Why Her – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Why Her starts with Oh Soo-jae fighting with the man in the mask as Gong Chan rushes to see her. Soo-jae is injured and laying on the ground when the man in the mask finds the USB flash drive. He is on his way out of the building when Chan arrives at the gate.

The man in the mask and Chan have a tussle but the man pushes Chan and eventually gets away when he is distracted. Chan alerts the police and rushes up the building to see that Soo-jae is missing. He notices blood on the railing towards the terrace and rushes up to find Soo-jae injured. The man returns to the terrace but the two hide.

From where Soo-jae is hiding with Chan, she notices the shoes worn by the man in a mask. Soo-jae passes out from being injured and is taken to the hospital with Chan as her company. When she is awake, the doctors treat her injury while Chan is on a call outside.

The police arrive to investigate the attack but Soo-jae dismisses the attack by stating that nothing was stolen. Chan is upset with Soo-jae and informs her that all the documents from her office which was attacked have been moved to his house as she is in danger.

He then forces her to stay with him but she dismisses him and hails a cab outside the hospital. Chan adamantly sits in the cab and convinces her to accompany him and spend the night at his house. Chan sets up his bedroom for Soo-jae but she insists on sleeping on the couch in the living room.

He chats up with Soo-jae about the man in the mask and somehow has figured out everything about the attack being related to the Hansu Bio sale and the certified documents that Soo-jae is holding on to. Soo-jae is angry that Chan is getting to her and asks him to stop stating that his actions make her uncomfortable. 

Chan then thinks it over in his bedroom and examines his wounds from when he confronted the man in the mask. He worries about Soo-jae and goes to the living room to see her having a bad dream. The student rushes to the couch to comfort her and he rests his hand on her forehead to calm her down.

He eventually falls asleep on the couch next to her only to be woken up by his friends and roomies, Jo-gab and Hyung-chil. He is shocked to see himself sleeping near the couch and looks for Soo-jae underneath the blanket but she has already left his house with a note stating that she would return to take the boxes of documents soon.

Meanwhile, Song Mi-rim is at Soo-jae’s house and is shocked to learn that she was injured after the attack. She asks Soo-jae to take the day off and rest but the lawyer is adamant to make a move on the attacker who she believes is someone she knows.

She pays Hansu Bio’s Han Ki-taek in his office, who is dismayed to see her. The two chat, where Ki-taek brings up Hong Seok-pal as the person that killed So-young. Soo-jae then wonders if Hong Seok-pal is the attacker.

Ki-taek proceeds to answer the questions Soo-jae had asked him at the park. He informs the lawyer that he defrauded his uncle all alone without the help of anyone else. She also states that the Hansu Bio sell-off has been put on hold because of a fortune teller’s prediction bemusing Soo-jae.

Ki-taek recalls his meeting with the evil trio as they discuss the sell-off as per Soo-jae’s plan via Ki-taek. At the same time, Choi Tae-kook is getting intel about who the man is that pushed Park So-young off the TK Lawfirm roof. Another one of his men informs him about the burglary of Soo-jae’s property.

On his ride back, Tae-kook is angry at Il-ku, his right-hand man, for not being the person that took the flash drive from Soo-jae before it was stolen but it turns out that the pen drive is with Gong Chan after all.

A small flashback shows that the man in black had accidentally dropped the flash drive during his tussle with Chan which is why he had returned back to look for it when Chan and Soo-jae were hiding on the terrace.

Chan goes to fellow Group 8 member Chun-poong asking him for his help to unlock all documents from the drive since the latter and his team are well-versed with technology as they run a gaming parlor.

Chun-poong informs the rest of the teammates about the flash drive and they conclude that Chan is trying to unlock it because he has a crush on someone. Choi Yoon-sang concludes that Chan has a crush on Soo-jae and the drive belongs to her which is why he wants to unlock it immediately.

In class, Soo-jae is teaching the students a new implementation that was made by the Supreme Court on that day but Chan and Yoon-sang are busy chatting during her lecture. The class discusses how firm owners can get away with fraud by using the names of their employees who have no business with the fraud.

Seeing both Chan and Yoon-sang distracted by their ongoing conversation, the professor kicks the two out of class. Outside the class, Yoon-sang asks if he can help Chan out somehow but the latter reveals that he knows Yoon-sang is the son of TK Law firm’s Choi Tae-kook.

Meanwhile the older Choi son, Joo-wan leaves Bar owner Seok-pal’s office in a fuss. Il-ku spots Joo-wan there and asks about his business for visiting the bar owner but Joo-wan leaves without giving him an answer. Mr. Ko, Soo-jae’s informant is doing the rounds outside Seok-pal’s office, and later that night, he, Soo-jae, and Mi-rim try to figure out who the lawyer’s attacker is.

Group 8 students are split up with Chan, Chun-poong, and his staff trying to crack the codes on the flash drive and Gang-ja and Sae-ryun trying to look down CCTV footage from Soo-jae’s property where the attack took place. Chan gets a call from Soo-jae and he is concerned about her safety now that she was attacked out in the open.

Soo-jae is shocked but the student asks her to wait for him to sort the issue out for her. After Chan cuts the call, Soo-jae is left confused but drives off to her apartment. Yoon-sang catches Soo-jae in her parking lot and abruptly asks her to rely on him instead of Chan in the future if she ever was in danger.

The student leaves whereas his older brother Joo-wan arrives at his house drunk. Joo-wan confesses to Tae-kook that it was him who involved Seok-pal and tried to get the flash drive from Soo-jae using the bar owner’s help but Tae-kook is furious as he did not want Seok-pal to be included in this issue.

