Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Love, Sara

Episode 3 of Who Killed Sara begins with Elisa and Alex both drinking tequila together. While they do, Elisa seizes her opportunity to begin looking through the different files Alex has lying around. She even plays the old “I need the toilet” trick to snoop around upstairs.

Alex catches her in the act though and tells her the bathroom is downstairs. In the living room, Elisa notices that Mariana’s phone has been hacked, while she herself enlists the help of a man named Elroy to try and find out what’s happened to her phone.

As night turns to day, Elisa leaves the house but Alex remains suspicious of her. Anyway, Elisa heads back home and grabs her Mother’s phone, dropping it in the vase and destroying it. Despite it glitching out and remaining unusable, Alex narrates that photos remain in the cloud and that makes it easy for Alex to access.

With this in mind, Alex speaks to Diana the Huntress again who confirms that Rodolfo didn’t go anywhere near the harness. Whoever this person is, they send him a picture of a knife. That knife seems to belong to Chema and it shows up in a box at Mariana’s place. Someone knows what’s going on and is clearly playing games.

Meanwhile, pictures are spread around incriminating the Lazcano family. Schoolkid Bruno loses his temper and beats up a fellow student. This eventually leads Cesar to taking him back home and teaching the kid how to defend himself and fight properly.

Alex shows up to see Chema but he rushes off down the street. Alex chases after him and demands he hand over the videos he’s taken as kids. He knows Chema has them but believes they may hold some weight to what’s going on.

Flashbacks reveal that Sara knew all about Chema’s crush on Alex and threatened to tell the family. On the back of this, Chema grabbed the knife and took it onboard the boat.

Back in the present, Elisa continues to snoop around. She breaks into Alex’s house and starts snapping photos in Sara’s room. Here, she sees the baby scan photos too. Alex soon returns though and notices Elisa in her living room. He asks how she got into his house but instead of answering, she throws herself at him and sleeps with the man. After the deed, Alex tells her not to come in through the window again.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Chema’s house. Remember Diana the Huntress? Well, that very same photo is actually the front cover to one of his books. Is Chema the Huntress?

The Episode Review

Who Killed Sara is just starting to get interesting now but it’s also starting to slip into the same traps other telenovelas do too. The flashbacks are interesting of course but a lot of them repeat information we’ve already been told in the previous episodes. On top of that, we’ve now got some sex scenes injected into this one as well.

Away from that though, the show continues to weave an intriguing mystery, with lots of question marks hanging over who killed Alex’s sister. It really could be any number of suspects at this point and the show leaves the door wide open over who could be responsible.

For now though, the series bows out with a decent episode, one that leaves the door wide open for the rest of the season.

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