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Why Her – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

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After Tae-kook has revealed that Jae-yi is Soo-jae’s daughter, the lawyer is not able to contain her shock in episode 14 of Why Her. She gets emotional and recalls being told she delivered a stillborn child. Soo-jae asks Tae-kook why he did that to her and he claims that she used to be out of Joo-wan’s league. Now that the situation had changed and that she was capable enough to be a part of the family, Tae-kook asks her to marry Joo-wan. 

Soo-jae gets light-headed remembering the short time she got to spend with Jae-yi and Tae-kook presents a maternity test report to prove Jae-yi is in fact the child of Soo-jae. Tae-kook rubbishes the allegations against Joo-wan and dismisses the existence of Kang Eun-seo in the incident asking Soo-jae to look at the bright future that awaits her. Soo-jae states she is disgusted by Tae-kook and that she loathes him as she leaves his office shaken up. 

She tries to regain her composure as she leaves while Tae-kook calls Joo-wan to tell him that Soo-jae knows Jae-yi was her daughter. Soo-jae runs into Joo-wan as she is on her way out and tries to put Tae-kook’s manipulative words out of her head. Joo-wan tries to talk to her about Jae-yi but the lawyer slaps the law firm owner’s son across his face in front of the staff asking him to shut up. 

Soo-jae walks into her cabin and looks at a photo of her and Jae-yi when she last visited Joo-wan’s wife, Lim Seung-yeon. Soo-jae convinces herself to not dwell on the revelation made by Tae-kook unless she herself had confirmed it. Joo-wan questions Tae-kook, asking him why he revealed the truth about Jae-yi’s maternity to Soo-jae. The law firm owner states that Soo-jae had learned about the incident. 

He shares the photographs for Joo-wan, Dong-o and Si-hyuk leading a drugged Eun-seo in their car and asks who the girl was. After furiously questioning his son and still getting the same answer from Joo-wan, Tae-kook is happy. Just as Tae-kook had instructed, Joo-wan had denied having any knowledge about the incident. 

Hee-young tells Yong-bae that Assemblyman In-soo was exposed for receiving a bribe as well as for fraud while the husband explains how at his office – Hansu Bio, Chairman Han’s son, Han Dong-o was embroiled in another controversy for filming videos of having intercourse with his girlfriends. 

Joo-wan informs Seung-yeon that Soo-jae is the mother of his child, Jae-yi, and reprimands her for keeping his daughter away from him. Yoon-sang overhears the revelation and is shocked to learn that Soo-jae was involved with Joo-wan. Joo-wan explains the story behind what happened and blames it all on their father. The younger brother is angry and questions Joo-wan asking him to beg on his knees and apologize to Soo-jae. 

Joo-wan mentions that their father is the only person who can make him beg and states that Yoon-sang should put an end to his crush on Soo-jae for good. Soo-jae is sure that she had kept Tae-kook busy with her revelation while Tae-kook thinks he has shaken up Soo-jae with his. 

Directors Tae-kook, Seung-beom, and Assemblyman In-soo gather together that night for drinks as they chat about the skeleton being discovered during the Hansu Bio and SP Partners sale. The sons of the three men show up at the room on Tae-kook’s command and the law firm owner asks them about the incident from that night. 

He asks them about the other woman but Dong-o states that he was not sure who she is. Tae-kook tries to coerce them by saying that the woman had gotten away and escaped, while Si-hyuk reveals that she had gotten into an accident.

Joo-wan continues to feign ignorance about the incident and despite everyone’s coercion, he continues to deny having any knowledge about the murder. 

Han Seung-beom and In-soo start beating up their respective sons in shock after the revelation but Tae-kook stops them. He uses Joo-wan’s ignorance as a lesson and claims that they were supposed to do the same thing when faced with questions about the night. 

Soo-jae visits her mother and brothers’ restaurant and watches them from afar. Her mother invites her in and as they chat, she is worried that Soo-jae is being polite to her because she is sick. Soo-jae wishes her mother and brothers good luck as she is on her way back home. She gets a call from Seung-yeon who is shocked to learn that Soo-jae is Jae-yi’s mother. 

Soo-jae claims that she will confirm the maternity herself and only believe it but Seung-yeon states that she is not willing to give up Jae-yi’s custody after all. On his drive back home, a drunk Tae-kook asks Ha Il-ku to look up the girl Soo-jae warned him about. As he is leaving the car, Tae-kook is very drunk and barely makes it home as he recalls Soo-jae’s words. 

He gets further drunk at home and noticing the state of his father, Yoon-sang visits the secret room inside his father’s home office. He uploads something on Tae-kook’s laptop. The next day, Soo-jae is meeting Seung-yeon for a piece of Jae-yi’s hair for a DNA test. Seung-yeon calls Soo-jae ridiculous for doing this with the child just when Jae-yi appears. 

