Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review

I Killed Sara

Episode 8 of Who Killed Sara season 2 begins the finale with Sara up in her room playing with the gold statue from the Lazcano household.

However, a bang downstairs sends her to the camcorder where she records the room. Abel shows up and the family secrets are revealed on camera. He threatens Sara and begins chasing her around the house.

Sara manages to get away, locking herself in the bedroom where Cesar heads over with a gun. Sara tries to get away, leading to Abel choking her outside. Just before Abel stabs the girl, Cesar shoots him in the head.

Alex watches this video and eventually greets Elisa as she heads back into the house. There, she’s joined by Nicandro and Marifer too. Marifer notices the video of Abel and watches the confession about Sara. Marifer is shocked and believes the whole thing has been fabricated. She refuses to believe Sara is her sister. It all becomes too much for her and she races out the house, breathing heavily in her car.

During further flashbacks, we see just why this is so upsetting for her. Marifer was the one who cut the straps for the parachute after Marifer and Sara fought and came to blows.

Completely unraveled, Marifer heads home and finds Mariana there. She tells Clara they’ve made a big mistake but as Marifer grabs a gun, it fires as it hits the ground and shoots Clara in the chest. Chema races into hospital when he finds out Clara and her child have both passed away. Mariana is beside herself with grief too, especially after racing away from the scene.

With the police utterly useless at their job, Chema honours the promise he made Alex and heads into the station himself. He tells the officer there that he has a debt to pay. He admits to killing Moncho and also claims to be the one who killed Abel as well.

After taking down the photos and evidence from his wall, Alex spies the security footage and sees Elisa heading into the casino with gasoline. She lights the place up and lets everything burn, with her still inside as the flames lick hungrily up the walls.

Both Alex and Rodolfo race up to the casino. Alex heads inside and grabs the girl, trying to save her from the flames. Marifer also shows up and admits that she murdered Sara. Alex is beside himself with anger and threatens Marifer, who in turn suddenly goes full on villain and tries to convince Alex to ditch Elisa and save her. Anyway, rubble eventually falls on her as flames continue to rage.

Alex uses his parkour skills to escae the inferno too, heading outside where he notices the building burning to a cinder. Rodolfo sees it too and chuckles in glee as his Father’s business goes up in smoke.

Elisa hears word back from Chema who wants to try and prove what he did was self-defence, (good luck with that) but for now he’s stuck behind bars. The Abel situation is more complicated and would require someone “returning from the dead” in order to clear up. That is, of course, in reference to Cesar.

Well, Cesar is currently in a casino sipping martinis and schmoozing up to women on an island somewhere. He mentions how his only final debt is to have a son and name him Alex.

We then cut back to find Nicandro in the doctor’s office, sifting through files in a drawer. There, he finds Sara’s medical file and a picture of Dr Alanis, the man in charge of Sara’s case.

He’s presumably on the phone to this man, thanking the Doctor for his good work and revealing that Marifer didn’t actually kill Sara. It was someone else! Apparently Nicandro is responsible in some way, but quite how is left unresolved for a possible third season.

The Episode Review

Oh dear, Who Killed Sara stumbles at the final moment, setting up an unnecessary third season to an already unnecessarily contrived and long-winded follow-up. The situation with Marifer could have so easily been intertwined throughout the first, bolstering out the run-time and setting up an intriguing twist with Marifer’s reveal at the end.

Instead, Marifer goes full-on cartoony villain at the end of a second season that’s meandered around this Abel situation. It’s a shame really, with the show wrapping up most of its plot points as best it can before eventually undoing all that for a sequel-baiting finale.

This second season has really struggled to get into a good groove, with far too many contrivances and shoddy police work to make it as enthralling as the first. A shame for sure, but Who Killed Sara season 2 is not one to remember. Whether the show will be renewed for a third round however, remains to be seen.

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