Why Women Kill – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Sweet Little Lies

After last week’s episode, Why Women Kill returns with more plot twists and surprising revelations as our trio of ladies are pushed to breaking point. As things start to become clearer and the march toward the climactic finale begins, Why Women Kill continues to deliver a deliciously dark slice of comedic drama.

In the same vein as the previous episodes, we begin with a surreal segment, this time showcasing a musical piece involving our trio of ladies singing about lying. As they skip from scene to scene, we see our three main males forced into making a tough choice.

In 1963 Beth Ann learns that Rob has broken up with April. Returning home, she has a celebratory drink with Sheila, however they run into trouble when April arrives at Beth Ann’s place. Covering for her, Sheila pretends to be Beth Ann and manages to convince her to leave. Heading to her house soon after, Beth Ann tells April she needs to get over Rob but as the plot thickens, she learns April is pregnant with his child. Sitting down to dinner, Beth Ann struggles to hold back tears as she looks set to spill the truth to Rob. Only, she’s not able to do it and instead tells him she has cancer.

In 1984 Simone wakes up Karl and, with renewed vigor and a fresh perspective, tells him that despite being angry she can’t deny his feelings as Hector steps out from the shadows. With their break-up imminent, Simone invites Tommy in while Karl struggles to find an outfit. After helping him with a jacket, Tommy gives Simone a lavish gift; a beautiful diamond brooch. Only, the gift happens to have been bought with the entirety of his saving’s account, prompting his Mother, Naomi, to panic.

Determined to find out what secrets he’s hiding, and convinced it’s drugs, Naomi decides to read his journal, prompting Simone to rush over. Managing to diffuse the situation, Simone and Tommy discuss going on holiday. Back home though Karl and Simone discuss the future while the former feigns being happy after receiving a letter from Hector.

In 2019 Eli meets up with an old friend. An old friend who happens to be his drug dealer. Returning home with a stash of cocaine, Eli doesn’t make it subtle that he’s high and after agreeing to go on a retreat with Taylor and Jade, he passes off his jitters as nervousness. When they stop at the gas station, he sneaks over to the boot to take more but a passing truck honks its horn, startling him and causing the entire stash to fly everywhere.

As they arrive at the hotel Eli realizes that they’re searching every car. In a not-so-subtle way he turns the car around but as he sniffs again, Taylor sees him bleeding. Demanding he stop the car, she opens the boot and finds the white powder everywhere. The retreat is over.

As they head home, Eli is under strict instructions by Taylor. His wallet and cards are under lock and key. However, midway through his stern telling off, Eli learns that his script has been sold for 1.2 million dollars. Taylor tells him going to rehab is non-negotiable but he refuses. This leads her to an ultimatum – either go to rehab or she walks out. Unfortunately, Jade backs Eli up, prompting Taylor to walk out in disgust.

Once again, all three stories then bow out with one final montage from our trio of ladies singing about lying.

With more drama this time around and a better paced 2019 storyline, Why Women Kill does well to keep things interesting throughout the episode. The new dynamic between Simone and Karl is probably the highlight here though and Karl’s flamboyant, camp mannerisms work really well with the tone of the series. Although some of the 1963 plot is beginning to drag on a little, dancing around the truth and recycling the same plot devices, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

Quite where the show goes from here remains to be seen but given the preview for next week’s episode, it certainly looks set to be a very dramatic one. 


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