Wild Croc Territory Season 1 Review – A guilty pleasure to sink your teeth into

Season 1

Episode Guide

Need A Bigger Boat
Catch Me If You Can
Sink Or Swim
Don’t Hold Back
Trouble In Paradise
Escape Artist
Feeding Time
Don’t Get Chewed
Wright or Wrong
The Reckoning

Wild Croc Territory is the perfect guilty pleasure reality show. It’s a series with a simple but dangerous premise, a lot of genuine tension and a nice host of characters. Although the show does come with a healthy dose of forced drama and contrivances (which we’ll get to), there’s enough to enjoy all the same.

Our group here follows Matt Wright who catches and relocates crocodiles to keep people safe and protect the crocs themselves. Set in the middle of the Australian outback, Matt is joined by a charismatic team of players which includes Willow, Jocko and later on, Finn. They have a good deal of equipment too, along with cages, helicopters and off-road vehicles.

Most of the episodes in the first half have a pretty similar structure, with each croc captured given its own operation name. Starting with Beefcheeks and progressing through to water-bound crocs like Noah and beyond, each chapter focuses on one or two crocs and intersperses that with footage either of Matt’s family (including wife Kaia and son Banjo) or footage from the sanctuary.

As the show continues, the second half adds more variety to the fold, including an episode that sees a bull shark stranded in a pond and a big snake stuck inside, giving Kaia quite the fright.

However, some of the tension felt in Wild Croc Territory is diminished a bit by needless contrived scenarios. At the end of episode 1, the boat they use to take out Beefcheeks runs out of fuel in the middle of the water. Another time, someone goes overboard whilst trying to catch a croc. While these could be genuine mistakes, at times it feels forced and to be honest, the tension is so palpable while they try to subdue or take the crocs out of danger and into a safe area, that it’s just not needed.

While this is certainly no Crocodile Dundee, there’s enough in Wild Croc Territory to make for an enjoyable watch all the same. Contrived scenarios aside, this is the perfect sort of TV to chuck on in the background while you’re scrolling through your phone or eating dinner, and I’m guessing that’s what Netflix are gunning for with this one.

That’s not a detriment to the show though, as the chances are you’ll be way more engrossed in this than with your phone. With 10 meaty episodes to get through, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into with this one and the ride is certainly worth it!

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  • Verdict - 7/10

3 thoughts on “Wild Croc Territory Season 1 Review – A guilty pleasure to sink your teeth into”

  1. Episode 3 sink or swim made me not watch another episode the arrogance of marks operation planner to Finn is almost bullying you already know he’s “green” teach him, don’t be a Dick not a fan of that behaviour.

  2. Poor serie!
    It’s basically no more of the ‘aussie natural NT slang communication’ than anything else..
    Nothing interesting as the content is rich of super dramatised’ encounter with crocs…
    This show is a good way of making a few bucks with television show..

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