Why Women Kill – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review


Another Twist In The Tale

With less than a handful of episodes to go, Why Women Kill returns for more twists and turns in our trio of narratives, with big cliffhangers at the end of each, ready for next week’s penultimate bout of drama. With more work done to make the 2019 storyline dramatic, Why Women Kill looks set to end things on a roar rather than a whimper. We begin, as we have with all the other episodes, with our trio of supporting players talking about their sins.

In 1963, Beth Ann tells Sheila about her lie, which she reacts incredulously too. However, she takes her to see Enzo, Sheila’s nephew, and he talks to her about cancer, including some basic symptoms to fool Rob with. Back home, she tells Rob she has 6 months to live. Alice, meanwhile, decides to get an abortion despite Beth Ann’s pleas not to. While sitting in the lounge, she confesses she used to have a child and it’s enough for April to change her mind and keep the baby.

As she talks to Sheila about it, she tells her she’s going to adopt the baby and raise it herself. Disgusted, Sheila storms out, unable to listen to any more of her schemes while April tells Rob the truth. It all blows up in Beth Ann’s face soon after too, as she learns via a phone call with April that Rob proposed to her and is going to leave Beth Ann within 6 months. The 6 months she told him she had left to live.

In 1984 Simone and Tommy prepare for their trip, with very different ideas around how it should go down. Worried about the cost, Simone tells Tommy to exchange the brooch for something that expresses love a different way – prompting him to check out a tattoo parlor.

Meanwhile, Karl and Simone keep up appearances, heading out for a lavish meal before Maureen speaks to her in the bathroom and tells her Karl’s gay. She nonchalantly shrugs it off until she learns that he’s also sick and may die. Confronting Karl about his condition, the two have a touching moment outside where she holds his hand and tells him she won’t leave him. Tommy doesn’t take it well, especially given it means they’re going to break up over it.

Soon after, Tommy’s involved in a car accident, prompting Simone to rush to hospital. However, as only family is allowed in, Simone waits outside while Tommy’s Mum heads in and sees a tattoo of Simone’s face on his leg. It’s here she realizes what’s been going on, promising that Simone will regret it.

In 2019 Taylor meets Jade and suggests breaking into Eli’s phone to cut off his cash flow given when he’s high, he gets very generous. Jade witnesses this firsthand soon after too, as he buys her a car. Unhappy, Taylor confronts Jade, leading to them having an argument. Standing her ground, Jade refuses to leave and worse, convinces Eli to go to great lengths to push Taylor away.

However, Taylor has a trick up her sleeve and visits Jade’s ex in prison, promising to break him free in exchange for info on Jade. It turns out Jade isn’t her real name and as the episode closes out, she blocks Taylor’s number on Eli’s phone.

Once again Why Women Kill delivers another dramatic, well-written episode. The way all three of these narratives have followed the same plot arc over the weeks is so cleverly done and while the stories have stuck pretty rigidly to the structure seen in many other shows, it’s done so in an artistic, stylistic manner.

Why Women Kill is one of my guilty pleasures this year and having seen every episode of Sex and the City and dabbled a little with Desperate Housewives, this well-written ever-so-slightly-camp show is one I’ll be sad to see go when the final credits roll. For now though, the drama looks set to increase ten-fold – roll on next Thursday night!


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