Wil (2023) Ending Explained – How does Wil help the Jews?

Wil Plot Summary

Wil is a period war drama movie co-written by Carlos Jones, Tim Mielant, and Jaron Olyslager and directed by Tim Mielants. Set in the World War II era, the film delves into the tumultuous times of Germany’s modern history.

It also parallelly follows the journey of a German police officer named Wil and a Jewish family compelled to live as refugees in their own country due to Nazi oppression.

What happens in the film?

The heart-wrenching war drama opens with Wil Wilferd on his very first day of duty at the Antwerp Police Department. His senior officer, Jean, addresses the newly joined police officers, explaining the basic rules and what it takes to be a good police officer.

Wil is fully charged and over-excited to excel on his first day of duty. However, his hopes are shattered when Officer Jean advises them not to think too much and only follow orders. Wil’s dream of being a good and honest policeman is crushed, as he now has to adhere strictly to orders, be it right or wrong. 

Later that night, Lode and Wil are assigned to patrol duty. We see them strolling around in the Jewish neighborhood when they encounter Feldgendarm, one of their senior officers. 

Feldgendarm orders Wil and Lode to join him in raiding a Jewish household. As they enter the house, the elderly Jewish man welcomes Feldgendarm inside. As for Wil and Lode, Feldgendarm orders them to stay at the doors and ensure that no one leaves the house.

How does Feldgendarm die? 

As Feldgendarm briefs about the raid, the old Jewish man understands that Feldgendarm needs a bribe. At this moment, a young woman attempts to exit the house with her daughter.

Lode and Wil allow her to go, as she promises to return once she hands over her daughter to the neighbors. Unlike their seniors, the young officers are empathic and choose not to stop her. Inside the house, we see the woman persuading her neighbors to babysit her daughter until the raid ends.

At first, the women in the neighborhood agree and let the girl in, but the man in the house, aware of the risks of sheltering a Jew, apologetically pushes the girl out. This is when we hear the screams of the old man, who is being beaten for failing to bribe Feldgendarm.

The little girl returns to the house, and despite Lode’s attempt to stop her, she enters. All three of them—the old Jewish man, the young woman, and the little girl—are arrested. Meanwhile, Feldgendram drops his bottle of pills, and while he is occupied picking them up, the young woman seizes the opportunity to escape with her daughter.

Seeing them escape, Feldgendram fires two shots but misses both. Eventually, Feldgendram manages to chase them down. Upon catching the young woman, he starts beating her, and Lode has to intervene to save her. Seeing a Nazi officer defending a Jew annoys Fedggendram, and he loads his gun again.

Just as Feldgendram is about to kill Lode, Wil intervenes, grabs Feldgendrum by the shoulder, and pulls him away. Unfortunately, Feldgendrum slips on the road and dies. Lode and Wil are terrified to have killed one of their seniors, and to avoid being caught, they drag Fledgendrum’s body and dump it in a manhole. 

Why does Wil visit Chaim?

After Feldgendrum’s death, the next day, Wil and Lode continue their duties and learn that the police have filed a missing person report for Feldgendrum. Wil and Lode are anxious, as they know that the manhole isn’t the safest place to dispose of a body.

As the only officers on patrol duty in the area, officers suspect that Wil and Lode might know something about Feldgendrum’s disappearance. However, no one can directly confront them without proof. To save himself, Wil seeks help from Chaim, his father’s old friend.

We learn that Chaim, who admires Wil as an artist, has been asking him to paint a portrait, but luck hasn’t been in Chaim’s favor. But with the situation now changed, Wil agrees to paint Chaim a portrait, and in return, Chaim promises to help Wil with the Feldgendrum problem.

Unfortunately, when they open the manhole, they find that the body has already been flushed out into the drainage system.

How does Wil help the Jews?

Wil has a good heart and strongly opposes the genocide of Jews. Wil finds common ground with Lode, who comes from a family of Communists and also shares the same belief. Lode invites him to his house for dinner and introduces him to his sister, Yvette, as part of a plan to involve Wil in their cause.

Wil agrees to help Lode gather intel to monitor and counteract any government raids against Jews. Meanwhile, Gregor Schnabel is asked to handle the Feldgendrum case. Schnabel goes to extremes and even tortures innocent Jews in the neighborhood where Feldgendum is last seen. 

Wil and Lode’s sister, Yvette’s plan proves highly effective, and thanks to Wil’s tip, they successfully help Jews escape before the raids occur. This leaves the Nazis feeling powerless and frustrated. They find the homes to be empty whenever they raid the Jewish community.

How does Chaim Die?

Lode finds that Wil has hidden a Jewish family in the safe room at Chaim’s house. Wil knows that the Nazis will unlikely search the house of one of their own. 

Soon, Chaim finds out about the Jewish family in his safe house. Annoyed to find Jews living safely under his nose, he brandishes his gun to kill them. However, Chaim has his throat slit by the young woman, who has been hiding a knife under her skirt.

What happens to Feldgendrum’s body?

At the police party, Gregor manipulates Wil into drinking an entire bottle of vodka. In his drunken state, Wil starts mumbling about Feldgendrum’s body. Yvette, also present at the party, tries to dilute the situation, but later, it comes to light that Wil’s inebriated confessions actually helped Gregor in locating Feldgendrum’s body.

It is revealed that the Jewish family (the one that Wil and Lode have saved) had moved the body from a manhole, and it did not drain away. It becomes clear that Gregor already knew who offed Flegendrum, but his job was just to find Flegendrum’s body. Gregor even suggests to Wil to get rid of the Jewish family to keep his name under wraps, but Wil says no. To our shock, Gregor starts helping Wil and Lode for reasons unknown, and even takes out Officer Jean to keep Wil and Lode safe.

Why did Yuvette commit suicide?

Ever since the onset of the film, we see Yvette as a determined communist who wants to save Jews, and thanks to Wil and others, she has managed to save many.

However, when Gregor decides to arrest all Jews in a neighborhood, he offers Wil and his friends an escape route. Now, Wil and his friends have to choose between saving themselves or side with the Jews. They choose to save themselves. Gregor asks both Wil and Lode to join him on their next raid, and they agree, given this is the only way for them to survive.

When Yuvette asks Wil about where the next raid is going to be, she’s given a false address. Meanwhile, Gregor arrives at the location where his army mercilessly massacres Jews, not even sparing women or children. The news tears Yvette’s heart, and she lays down her life in front of a moving train.

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  1. Must of missed something here, Will was a young naive police recruit ,but was he not Belguim.
    Working / collaborating with the occupation army of Germans .
    With a SS contingent no doubt.
    Was Yvette communist? I thought she was a true Belguim with a moral compass, against a cruel occupation.
    Gregor to me came over as homosexual , trying to save Will in his twisted world.

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