Wilderness – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Where White Knights Go To Die

Episode 6 of Wilderness begins with Liv telling detectives Rawlings and Wiseman about the previous night’s events. She admits that she killed Garth in self-defence. The two detectives let her go after some questioning.

What happens after Liv asks Will for a divorce?

Will attempts to make amends for what he’s done at home, but Liv has had enough of his cheating. She requests a divorce and leaves. Liv then pays a visit to Ash, her neighbor and friend. Following this, we watch them having sex.

Will refuses to let Liv go when she returns home. She admits to having sex with Ash. Will then threatens her by telling the cops that she did not kill Garth in self-defence if she divorces him. Liv has no choice but to give in at this point. Furthermore, Will mentions relocating back to London, and Liv has no say in the matter.

How does Liv rebel against Will?

Liv starts acting out because she wants a divorce from Will. Initially, she prepares a farewell party for Will along with his coworkers. She humiliates Will by making a reckless toast during the gathering. Soon after, she meets up with Marissa, the girl with whom he had an affair, and shames him even more. However, none of this appears to be working on Will.

Does Liv get caught for murdering Cara?

When Liv returns home, she packs her belongings and prepares to go to London with Will. When Will appears, she surrenders and agrees to go with him and start afresh. The detectives arrive at the airport just as Will and Liv are about to board a flight. We realize that Liv secretly released Will and Cara’s sex tape to the investigators.

After that, the detectives interview Liv about Will, and she tells them that Will asked her to lie to the detectives about his whereabouts while Cara was murdered. Will is then sentenced to 25 years in prison.

What happens after Liv frees herself from Will?

We are transported three months ahead of time when we discover Liv has settled in the United States. When she receives a call from prison, she is shown jogging with Ash. It turns out Will is contacting her and asking her to meet him.

When Liv arrives at the prison to meet Will, we learn that he is aware that Liv murdered Cara. He agrees to stay in prison for her as long as she waits for his release. Following that, Liv plays mind games with him, confusing him as to whether or not she is pregnant with his child.

Towards the end of the episode, we learn that Liv has authored a novel titled “Wilderness.” In the novel, she admits that what her mother taught her about it never being safe is true.

Liv then returns to the waterfall where she pushed Cara. A man then attempts to ensure her safety by telling her that standing that close to the edge is dangerous. Following that, Liv lectures him on his legitimate concerns, and the show comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The focal point of episode 6 of Wilderness centers on Liv’s ultimate strategy to liberate herself from Will, potentially forever. The extent of her deceptive tendencies becomes evident, making her a fitting counterpart to his morally questionable disposition.

This particular episode stands out as the best installment that the show has produced up to this point. In this episode, the audience is presented with a dramatically twisted portrayal of the primary characters, resulting in a notable enhancement of the narrative in comparison to preceding episodes.

With that being said, it is troubling that the show portrays men, whether twisted or not, in a demonizing manner, while simultaneously justifying the behavior of morally questionable women. For instance, the two women with whom Will engaged in extramarital affairs s are portrayed favorably, despite their awareness of his marital status.

Will is rightfully portrayed in an unflattering manner. However, it is reasonable to portray both Will and the women unfavorably as they share equal responsibility.

The episode fails to exhibit any significant progression in the character arcs. Despite the enhanced storytelling in this episode, the performers’ portrayals remain subpar, resulting in a sense of disappointment.

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