Willow – Season 1 Episode 2 “The High Aldwin” Recap & Review

The High Aldwin

Episode 2 starts with a flashback showing Willow returning to see Sorsha, pointing out the barrier cannot keep their enemies out forever. And of course we know that, given they came through and attacked last episode.

Anyway, the crux of the issue here stems from Madmartigan’s quest. Sorsha sent him out a while back as they found a clue in the ancient scrolls regarding the whereabouts of the Kymerian Cuirass. He rode out with a squire 9 days ago but since then, hasn’t been heard from. Apparently, only Elora can defeat the Crone and Willow wants to train her. Sorsha though is quick to dispel his confidence, telling him he’s not a great sorcerer… and never will be.

With it now revealed that Dove is Elora, we jump back to the present as she’s introduced to Mims, Willow’s daughter, along with all the other villagers in Nelwyn. Of course, Kit is not happy and isn’t in the mood to open her mind and learn more about these people, obnoxiously claiming she doesn’t care about this and only cares about Airk.

Kit wants this expedition to be moved up, while Willow intends to try and train Elora. Given she’s the Chosen One, the Nelwyns want her to do the “Finger Test”.

When Elora fails, we cut to Kit who smiles in a satisfied way. Elora also doesn’t want to stick around though, believing time is of the essence and wanting to find Airk.

Meanwhile, Sorsha keeps Elora’s identity a secret but unfortunately the Crone has already made her move. Given the Lich (that magical creature we saw last episode) has stabbed Ballantine, he’s controlled and sent out to track down Elora. Ballantine soon shows his true evil and strikes out at the others in his party.

With evil stirring and making their move, Mims convinces her father to follow Elora and keep her safe, showing off a sorcerer’s wand. At the same time, we cut across to Kit, who’s not best pleased about Elora being the Chosen One. Now that she’s not the most special person in the room, she’s got the hump. In fact, she proposes that Willow planted the mark on her arm.

Jade does put Kit in her place, telling the arrogant, petulant child to do what she wants while the others try to find Elora. As Kit rides off, Elora is found down by the river. Willow finds her first and realizes she’s afraid. Eventually the pair come to an agreement to head over to Immemorial City beyond the Shattered Sea.

While the caravan head out, they catch up with Kit who’s still not humble, isn’t called out for her behaviour beyond Willow’s put-down and she hasn’t even apologised for abandoning everyone either. She looks utterly bored when Willow brings up the lifeforce in the world and how there’s magic around them too.

There’s some amusing dialogue as Elora attempts to practice the incantations but the more they do it, the further away from the exact words she gets.

Ballantine shows up at Nelwyn and immediately asks where the caravan is. Mims lies and claims they’ve gone back to Tir Asleen, but wagon tracks lets them down. Ballantine immediately heads back out again on the ride, intent on tracking them down.

Unfortunately, time is of the Essence as Elora is still struggling to conjure any of her magic. Kit believes it’s a waste of time and she questions why they’re even doing this. Graydon however, is much more accepting and sits with Elora in confidence. She points out that she’s ordinary and nothing special. Graydon is quick to scoff at that, claiming that she’s actually extraordinary but she’s just not seeing it.

This bit of moral guidance allows Elora to properly focus and say the words over and over again. That is, until she’s knocked out and taken by Ballantine who appears out of nowhere. However, in her place happens to sprout a plant. It seems the magic was a success after all!

Meanwhile, an unawares Willow tells Silas that his vision is a horrifying one, something that sees him wake up on a battlefield with Elora dead. Willow points out that the only way to save the world is for Elora to die. But can fate be changed?

The Episode Review

Kit is the worst character in this and I hope she gets killed off soon. I can’t work out whether she’s intentionally supposed to be an awful character or is going to learn humility and soften up a bit as the season goes on. However, she’s even more unlikable than the prisoner who’s actually supposed to be bad!

To be fair, this second chapter does allow for a bit more humour to enter the fold, with the magic casting and the little reveal at the end a nice way of rounding out this week’s double-bill.

Willow has been a turbulent ride so far, but this second chapter is a definite improvement over the first. It’s still underwhelming fantasy fare and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how much of an audience this attracts.

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