Wilderness – Season 1 Episode 2 “The Other Woman” Recap & Review

The Other Woman

In Wilderness episode 2, Liv and Will are on their way. We learn through Liv’s internal monologue that she is planning an act of revenge. The woman having an affair with Will, Cara, soon shows up with her boyfriend, Garth. Will tells Liv that Cara is his junior. However, Liv is aware of her true identity.

This prompts Cara and Garth to invite Liv and Will along on a planned trek. At first, Will says no. However, Liv convinces him and they end up joining the duo.

We go back in time by two weeks while they’re out on the journey. Liv, it turns out, knows everything there is to know about Cara and has been stalking her for some time. She follows Cara everywhere she goes, from her jogs to her salon appointments to the club. In addition, she once shows up at the hotel and prevents her husband from having sex with Cara.

Things are quite complicated at this point. In the beginning, Will hurts his foot. Following that, he forgets the keys inside the car, which leads to its robbery. They eventually get a ride from Cara and Garth, and the four of them ultimately wind up at the same hotel. Liv’s passive aggressiveness during this time is palpable to Will. 

When Liv confronts Cara about her having an affair with her husband later that night, Cara indirectly apologizes to her. Following that, Liv and Will have another argument. She then gets extremely drunk and passes out on the floor of her room. Meanwhile, Will crosses paths with Cara.

In the episode’s closing minutes, Liv wakes up. She finds Will’s phone and reads his messages. She finds out that Will and Cara are meeting at the waterfall and makes her way towards the waterfall. When she sees a person dressed in red, she pushes the person off the cliff and into the waterfall.

The Episode Review

In Wilderness episode 2, we meet Cara, the woman with whom Will has been having an affair. Her partner Garth is also introduced to us. The episode serves to advance the plot further. We see Liv following Cara around and tracking her husband’s devices.

There’s no question that the show is going for a diabolical tone and is hoping for a few jump scares. The actress in the show, though, isn’t nearly as malicious and hostile as Rosamund Pike’s character in Gone Girl. So, obviously, it’s not the same quality.

Furthermore, none of the actors convincingly portray their respective roles. They’re not horrible, but they’re also not great. A good cast is essential for a production like this to succeed. In that respect, the show is a disappointment to some extent. In addition, the show’s storyline has been quite poorly done so far. I’m hoping the plot improves from here because right now it’s merely decent.

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