Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

It’s All on You

Episode 4 of Who Killed Sara season 2 begins in the past with the moments leading up to Sara leaving Lucia for the summer. Just before she gets in the car, she confronts Lucia about Abel and how she’s been lying.

This unbridled rage is carried across to the holiday away, as Sara dwells on what she’s learned. It turns out though Marifer was actually there during that time too, spying on them all with binoculars from afar.

In a further flashback on this timeline, Nicandro confronts Sara about keying his car. She simply seduces him and they come to an agreement together. Marifer arouses suspicions though and confronts Nicandro after the act, calling him out for what’s happened. When he leaves, Marifer heads upstairs and finds Sara sitting on the edge of her bed, gleefully counting up the money she’s managed to obtain from him.

Back in the present six months have passed. We’ve skipped a good chunk of the timeline and now a week remains to try and find evidence before Alex is thrown behind bars. Lorenzo promises to try and delay this as best he can, while Cesar has apparently gone missing.

Sergio is behind bars though but he soon escapes, killing one of the guards and hiding in the laundry.  It seems no one has even bothered to do a roll count and workers arrive to wheel the trolleys out. Anyway, this inevitably leads to Sergio breaking out and leaving, thanking the laundry workers whom he’s paid off to help.

Alex continues to investigate. In fact, he messages Marifer (under the guise of Diana the Huntress) and tries to meet with her. Heading out in the middle of the night, he winds up crashing his car while realizing he’s being chased.

He eventually makes it to the coroner’s office though, where bodies are just wheeled all over the place, half of them aren’t under bags and the room is a mess.

Anyway, Alex makes it into the office and finds the files for Abel, snapping photos and leaving. This is the man who was out in the backyard. Alex messages Diana, who simply tells him it’s time they meet.

Meanwhile, Chema and Lorenzo are not on good terms, with both of them suffering from nightmares in the wake of Moncho’s murder. Well, Chema eventually shows up to see Elisa, who’s back from her trip in Europe. He sobs in her arms, mentioning how Lorenzo has gone and things are spiraling out of control.

Just to add more drama to the fold, Lorenzo arrives to greet the pair with big news. It turns out the developers are constructing a new complex precisely where they’ve buried Moncho, leading the pair into a whole world of trouble.

When Elisa heads outside, Sergio kidnaps her with a couple of his goons. He takes off with her while Alex too is knocked out. When he awakens, he finds Cesar sitting waiting for him. With Sergio acting alone, Cesar needs Alex’s help in finding his daughter. He also has a videotape of Elisa, which in turn incriminates Sergio.

Cesar asks for Alex’s help and begins begging, dropping to his knees and hanging his head in shame. Unfortunately police show up and this causes Cesar to act hastily to try and save Elisa’s life. He heads out with a gun drawn, telling Alex to find his daughter before shooting himself in the head.

The Episode Review

Who Killed Sara jumps forward six months and in doing so brings with it a massive gap in the timeline that needs to be plugged. It seems the trio have buried Moncho and covered up all the evidence for the time being. However, it still leaves question marks over why this hasn’t been picked up by the police yet.

In fact, the lack of police intervention unless the plot explicitly calls for it is a bit disconcerting. Cesar’s disappearance for six months, for example, is barely explained either. Where has he been for this time? If he’s a wanted man then how has he survived? We could receive some answers going forward of course, but right now this Mexican series continues to twist itself into unnecessary knots.

Meanwhile, Alex learns that the body outside is Abel, and there’s no big twist there despite what the show may well have led to believe. Instead, the situation now turns to Sara’s past and working out exactly what part she has to play in all this.

Unlike the first season, this second has only played into the hands of more contrivances rather than solid answers. We’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the series plays out though but right now this series is sacrificing plot stability for sensationalist twists which don’t always work.

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