Will Trent – Season 1 Episode 11 “Bill Black” Recap & Review

Bill Black

Episode 11 of Will Trent starts with Trent undercover trying to get a drug syndicate, CK, off the street. On the other hand, Amanda is anxious as it has been 5 weeks since Trent went undercover and the progress is slow. The DEA wants Trent to expedite the case.

Trent has been trying to build his reputation as Bill Black to get the attention of CK. He is involved with Dante, who is his only connection to CK. While undercover, Trent has been kind of flirting with Dante’s cousin, Rosa. Trent is hoping to use her crush on him to his advantage.

After weeks of hard work, Trent gets invited by Dante to make a cash drop to CK the following day. Trent is happy that the case is finally moving. Under the guise of Trent’s probation officer, Faith occasionally checks in with Trent. Trent updates Faith about the possibility of meeting CK the next day. Faith also updates him about Angie.

It seems before Trent went undercover, he fought with Angie after finding drugs in his home. Angie insisted she is clean and throws away the drugs but Trent is not convinced because he senses Angie is lying.

Later, Trent has dinner at Rosa’s place with Dante and Gabriel (Rosa’s brother). They try to get to know Bill Black more and Trent feeds them a few pieces of information here and there. He also tries to get information on them too. It turns out that Rosa is planning to attend nursing school to help look after her ailing father.

The next morning, Dante and Trent head out to meet CK for the cash drop but instead, they are welcomed by a drive shootout.  Trent is shoot in his leg and Dante is killed. Trent rushes home and Rosa attends to his wound and promises to give him an alibi.

The police soon arrive to contain the scene and check Dante’s house. Trent is unable to submit his ID so he is taken in for further investigation. He also fits the description of the friend who was accompanying Dante at the time of his death.

Trent manages to keep his cover as Bill Black, as Faith arrives to try and help him. However, Trent wants to stay inside and follow up on Rosa to see if she knows the identity of CK. With Dante gone, Rosa might be their only lead. Surprisingly, Trent gets released after a mysterious lawyer shows up to defend him.

Elsewhere, Angie and Ormewood get hit with a misconduct allegation but the Captain doesn’t punish them. As they try to defend themselves, Angie notices Crystal at the station and asks to speak to her privately. Crystal confesses that Lenny has started sexually harassing her but her mom won’t listen. Angie promises to help Crystal and asks her to go to her friend’s house while she handles Lenny.

Later, Trent asses the shooting and thinks that Dante was the intended target and wonders why he was left alive. Faith calls him and informs him that the anonymous lawyer who bailed him out is acquainted with Rosa. After the call, Trent is visited by some men who take him to an abandoned building and rough him up a bit.

They want to know if Trent says anything while he was in custody. Trent holds his own and learns that CK ordered Dante’s death after his big mouth put them on the DEA’s radar. CK had Dante unintentionally train his own replacement, Bill Black. Trent asks to meet CK but his request is turned down.

After talking to Crystal, Angie tries to rationalize what she intends to do. She talks to Betty and promises to let Trent go after going through with her plan. In the meantime though, she wants to see him one last time. She calls Trent, they meet up and they have sex. Later, they have a pillow talk and Angie thanks Trent for always being there for her.

The next day, Ormewood confesses to Faith that Angie has been acting weird lately and Faith advises him to have her back.

Elsewhere, Trent visits Rosa and they have a casual talk while flirting. Trent notices that something is off with the man Rosa claims to be her ailing dad. He sneaks into the room and finds the man in question is actually a DEA agent that everyone thought was dead. He realizes that Rosa is CK and confronts her.

Rosa tells him that she kept the DEA agent to save her drug empire and Trent tries to get her trust. Rosa asks him to kill a girl downstairs who does drugs with Dante. The lady is a content creator and has cameras all over her house, and so Rosa wants to watch the hit. They kiss and she sends him off with Gabriel, hoping he will pass the test.

Meanwhile, Angie visits Lenny’s house and finds Crystal crying while her mom and Lenny are in an intense argument. The mom returns home early and witnesses Lenny suggestively touching Crystal. Angie tries to calm down the situation but Lenny gets violent. Angie manages to take him down but in the hit of things Crystal stabs and kills Lenny.

Angie decides to take the fall for it and quickly sends Crystal and her mom away.  She tries to stage the crime scene to look like she killed Lenny after an altercation. Ormewood feels the urge to check in on Angie and finds her in Lenny’s apartment. He is shocked to see the scene before him and quickly realizes that Angie’s statement is off. They decide to work together to stage the scene.

Back to Trent, he uses his quick wits to take down Gabriel and save the lady they were supposed to kill. He asks her to call Faith and asks for backup when he goes back to arrest Rosa. Rosa is shocked when Trent turns against her. Trent saves the agent and tries to sneak him out of the house before Rosa’s men arrive.

Unfortunately, they are spotted and Trent gets into another shootout. The neighbour helps Trent and the other agent to escape to safety though. Later, the police arrive and take over the case.

Trent goes to the hospital to check in on Angie after hearing she was hurt by Lenny. He finds her giving a statement to the police.  He realises that Lenny was the secret Angie she was keeping and the heroin he found in his house was meant for Lenny. Once again, Angie breaks up with Trent.

The Episode Review

Where do we even start with all the wrong things that Angie and Ormewood did in this episode? This situation escalated quickly and here we are! If the truth is discovered, Angie will have also put Ormewood badge on the line. I know Ormewood has his own demons but this is a big deal too.

Angie shouldn’t have tried to play saviour but objectively I don’t know what is worse. If they tell the truth, Crystal risks being prisoned and Angie and Ormewood lose their badge. Lenny was not worth all this trouble!

On the other hand, it will still be problematic if they get away with it. They are cops and are supposed to uphold the law, not stage crime scenes and give false statements. What are your thoughts on this whole scenario? We’re curious to know!

There is also the breakup between Trent and Angie to consider. I feel like they break up every other episode. I hope they actually break up for good this time. Watching all this back and forth is exhausting for us too!

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