Joo-wan informs his father that Seok-pal had got the flash drive but he met a boy named Chan on his way out of Soo-jae’s property and ended up losing the drive in a tussle with him. Tae-kook is further enraged with his son and threatens that things will go worse once Soo-jae figures out it was Joo-wan who sent Seok-pal to her.

The next day, Soo-jae and Mi-rim go to Mr. Ko’s garage and figure out that Han Ki-taek too was somehow involved in the attack on Soo-jae. Using Ki-taek’s car dash cam, the trio figures out that the father of two was also involved in the attack on Soo-jae whereas Soo-jae recalls seeing the same set of sneakers in Ki-taek’s office that the man in the mask wore during his attack on her.

Chun-poong successfully cracks the code to the flash drive with Chan and they figure out that the flash drive actually belongs to Soo-jae. Gang-ja and Se-ryun reveal that they found CCTV footage of Joo-wan and Seok-pal from the night of the attack.

They also conclude that Seok-pal was the man who had stolen So-young’s phone from her house after she had died. Yoon-sang is upset to see his brother being involved in the attack and leaves the room to Joo-wan.

At the same time, Il-ku updates Tae-kook about Gong Chan being a student at Soo-jae’s legal clinic. Yoon-sang barges into Tae-kook’s office to reprimand his father about Joo-wan’s actions while the father asks Yoon-sang to stay out of the issue.

Yoon-sang threatens Tae-kook that Soo-jae would soon be finding out about Joo-wan and walks out of his father’s office. At the legal clinic, Chan shows Soo-jae their discovery about Joo-wan and Seok-pal but Soo-jae is already aware of the attacker. She reveals that the man in the mask is Seok-pal, the owner of the hostess bar where Park So-young worked.

Chan reveals the flash drive to Soo-jae and she is shocked that he kept Soo-jae worried for so long. Soo-jae tries to leave but after Chan’s questions, she draws the line with the student calling him out for invading her personal issues. Soo-jae meets with her friend, Chae Joon-hee who is worried sick about Soo-jae.

However, the lawyer shares that she is worried about Gong Chan invading her personal space and making her vulnerable. Joon-hee claims that she should let Chan in as he was doing all this out of concern for her. Soo-jae claims that she has mustered all of her courage over the years because of the way she was treated by other men over the years.

Director Choi Tae-kook invites Soo-jae over for a meal but upon her arrival at the suite, she is shocked to find Ki-taek. On the other hand, Seojung University’s director Baek Jin-ki is greeted by SP Partners’ Yoon Se-pil as he sits out by a lake fishing.

At the suite, Soo-jae and Ki-taek discuss the flash drive as well as the illegal activities Ki-taek has been participating in over the years. A flustered Ki-teak tries to take the power of the situation by reminding Soo-jae of a story.

Ki-taek narrates the story of a young Korean woman who was an associate at a big law firm. Soo-jae then recalls her conversation with Tae-kook after she had fallen pregnant with Joo-wan’s child after the two had a one-night-stand. The TK Law firm had stated that in order to keep the issue scandal-free, Soo-jae was to go to New York with a promise that his son would follow.

The couple would be married in the States and would bring back their newborn. Soo-jae recalls how she waited for Joo-wan to show up but eventually delivered a still-born. Ki-taek continues the story of how Tae-kook had secretly married Joo-wan off to another woman while Soo-jae was all alone, suffering the loss of her child.

Ki-taek states that he is aware that the woman is Soo-jae and asks her to keep his fraud a secret if he extends her the same courtesy. An unfazed Soo-jae is adamant about meeting the law firm owner and calls Ki-taek out saying she is aware that Tae-kook is in on his fraud. She warns Ki-taek and demands for Tae-kook to come to the suite.

She waits in the suite for Tae-kook to return but recalls the day when she gave birth all alone. Soo-jae had slit her wrist and was bleeding to death in the hospital room when she called Tae-kook, angry at fooling her as he married off his son to someone else. Tae-kook asks Soo-jae to forget the incident and come back to Korea and work under him.

A defeated Soo-jae finally had a new purpose in her life as she made it her goal to destroy Tae-kook.

Back to the present day, Tae-kook arrives at the suite and claims that he was aware of Soo-jae’s goal back then. Soo-jae reveals that Tae-kook was trying to tame her down which is why he used her name to slush funds and defraud people.

Back when Chan had informed Soo-jae about unlocking the flash drive, he informed her that a slush fund was used to run a company with Soo-jae’s name in order to fraud other people.

Present-day Soo-jae shares the documents with Tae-kook and the law firm owner is angry that she figured everything out. He asks her what she wanted from him to leave the issue alone and Soo-jae asks for 70 billion won leaving the law firm owner in shock.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Why Her? was shocking from start to the finish. From Soo-jae being attacked and being put in danger because of the flash drive to Chan sneakily keeping it with him the whole time only to reveal it to Soo-jae once he had unlocked it.

It is sneaky how the law firm owner -Tae-kook thinks he has authority over the lives of all his employees as he started a new company in Soo-jae’s name to defraud people without her consent. Soo-jae is indeed a tiger and it is stupendous how she is keeping a hold of her emotions despite the life she has been dealt.

From being abandoned as she delivered a still-born child to finally rising to the top where she is feared by powerful men, Soo-jae is an inspiration to young women. Soo-jae’s advice to So-young from the first episode makes a lot more sense now as she too had to live a similar life to the deceased hostess.

Choi Yoon-sang seems like a grey character at the moment. He may be on Soo-jae’s team, but he is the son of a power-hungry narcissist and the brother of a good-for-nothing poster child, making it hard to expect much from Yoon-sang, for now.

A lot of theories are coming out from fans of the show but a lot of attention is being paid to Baek Jin-ki who seems like the puppet master of the drama that is this show.

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