Will There Be A Prey 2? Here’s What We Know

Prey 2

After years of sub-par sequels to 1987’s Predator, we have finally been rewarded with Prey, a prequel movie to that 80s classic that mercifully doesn’t suck.

Currently streaming on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the US, Prey is well worth a watch if you haven’t done so already. Set in 1719, the movie tells the story of Naru, a skilled Comanche warrior, who protects her tribe (and her dog) from the Predator that has dropped down from the skies.

Critics have praised the movie for its back-to-basics approach and excellent all-around direction from Dan Trachtenburg (10 Cloverfield Lane) so it’s little surprise that many people are now hoping for a sequel.

But will there be a Prey 2? Or will this movie franchise move in another direction if a sequel is announced? Here’s what we know.

Will there be a Prey 2?

At the time of writing, there is no news of a sequel to Prey. There is also no confirmed news of any other movie in the Predator franchise.

The lack of news regarding a sequel to Prey is no surprise as the movie has only just been released. However, the chances of a sequel being made are high.

As Prey has been a hit with critics and streaming audiences alike, it would be foolish of 20th Century Studios to dismiss a sequel. A follow-up movie would please fans and bring in money for the studio so a sequel to Prey does make sense.

Director Trachtenburg is certainly open to the idea. In an interview with Time Out, he said:

“There are a lot of exciting ideas for what could be next for the franchise… The things that most excite me are the boldest swings and I think there’s scope to do other things that haven’t been done before.”

Admittedly, this seems to point to another setting for the Predator franchise rather than a direct sequel to Prey – perhaps a period drama entitled Pride and Predator – but the end credits of Prey do suggest a continuation of the events that happened in the first movie.

What happens in the end credits?

There is no post or mid-credits scene but the animated credits at the end of the movie retell the events of Prey. As these credits draw to a close, there is a moment that doesn’t appear in the movie – Naru looking up at the sky to see another Predator spaceship.

What could this mean?

Well, as Naru has proven herself to be a worthy adversary in battle, it could be that other Predators are keen to take her on in a fight. Or it might simply be that they want revenge on her for killing one of their own. Whatever the case might be, the credits are an indication that a sequel is a very real possibility.

When could Prey 2 be released?

It’s difficult to say at this point as the movie hasn’t been confirmed. But if the studio wants to capitalise on the success of Prey, the movie could be fast-tracked into production for a launch date of 2023 0r 2024 at the latest. This is just speculation but if we hear news of a sequel and a release date, we will update this page with new information.

Who will be in Prey 2?

If a direct sequel is made, Amber Midthunder is likely to make a return appearance as Naru. But we are unlikely to see many of the other cast members return as their characters perished at the hands of the Predator in the first movie.

Julian Black Antelope (Chief Kehetu) and Aruka Michelle Thrush (Aruka) were two exceptions so we will likely see them again if a sequel is given the green light. Coco, the American dingo that took on the role of Sarii, Naru’s dog, will hopefully return too.


That’s all we know for now but keep checking in on this page for updated information.

Would you like to see another sequel in the Predator franchise? What did you think of Prey? Do you think there is scope for a direct follow-up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Will There Be A Prey 2? Here’s What We Know”

  1. They could come back but not to harm her . Of course we need lots of other bad humans to kill but in the end they are honoring her like they did Danny Glover . To those that kill a predator get a pass and a gift . So she regifts the gun . They could have just done that in Prey. That would have summed it up how they got the gun back in their possession. Happily they need to address it on a sequel.

  2. I would very much would love to see a sequel to Prey being that I watched more than ten times, but here is an idea given that we’ve seen other ships at the end of the movie, why not have female predators in the new 1 being that I’ve seen them in other comics & it would give a very interesting take if we see a clan of female Yautja.

  3. There Needs to be a sequel to the Predators i think all fans want to see where they come from. Also i feel we all would like to see them fight with the other Predators also the the 2 Mercenaries left on the planet

  4. At some point Naru must have been defeated by the predators who returned and took the gun as a trophy which is why it would be nice to see how that unfolds.

  5. The question I have is how did the gun which Naru presented to the chief which had the inscription “Rodolfo Andolini 1715” ended up in a Predators hands when he gave the same gun to Danny Glover at the end of Predator 2 after he defeated the predator in that movie.

  6. Yes, it would be nice to see how the gun given to Naru ends up in Predator hands and maybe even follow the storyline from the Predator perspective for a while.
    We don’t know much about their infrastructure or origins.

  7. If they want to tie it in with the main storyline, there has to be another. The predators eventually end up with the pistol, because 200 years later Danny Glover gets it as a trophy, and right now it’s in Indian hands.

  8. Wolf stand alone movie!!! he has to be the greatest interpretation of the Predator!!! the predators answer to Rambo!!! he was amazing in Requiem and stand alone hunter movie would be equally amazing.

  9. I think they should focus on other eras this is fantastic idea of what it should it be on all the other’s, focus on the Mayans, Egypt, Mongolian empire, Edo period in japan, etc. So much to cover just need a good story and director.

  10. Sequel to PREY, absolutely. The Easter egg of Raphael Adolini’s flint gun and the story telling drawing of more Predator ships coming actually scream for it. I just read where Dark Horse comic book issue answered the origin of how that 1715 gun got in the possession; but, as we have seen with the MCU DCU, origins can be re-made. Please, make a sequel to PREY and connect the gun with the same masterful substance as this instant classic

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