Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Monster in the Family

Episode 4 of Who Killed Sara begins with Alex sifting through Cesar’s bank statements. Between various investments and shady deals, Alex seems to have found something. Well, he’s interrupted by Rodolfo showing up at his house.

Alex invites him inside, where Rodolfo admits that he’s consumed by guilt. He tries to pay off Alex, offering him the money that Cesar originally promised when he was in prison.

Alex rips it up completely and tells him to leave. Just before Rodolfo goes, he mentions the pictures sent to Bruno. It turns out Alex wasn’t actually the one responsible for sending this over. Rodolfo jibes back, telling him he wasn’t the one responsible for cutting the harness.

Elsewhere, Chema burns all of his camcorder tapes and watches the fire crackle hungrily as it turns them to ash. In the morning, Chema is presented the knife by Mariana and questioned. Elisa shows up too and reveals that Sara was actually pregnant.

As they all talk, Rodolfo shows and questions the rest of the family, telling them someone intentionally cut the harnesses. This prompts them all to turn their attention to Elroy, wondering whether he could be responsible.

As home truths are revealed, Mariana admits that she cleaned the boat that day, For now, there’s a number of different suspects but the family disperse and go their separate ways for the day. Chema heads out to his car where he thinks back to moments involving Alex. Specifically, a crucial flashback where he came out to him and admitted that he was gay. Alex was actually cool with this though, telling him it won’t affect their friendship.

Back home, Alex talks to Diana the Huntress again. Apparently this person wanted him and Rodolfo to work together on this case. However, when he asks whether Diana is the one responsible for killing Sara, the connection severs. Something is being hidden here.

Elisa shows up at Alex’s house and admits that she’s curious and wants to know whether Alex is actually dangerous. Elisa offers to help, admitting that she doesn’t trust her family. This seems to convince Alex, who tasks Elisa with tracking down and finding Jorge Ortega, Cesar’s personal accountant.

Meanwhile, someone tries to kill Rodolfo, locking him inside the sauna and turning the temperature on high. Thankfully Elroy is there to free him but someone is covering their tracks and seemingly going to any length to keep the truth buried.

Elisa heads in to Jorge’s office and manages to sort out a meeting between the pair. As day turns to night, Jorge meets Alex in the parking lot but suddenly a car arrives and ploughs straight through him, knocking the bloodied accountant to the ground. It’s Elroy.

The Episode Review

This story continues to intrigue with a tasty little cliffhanger at the end there. Who Killed Sara is really starting to zero in on certain members of the family and questioning their allegiance too. With Elisa teaming up with Alex, along with Rodolfo turning away from his family, it seems like we’re gearing up for quite the dramatic showdown.

As this dysfunctional family continue to grapple with the truth, the flashbacks to that day continue to shed light on what’s happened. Of course, it also retreads familiar ground too, which is something the previous episodes have been guilty of.

Either way, the ending leaves the door wide open and it really could be anyone responsible at this point!

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