Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Blood On Their Hands

Episode 2 of Who Killed Sara season 2 begins back at the yard as Elisa finds Alex crouched down examining the skeletal remains. Elisa phones Chema, who in turn brings Lorenzo to Alex’s house. He agrees to be the man’s lawyer for the time being.

As forensics show and begin examining, Lorenzo introduces himself to Alex and tells him to stay quiet for now. The body is obviously older than the time he was in prison so it seems to at least give him a bit of an alibi. However, with no other evidence Alex has six months to try and clear his name while the police investigate. Six months to find who killed Sara and who the body out in the backyard is.

This investigation is only made more difficult when Mariana kills Elroy while he’s recovering in hospital. He was supposed to kill Sara and failed in his task, meaning he now has to face the consequences. It also means he’s unable to tell his truth to anyone either.

Rodolfo shows up at the hospital where he finds his Mother outside, moments after killing Elroy. He’s there to see the man of course, but Mariana convinces him to leave. This starts to coincide with the moments leading up to the previous episode as Alex gets to work creating explosives to use inside the fairground.

While out on the road, word from forensics come back – the body is a male between the ages of 40-45. Alex finds out while driving. Unbeknownst to him, Elisa is following in a taxi behind.

During flashbacks Sara and Nicandro continue to grow closer together. Only this time we see things from a slightly different perspective as Sara’s murderous looks are unnerving and seemingly planning something. Well, drama eventually ensues as Rodolfo admits to Sara that he’s going to leave with Nicandro all through June. This, as it turns out, coincides with Sara’s pregnancy.

Anyway, back home Lucia decides to do a psychiatric examination of Sara. As she head out the front door, Marifer joins Sara who’s intent on following her Mother. Together, they spy Lucia  heading up to the psychiatric ward. With Sara convinced this is to incarcerate her, she takes off after slapping Marifer in the face.

Marifer meanwhile. heads inside and realizes Lucia is actually there to see a guy called Abel – who’s 41 years old. Alas, the plot thickens.

At the fairground, Elisa catches up to Alex who manages to save the girl from being caught in the explosion. Ears ringing, Elisa forces Alex to hurry away while she sports a nasty gash across her stomach. Realizing that he may have got things wrong – and that Cesar and Sergio could prove to be the keys to the truth – Alex curses his luck and drives away.

Elisa is taken to the hospital where Sergio reveals to Cesar that Alex was not bluffing; their company is going to be investigated. On top of that, they also learn Elroy is dead. However, Sergio drops the bombshell that Elisa is working with Alex.

As Cesar’s life begins to spiral, a wry smile crosses Sergio’s lips as he admits to murdering numerous people. This, of course, links back to the videotapes from before.

The Episode Review

Who Killed Sara returns with an intriguing chapter, one that blends the past and present together in a bit of a confusing way. The timeline is spliced up with flashbacks but also done in a way to catch up to the events that finished off the previous episode. It’s an unnecessarily convoluted way to show what’s happened and something that messes with the pacing a little as well.

However, we do learn some crucial clues this episode. The bones outside belong to a male between the ages of 40-45. It seems this could well be Abel Osorio or linked to him, given the emphasis we’ve had on this character thus far.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family continue to find themselves caught in this messy melodramatic web of drama. There’s plenty more drama to come though, and the ending leaves the show dangling precariously on a knife-edge with lots of unresolved plot points.

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