Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Two Faces of Sara

Episode 1 of Who Killed Sara season 2 begins with a flashback as Sara lashes out, pushing her Mother down the stairs. Sara is clearly not well but she heads out the front door. She greets Rodolfo and Jose, who pick her up as Lucia forces a smile.

This brings us back to the present as Alex finds the journal and realizes that Sara could well be crazy. Within the journal is a dotted note about a doctor who Alex visits.

He speaks openly to him, admitting that Sara had schizophrenia which seems to be genetic and passed down through the family. He calls her a sociopath and admits he’s worried that she could well have murdered. The doctor kindly hands over Sara’s medical file too, which could prove to be a crucial clue going forward.

It seems Sara’s behaviour started around her sixth birthday. While the other kids happily ran around, Sara was emotionless, grabbing a rock and looking to smack a child over the head with it. Lucia managed to stop her though, but this essentially marked the beginning of the end for her.

This behaviour continued through to her teenage years, where Sara turned to hard drugs. This only exacerbated her symptoms though. It also coincides with around the time she got involved with Rodolfo, Alex and the others.

At their house she noticed Nicandro taking drugs, snorting lines off the bathroom counter. Although she refuses to take a line, her look seems to hint otherwise.

In a later flashback we also learn that Sara’s Father is different to Alex’s, one borne from horrible physical abuse. With Sara’s father locked up, it seems this is why Sara is the way she is.

With Alex scrambling to find out the truth, he stays with Elisa. He tells her about the parachute and how it was cut by someone in her family. Alex contemplates just who it could be, but as we saw from the previous season, it’s definitely not Elroy. He was going to of course, but a repeated flashback confirms he took off when Nicandro showed up.

The dug-up dead body seems to be a crucial clue going forward, and as police start investigating Alex tries to communicate with Diana the Huntress. This is, of course, actually Marifer. Getting nowhere, he confronts Rodolfo who admits he loved Sara and would never hurt her. Annoyed that Alex would even ask, he tells the man to leave.

Alex is impatient, and even more so when he finds out the forensic examination on the body is going slower than he thought. Right now they can’t determine whether the bones belong to a male or female.

Meanwhile, Cesar leads Sergio out to an abandoned fairground where all the lights suddenly turn on and a drone looks down at them.

With this footage recording, Alex promises to send all of it onto the police unless Cesar opens up and starts telling the truth. Well, Cesar shoots the drone out the sky which brings Alex out of hiding as he grabs Cesar from behind and demands to know who’s buried in his backyard.

Realizing his time is up, Alex hurries away after planting bombs around the fairground. Only, Elisa suddenly runs across to the ride, charging through the streets and straight into the explosion.

The Episode Review

Who Killed Sara is back and just as dramatic as before. This first episode wastes no time getting right to the heart of the drama as Alex starts to learn more about Sara. It’s clear she has psychological issues and this stems from her Father, who’s actually different to Alex’s.

There’s still the subject of the dead body from the backyard too, with it unclear exactly who this could be. That’s still up for debate of course but the series does leave the possibility wide open going forward.

For the most part though, Who Killed Sara continues to weave its mystery and melodrama together nicely, leaving the door wide open for a dramatic season ahead.

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