Soo-jae is fidgety around the child but Seung-yeon asks Jae-yi to play with Soo-jae for a while. Jae-yi drags Soo-jae to the beach but is afraid to cross the road. Soo-jae offers to carry her across the street and the child willingly agrees. As Jae-yi collects shells at the beach, Soo-jae wonders how she is unable to recognize her own child. Seung-yeon arrives with her mother to take Jae-yi back and Jae-yi is sad to leave Soo-jae. 

Soo-jae makes a promise to the child that she will have a meal with her soon. Seung-yeon offers Jae-yi’s hair and her toothbrush to Soo-jae for the DNA analysis. She calls Soo-jae out by saying that Jae-yi is never this close to strangers but she seemed to have an instant connection with Soo-jae and states that the two looked very alike. 

Mi-rim is with Han Ki-taek as she offers him a deal from Soo-jae and Ki-taek accepts her as his attorney. Meanwhile, Legal Clinic’s Kang-ja meets up with one of her former retired superiors who reveals that the police chief had asked the cops to coax Kim Dong-goo into confessing about the crime. Chan visits the witness Soo-jae had met years who tells him that the prosecutor of the case had threatened him from speaking on behalf of Dong-goo/Chan. 

Chun-poong follows Han Dong-o at his gym and collects the dumbbell he just used to scan for fingerprints while Se-ryun meets Lee Si-hyuk as a fan and gets his autograph with her pen to collect his fingerprints. At TK Law Firm, Joo-wan touches an item from the public cafeteria and Mi-rim collects it for fingerprints. Soo-jae finally gets the DNA test results that reveal Jae-yi to be her daughter. 

At her house, Soo-jae types out an agreement addressed to Tae-kook and mentions her terms regarding the future of Jae-yi’s custody and the future of TK Law Firm. She barges into his cabin with her terms and states that she still wanted the 70 million dollars along with the new terms as well as complete authority over TK Law Firm. Tae-kook asks Soo-jae if she really thinks he would accept the terms when Soo-jae reveals secret information from Han Ki-taek. 

She reveals that she is aware that Park So-young was pregnant with Tae-kook’s child and that a paternity test had confirmed the same. Soo-jae states that Tae-kook had manufactured the issue between So-young and An Kang-won to help In-soo, and adds that she had evidence to prove that Tae-kook had killed So-young. She offers him two hours to sign her agreement and leaves his cabin. 

The news reporters are talking about In-soo’s dwindling reputation due to bribery and fraud while Han Dong-o’s issue hits the tabloids. Soo-jae is on a call with Yoon Se-pil as his workers discover a garbage bag behind the walls in the house where the incident took place. Tae-kook is shaken by Soo-jae’s claims and he kicks Joo-wan out of his cabin. 

Meanwhile, Soo-jae’s mother meets up with Chan to let her know that Soo-jae was acting differently. He asks her to meet him and Soo-jae shows up at his restaurant. Just as she is about to park her car, she gets a call from Joo-wan saying Jae-yi was lost. Soo-jae calls Seung-yeon to confirm the news and rushes to find her. Chan follows her car in a taxi while Seung-yeon and Joo-wan look for the child. 

After looking all over, Soo-jae looks across the street towards an elementary school and eventually finds the little girl sitting in a corner picking flowers. Jae-yi is sad that her mother – Seung-yeon is leaving her to go to the US. The child tells Soo-jae that she loves both her parents but still wanted to live with her mother. 

Soo-jae promises the child that she would talk to her mother about this. Seung-yeon and Joo-wan call out to Jae-yi from across the street and the child rushes to cross the street to meet her parents. Before Soo-jae can hold on to the child, she crosses the street and is hit by a truck. Soo-jae breaks down on the street as Joo-wan calls the ambulance. 

Chan arrives and holds on to Soo-jae while Seung-yeon clings to Jae-yi. At the hospital, the doctors state that Jae-yi was no more and Soo-jae barges into the operation theatre. She holds on to Jae-yi who is laying unconscious on the hospital bed and sobs. The hospital staff inform Tae-kook about Jae-yi’s death while Soo-jae has taken Jae-yi in her arms as she mourns the loss of her child a second time. 

The Episode Review

This episode gave me goosebumps from start to finish. Within one episode, Soo-jae went from getting her lost child back to eventually losing her a second time. While losing her child the first time may have strengthened her, it seems like it has broken her now.

Soo-jae was determined to destroy Tae-kook but it seems like losing the child for a second time will take a toll on her.

It seems like Chan is learning about Soo-jae’s relationship with Jae-yi but it will be interesting to see how he handles Soo-jae who has lost everything that she has. I wonder why Joo-wan thought that calling Soo-jae to help with finding Jae-yi would help. The two parents who had been taking care of the young girl were more than capable of finding her. 

Also, who takes a child out in the garden so late in the night? As Tae-kook is busy trying to figure out who the other girl is, Soo-jae’s team at the Legal Clinic Center are working at the speed of light to bring him down.

With Dong-o and Si-hyuk blaming Joo-wan for the death of Na-jung, it will be interesting to see how Tae-kook defends his son when he is proven as the true murderer. 

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