Wild Cards Season 1 Episode 5 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Wild Cards Season 1 Episode 5

Wild Cards marks the entry of yet another police procedural on The CW network. This series is a co-production between The CW and CBC and stars Vanessa Morgan and Giacomo Gianniotti in the central roles. Wild Cards promises to have a comedic twist to keep the episodes breezy and crisp. Its trailer promises a similar storytelling format to another CBS show, So Help Me Todd, which is all set to return with its second season. 

We are excited to bring you coverage of all the episodes in Season 1 with episodic recaps and preview articles for each new episode, assisting you to keep up with the unfolding drama. 

Here is everything you need to know about Wild Cards Season 1 Episode 5, including its release date, time, and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch Wild Cards?

Wild Cards will be available to watch on The CW channel for our cable network viewers in the US. In Canada, our readers can watch the show on both CBC and its streaming platform CBC Gem. The episodes will also be available to stream the next day on The CW’s website. Presently, we are not aware of any more streaming options other than those mentioned above. 

Unfortunately, for our readers in the UK, Australia, and the Indian sub-continent, Wild Cards Season 1 will not be available to stream at the same release time as in the US and Canada. However, we expect that to change in the coming weeks after the show makes its domestic debut. 

Wild Cards Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

Wild Cards Season 1 Episode 5 will be released on Wednesday, 14th February at 8 pm (ET)/(PT) and 7 pm CT. Expect the runtime to be roughly 45 minutes or thereabouts, which is consistent with the time frame for shows of similar stature on the network. The CW will continue to host all the new episodes on its website as well a day after its cable release.

The show has already made its debut in Canada on CBC and its streaming platform CBC Gem. This happened on 10th January and the trend will continue with the remaining episodes. So all episodes will be released in Canada a week before their US premiere. 

Wild Cards will stick to a weekly release schedule after the first episode has aired, tugging the Wednesday airings at the same time.

The new episode of Wild Cards is titled “The Accountant of Monte Cristo.” The episode will be available to stream with subtitles. Its plot summary is currently not available since the new episode has not aired in Canada.  

How Many Episodes Will Wild Cards Have?

Season 1 of Wild Cards will have a total of ten episodes. After the fifth episode has aired, there will be five more episodes left in the series. The CW is not expected to make any scheduling changes. But in case that happens, we will update our readers through these weekly preview articles. 

What happened in Episode 4?

Episode 4 features Max and Ellis solving the murder of an Aussie surfer, Koa. He is part of a group that travels across the world chasing big waves in different cities. Chief Li deploys Simmons and Yates on the job as well but they botch it. Ellis takes it upon himself to go undercover as a surfer and find out more about Koa’s death. Koa was shot two times but no one seems to know anything about it.

Ellis recognizes that surfers are a tight-knit community, remaining guarded around the police. Hence, he punches Simmons in the face to get closer to them…and it works. Chilly and Slater, two surfers from the group, make contact with Ellis and invite him to a memorial celebration for Koa. From there, Max and Ellis follow Chilly to a warehouse, where they discover that the surfers are actually running a drug trafficking ring.

They make a drop at a motel room, where Max discovers that a van belonging to Cranway, a food processing company, is also involved. She also goes undercover and infiltrates the ranks by befriending Kathy. The new boss, Trip, is suspected of being involved. He was driving the van the night the drop was made. However, when Simmons goes to arrest him, he finds Trip shot in his car. 

Ellis spreads panic among the ranks by telling the surfers that the police are after them. This leads to Chilly being caught red-handed with Kathy at the Cranway office, confirming that they committed the murders. However, Max is kidnapped by the two, only to be saved by the efforts of Ellis, Simmons, and Yates. We also learn that Chief Li demoted Ellis for his own sake as he became too involved and exposed in the wretched drug case in the past. 

Is There A Trailer For Wild Cards Season 1?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for Wild Cards Season 1 below.

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