Why Her – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Disciplinary Hearing

Soo-jae is holding the lifeless body of Jae-yi in her arms at the start of Why Her episode 15 when Joo-wan calls his father, blaming Soo-jae for Jae-yi’s death. Jun-hee hears from her colleagues about Soo-jae’s state while Chan waits for Soo-jae outside the operating room.

Inside the operating room, doctors find a passed-out Soo-jae and rush her to the emergency room. Chan recalls his recent conversation with Yoon-sang about Soo-jae being Jae-yi’s birth mother.

Mi-rim is tensed to see the fingerprint test results stating that Joo-wan, Dong-o, and Si-hyuk’s fingerprints do not match the one on Na-jung’s murder weapon. Soo-jae wakes up and tries to leave but Chan and Jun-hee come to help her.

Tae-kook is accompanied by Director Han, Assemblyman Lee and their sons at the funeral of Jae-yi where the four men have drinks with Tae-kook. Seeing how the men are concerned about their personal issues, Tae-kook loses his calm and asks them to be respectful of his granddaughter’s death.

Soo-jae arrives to pay her respects to Jae-yi but Joo-wan blames her for the death. After Joo-wan has left, Soo-jae apologises to Jae-yi’s photograph and breaks down. Leaving the funeral home, she runs into Tae-kook. He pledges to destroy Soo-jae as he recalls signing the contract Soo-jae gave him after showing him the proof of Tae-kook being the father of Park So-young child.

Yoon Se-pil informs Baek Jin-ki about Soo-jae being Jae-yi’s mother and reveals that they had some evidence from the night of the incident at the house. Chan takes Soo-jae home where she mourns Jae-yi by herself. At TK Law Firm, Tae-kook plots how he would destroy Soo-jae but the lawyer writes a suicide note claiming to end her life.

Chan finds the note and rushes to look for Soo-jae. He realises where Soo-jae could have possibly gone and rushes to find her. Ha Il-ku informs Tae-kook about Kang Eun-seo. Tae-kook calls Il-ku out on his sloppy research while the secretary claims that he was occupied with his son’s health.

Jun-myung tells Tae-kook that Ki-taek was plotting to ruin Tae-kook’s reputation. The law firm owner asks Jun-myung to preside over a disciplinary hearing for Soo-jae in order to permanently revoke her license and disbar her. Tae-kook has already planned details about the hearing and asks Jun-myung to follow his orders.

Mi-rim’s desk is being checked by Il-ku’s men. Tae-kook shows her CCTV footage from when she took his DNA samples from his leftover food. After their argument, Tae-kook confidently gives away his fingerprint to Mi-rim which she willingly accepts.

Chan rushes to the same dock he was with Soo-jae in the past being sure that the lawyer will be there. Jun-hee is going through her old junk from when Eun-seo was brought to the hospital 10 years ago and finds Na-jung’s jacket – the one that she was brought in wearing.

At the dock, Chan is getting helpless as he can’t find Soo-jae but eventually goes to the beach where they first confessed their feelings for each other. He finds Soo-jae trying to drown herself in the ocean so he forcefully drags her out as she breaks down sobbing.

Chan consoles her when she blames herself for Jae-yi’s death as he shares his guilt with Na-jung’s death. He promises to stay by Soo-jae till the end and holds on to her. News reports are airing reports of Jin-ki’s bribery case from years ago as he calls Tae-kook to seek help.

The law firm own uses the opportunity to exploit the disciplinary hearing for Soo-jae. Jin-ki and Se-pil discuss Tae-kook’s next move against Soo-jae. At TK Law Firm, Joo-wan hands out documents to prove Soo-jae’s violations in order to help Jun-myung’s case against Soo-jae while Tae-kook asks him to do all he can.

Il-ku urgently barges into Tae-kook’s office with some documents. The legal clinic is talking about Na-jung’s case and Soo-jae’s hearing as Soo-jae walks in with added determination asking them if she has got this.

Tae-kook is back home as he brushes through the CCTV footage from his secret room without noticing any anomalies. He goes to the chamber and tries to calm down by listening to classical music.

The next day, Soo-jae is at her hearing with Mi-rim representing her. Soo-jae recalls the time when Tae-kook called her a dog asking her to stay humble with what she had. Meanwhile, Baek Jin-ki too has his initial hearing for his bribery case.

At Soo-jae’s hearing, the case opens with Jun-myung accusing Soo-jae of multiple violations in recent cases like the Hansu Bio gas leak case but the lawyer is found not guilty of the claims made against her.

Jin-ki’s trial finds Tae-kook as a witness and the law firm owner rats Jin-ki out and claims that he was responsible for taking the bribe as the Minister of Justice. This is because a flashback shows Il-ku informing Tae-kook about Jin-ki’s relationship with the true rape victim – Eun-seo.

Present-day Tae-kook continues to reveal details about the Na-jung murder case and lies about the incident claiming that Jin-ki was spreading false rumours against Tae-kook, his son and their friends.

Jin-ki tries to defend himself saying that the evidence to prove the claims was arriving but Se-pil enters the room gesturing that the evidence did not reveal anything. At Soo-jae’s trial, Jun-myung brings out her connection and past relationship with Assemblyman An Kang-won that prompted her to threaten Soo-young and eventually force her to commit suicide.

Upon Soo-jae’s request, Mi-rim asks for a recess and the case is moved to a second hearing the following day. After the hearing, news reports are against Soo-jae. The evil trio of Tae-kook, Seung-beom and In-soo gather together and discuss the Yoon Se-pil merger.

Tae-kook finds a way to destroy Yoon Se-pil that will make them a lot of money. At Chan’s restaurant, the legal clinic team is waiting for news as Soo-jae stares at her phone. That night, Tae-kook meets Il-ku who has just lost his son and asks the secretary to take the fall on his behalf for the murder of Na-jung as well as the sexual assault of Eun-seo.

The next day, Legal Clinic members join Soo-jae to her hearing. Meanwhile, Hansu Group publicly cancels their merger with SP Partners blaming Yoon Se-pil for fraud. Tae-kook is in his office watching Soo-jae’s trial.

The case begins where it was left off and Soo-jae is blamed for killing Soo-young due to her personal relationship with Kang-won. Soo-jae presents a photo showing that Tae-kook and Soo-young were in a relationship and that she was carrying his child. She blames Tae-kook for the murder of Soo-young and leaves everyone in shock.

The Episode Review

Watching Soo-jae lose her child once was traumatic enough but seeing how she loses Jae-yi a second time is heartbreaking to say the least. The show does a good job at highlighting how women feel when they lose their children and we have Seo Hyun-jin’s impeccable acting skills to thank for that.

Chan is a wall for Soo-jae in this episode and he is not intrusive. He lets her mourn but holds her up when she has given up. Hwang In-yeop is a pretty amazing actor and this is the first time I am seeing something so intense from him. I wish he will get bigger main lead roles in the future that show us his true potential.

I really want someone to smack Joo-wan across the face. The audacity he has for blaming Soo-jae over Jae-yi’s passing when it was his wife that lost her and it was his father that revealed her maternity to Soo-jae. Both Joo-wan and Tae-kook need to suffer slowly and painfully and I think that is what will happen in the next episode.

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