Why Women Kill – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Out of all the shows I watch every week, Why Women Kill is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. I actually quite enjoyed watching Desperate Housewives and having watched every episode of Sex and the City with my (now ex) wife, there’s no denying that this genre is incredibly easy to watch and enjoyable. It dances the line between dark comedy and drama, while adding enough mischievous romance to the fold to keep things engaging. With a slightly more interesting 2019 story this week, Why Women Kill polishes its knives ready for the inevitable fatalities to come for our husbands.

We begin with an amusing segment with our trio of ladies discussing love as children before cutting forward to modern day.

In 1963 Alice sings at an audition while Beth Ann watches from afar. Having been offered a gig, she informs Beth Ann that she’ll need to be there, but also that she’s inviting Rob. Dancing around meeting him, Alice susses something is up but brushes it off. Back home, Beth Ann speaks to Sheila about April and tells her she’s losing until Rob shows up with two tickets to the world series, ironically the same night that April is doing her gig. He has every intention of going with her too until he receives a call from April at the house, which prompts Beth Ann to feign stomach problems and stay behind.

As Rob leaves the house, Beth Ann phones April and sees her sing, before learning that April is falling in love with Rob. Soon after calling her the best friend she’s ever had, Rob shows up at April’s apartment. It’s here she hurries into the bathroom and hears April and Rob talking, where she tells him she loves him before he leaves, vehemently declining to leave his wife.

In 1984 Tommy and Simone get lost on their way to a motel, where they learn they’re on Pike Street, courtesy of Simone asking for directions. Unfortunately as she leans in the car to tell Tommy, a police officer nearby mistakes her for a hooker and arrests her. After telling him the truth about their affair, he lets her go.

Back home, Karl figures out Simone is having an affair but she doesn’t give anything away as he playfully tries to figure out who it may be. When he doesn’t get anywhere, Tommy invites Simone to his empty house to make love. Unfortunately, his Mother returns home soon after, prompting an awkward situation to arise that forces Simone to phone Karl for help.

He heads over and rams his car into Joyce’s, as Simone manages to get away. However, on the way out the door, he runs into Karl and he figures out that she’s having an affair with Tommy. Back home, the two discuss their relationship and he seems okay with her affair, despite teasing her about Tommy’s age. Unfortunately Simone isn’t happy and throws her drink at him, despite him calling her his best friend. It’s just not enough for her and she wants a husband that would kill if he found out another man was sleeping with her.

In 2019 Jade packs up her stuff while Eli continues to stress over his writing, which his agent needs to see by the next day and it’s far from finished. She asks to see his script and he reluctantly hands it over while Taylor informs her sisters about her living arrangements. This prompts them to question Jade and Eli and whether they may start to have feelings for one another.

Jade gives her honest feedback on the script about the main protagonist, mentioning about how to spice up the story to be more proactive. It’s good feedback too and something that gets his creative juices going. After falling asleep at his desk, Jade gives him some pills to help keep him awake. After dropping off the script by hand to his agent, he returns home and hugs Jade as he learns that the script is one of the best things he’s ever written. One thing leads to another and they begin passionately kissing.

As the episode closes out, our trio of ladies look in the mirror and spy their younger selves.

Reaching the midway point of this 10 episode series, Why Women Kill continues to effortlessly weave its trio of stories together, with hints of the early seamless editing filtering back into the series. While there are moments where the show hits lulls, especially during the 2019 storyline, for the most part Why Women Kill continues to deliver entertaining drama.

The comedy is pretty sharp too and some of Karl’s comebacks regarding Tommy are easily the best jokes in the series. For now though, we leave things wide open going forward with big questions hanging over how our trio of men meet their grizzly fates.


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