Why Women Kill – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Great Expectations

Back for another week of dark comedy, Why Women Kill continues on in the same style as Desperate Housewives, with a deeper exploration of our characters and a continued search for salvation in each of the tested marriages we’ve come across thus far.

The episode itself begins with some narration, mixed with just the right amount of dark comedy to keep the series feeling tonally consistent. One man witnesses all 3 deaths at the house through the ages and narrates his time witnessing it. After this deliciously mischievous opening, we begin with a series of rapid quick cuts between all three protagonists before settling down with our trio of women in their respective time periods.

In 1963, Beth Ann (going under the guise of Sheila) continues to get to know the waitress, April. She tells Beth Ann she assumes the man she’s having an affair with was just bored of his wife, hence why he’s sleeping with her. Beth Ann smiles through gritted teeth and ends the conversation, returning home where she decides to try and spruce up her relationship with some new clothes and a flirty tone. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, as Rob is completely nonchalant to the whole affair. Instead, she shakes things up and heads back to the dinner table with no clothes on. Only, his boss shows up and things get pretty awkward.

With the help of Sheila, Beth Ann decides to go one step further and surprises her husband in the shower. Only, things get a little too heavy and he falls through the glass, cutting himself up. At the hospital they discuss their relationship where she calls him out for his distant behaviour and he continues to dance around the affair he’s having.

In 1984, Karl wakes up in hospital to find Simone sitting with her. They discuss the divorce and Karl laments her sarcastic tone until they return home. There, she speaks with Tommy who continues his relentless pursuit of her, asking Simone to let him give her a chance at pleasing her. Instead, Simone walks away classing it as a betrayal of her best friend if she continues the relationship.

Upstairs, Simone finds out Karl faked the entire situation last episode, with over 40 pills still in the bottle. She tells him to leave but instead, he blackmails her into them staying together. Angry, Simone decides she’ll sleep with Tommy instead. However, she has second thoughts when he takes her to the makeshift van until they kiss, and things do then get hot and heavy.

In 2019, Eli learns the story about how his wife and her girlfriend hooked up. It’s here Taylor let’s slip that she lied about the length of time they’ve been sleeping together. As things start getting awkward, Eli makes a hasty exit to get them some pecan pie. When he returns, he slips into the hot tub expecting to get frisky with them both but instead Taylor takes him aside and asks him not to pressure Jade. Instead, she overhears their conversation and tells them she’s down for a three-way. After the deed is done, Eli spies Jade and Taylor making loved-up eyes to one another and creeps back downstairs with his lonely slice of pie.

As Taylor creeps back downstairs, Eli calls her out on her behaviour, asking outright if she loves Jade. She dances around the idea but eventually tells him she loves him, not her. Jade appears soon after, asking for pecan pie while Simone gives her a longing look, which appears to confirm her affection for the girl.

All of this builds to the final scene of the episode, showing our trio of charismatic women looking out the house in various windows.

Continuing with the same stylish ticks as the first episode, Why Women Kill pinches the same tone and mood from Desperate Housewives while keeping the series visually consistent. With all three time periods utilizing a different colour palette, there’s a really subtle difference between each set of characters that really helps this drama pop. The music is suitably breezy, with a nice undertone of sinister while the characters themselves all seem to be growing into their roles.

If I’m honest, the 2019 storyline doesn’t really have an awful lot of substance to it, with Taylor and Eli failing to match the same charismatic and memorable charm portrayed by Beth Ann and Simone. It’s not a deal breaker, and I’m sure their story will pick up sooner rather than later, but right now the present day story is definitely the weak link here. Still, there’s enough to enjoy in this one and if you were a fan of the first episode, the second offers another slice of delicious, dramatic pie to digest.


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