationship is toxic in different ways but they truly love each other. Even when Ava Green blatantly tried to seduce him, Will was still thinking of Angie who had just broken up with him again.

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