Why Her – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

This Is Her

The season finale of Why Her starts with Soo-jae revealing Tae-kook’s relationship with Soo-young and blaming him for the murder of the bar hostess. A flashback shows Yoon-sang handing over the dirt on his father Tae-kook, his brother, as well as Chairman Han and his son and Assemblyman In-soo and his son.

At the hearing, Soo-jae alleges that Tae-kook planned everything out with Park Soo-young to help Lee In-soo with the help of voice recordings from Han Ki-taek and Soo-young herself. Joo-wan lashes out at her mid-hearing when Mi-rim plays a voice recording between In-soo and Tae-kook proving Soo-jae right.

Tae-kook’s representatives on the jury continue to ask for more stern proof and Soo-jae plays the recording of Tae-kook pushing Soo-young off the TK Law Firm rooftop. Ha Il-ku enters the hearing room and speaks on Soo-jae’s behalf by promising evidence to prove her innocent.

The recording Soo-jae is playing in court comes from Il-ku who recorded the scene as leverage against Tae-kook. The Bar Association as well as the rest of the world is shaken by the evidence and Tae-kook is left numb. He watches Il-ku take the witness stand and reveal the truth about all the cases he has helped Tae-kook with.

The law firm owner rushes to Il-ku’s cabin and finds a resignation letter and a note stating how he had stooped very low because of the things Tae-kook made him do. At his office, Yoon-sang confesses to Tae-kook that it was him who shared the confidential files with Soo-jae from his chamber.

Tae-kook is shocked and asks Yoon-sang to get away from him. At the hearing, a helpless Joo-wan reveals how Soo-jae had used Jeon Na-jung’s murder case to her benefit. The bar association judges discuss Tae-kook’s involvement in the case and Soo-jae asks to take the blame.

She asks Jun-myung to be allowed to call the suspect of the case – Kim Dong-gu who was wrongfully accused of Na-jung’s murder. Chan walks to the witness stand and introduces himself as Dong-gu. He praises Soo-jae for supporting him till the end and blamed the police and the prosecutor – Jun-myung for wrongfully acquitting him despite his innocence.

Soo-jae and the legal clinic confirm testimonials proving Soo-jae’s innocence. The bar association asks Mi-rim if the third set of fingerprints on the murder weapon were ever analysed. Mi-rim reveals that the fingerprints belonged to Tae-kook. In an attempt to protect his father, Joo-wan claims that he and his friends – Dong-o and Si-hyuk killed Na-jung.

Soo-jae states that Na-jung was still alive when Tae-kook arrived at the scene and it was him that killed her. She asks to invite Il-ku as her witness who provides a video from the night showing Tae-kook in front of Na-jung’s dead body.

Il-ku provides more proof in the form of a blood-stained handkerchief used by Tae-kook to blame him for the murder. Il-ku narrates the entire incident where Tae-kook asked Il-ku to frame Dong-go. He apologises to Chan (Dong-go) for his actions. Baek Jin-ki sends a text to Tae-kook reminding him of the night of the incident.

Yoon Se-pil holds a press conference to reveal the rape and accident of Eun-seo from 10 years ago and publicly blames Joo-wan, Dong-o and Si-hyuk thereby using the event as leverage to terminate his contract with Hansu Group further destroying the trio.

At her hearing, Soo-jae blames the Bar Association for being manipulated by Tae-kook and siding with him. She agrees to accept any decision made against her and asks for a verdict. The Bar Association presided by Min-joo prove Soo-jae not guilty and blame Tae-kook for the multiple crimes.

As Soo-jae and the legal clinic leave the hearing room, Soon-ok visits Chan to thank him for helping Na-jung achieve justice. Tae-kook is shattered and Joo-wan who visits his father asks him about Na-jung’s death.

He blames Joo-wan for his actions but the son lashes out at Tae-kook blaming him for every decision he ever made. Hee-young and Young-bae respectively accept the claims against In-soo and Seung-bom with evidence in a press conference as their representatives.

They both resign from their positions publicly upon Soo-jae’s request. The next day, Tae-kook gets a fresh shave from his barber and approaches TK Law Firm when he gets a text from the Police Chief about his arrest the following day.

As Tae-kook enters the firm he notices that all his staff were leaving their desks and emptying their cabins as they gossiped about him. That night, Soo-jae is relieved as she and Chan celebrate their success.

Learning he has lost it all, Tae-kook starts consuming alcohol and popping pills. He calls Soo-jae to tell her how he had lost and passes out on the call. Soo-jae calls the paramedics and sends them over to TK Law Firm where Joo-wan finds his father lifeless.

The following day both Chairman Han Seung-beom and Assemblyman Lee In-soo disassociate themselves from Tae-kook as Seung-beom blames Tae-kook while In-soo seeks forgiveness from the people by repenting on the streets.

The entire TK  Law Firm is empty after Tae-kook’s death as Joo-wan sobs in his father’s cabin. In court, Soo-jae is representing Jin-ki for the bribing case against him. The lawyer is able to generate some sympathy for him based on his contribution to exposing Tae-kook.

Jin-ki claims that he will repent for his sins with any sentence that he receives. Six months pass and Soo-jae is now meeting Yoon Se-pil to catch up. Se-pil reveals that Eun-seo is having a hard time with Jin-ki in prison but she is coping.

She tells him that it is now that she is truly happy for the first time in her life. She is still a professor at Seojung University and she runs a small law firm. At the university, the first-year Law students are now in the second-year class with Soo-jae.

She is late for her class yet again but when she eventually arrives in the final minutes of class and offers the students advice on how to be lawyers in the real world. She then announces Gang-ja as the winner of the scholarship from Year 1.

Mi-rim also joins them as the representative of the Legal Clinic. As Soo-jae is leaving the University, it starts raining. Just as she is about to dash into the rain, Chan appears from behind her and takes her into his umbrella as the two walks together arm in arm. 

The Episode Review

The show has been a wild ride from start to finish and it was all Seo Hyun-jin playing the main lead. She carries the show through and through. Despite having a small hiccup in the last episode, she is able to pick herself back up.

I loved the show and every single episode that came with it over the months and I wish it got a little more attention than it did. The show did not give you a needless romantic main plot but has kept the romance as a subplot, something that does not drive the show.

The case unfolding was a thrill ride with Soo-jae and Il-ku ganging up on Tae-kook and finally bringing him down. Tae-kook was indeed a coward because he just gave up eventually; I don’t think he would have had it any other way. He wanted to live at the top and he died at the top of his Law Firm.

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