Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Who Killed Sara season 2 starts in the past, with rain pouring outside and Cesar still haunted by Sara’s cries. Armed with a gun, he head out into the garden and found a man choking Sara. Cesar pulled the trigger and killed the man. But who is this mystery choker?

Back in the present Rodolfo confronts his Father about Sara’s pregnancy. Revealing that he had a vasectomy, he tries to get to the bottom of exactly who the Father is. He eventually turns and walks away when he realizes Cesar is responsible. Mariana confronts her husband too, questioning just who the man is that she’s married and telling him to be careful.

Unbeknownst to them both, a nurse wearing a facemask happens to be listening from afar.

When Mariana heads in to see Elisa, she finds Alex waiting in the room. He tries to talk to her, asking just whose baby Sara was carrying. Well, she tells him it’s Nicandro but that is, of course, a lie.

Meanwhile, Chema and Clara receive an unwelcome guest in Moncho who shows up demanding cash. At the same time, Marifer heads over to Alex’s house, revealing the harsh truth about Sara from the flashbacks we saw early on.

Elisa is finally discharged from hospital but she’s not happy. She confronts Alex about his way of gaining justice and warns him that this isn’t the way. Given his mental state, Elisa decides to walk away from the vengeful path he’s walking down.

Just before she leaves, Alex admits that he’s got more than enough evidence to put Cesar away, including the deal with Flor. Well, Elisa makes her choice and presses send for Alex on the computer. This reveals she’s always been on his side but right now they’re on different paths, prompting her to walk away and say their goodbyes.

Further flashbacks reveal Marifer confronting Sara with the evidence linked to Abel. She tried to make her see sense but Sara was convinced this is one big conspiracy and took off. Eventually she head up to the hospital alone, intent on speaking to Abel.

Sat down together, he reveals the truth about being her Dad. He asks her to bring him money so he can leave, but the conversation is ended abruptly when the nurse arrives to take him away.

Back in the present, Cesar makes a big decision and phones the police, telling them Sergio is a murderer. While chaos engulfs the casino, Alex watches from his home computer with glee. The underground den is found, housing all those women, while Sergio is stopped at the airport. Cesar meanwhile sits at his desk with a handgun, tears streaming down his face.

As more drama ensues, Moncho shows up at Chema’s place and begins beating down Lorenzo after he catches Clara and Chema in bed together. Grabbing a knife, Chema stabs Moncho in the back.

The Episode Review

Drama, drama; Who Killed Sara returns with some suitable telenovela twists, including Chema sleeping with Clara and then stabbing Moncho. It’s classic Mexican territory and this show absolutely revels in this over-the-top tone.

There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it does also leave lots of unanswered questions and plot holes too. The police are basically non-existent at this point and both the incident at the fairground and Cesar assassinating a protestor off the roof have gone completely unaccounted for right now.

Still, the enticing mystery over who killed Sara continues, although it’s looking more and more like suicide the longer this series goes on for. Still, hopefully we’ll get some answers soon as we approach the midway point of this show.

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