Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of Who Killed Sara begins with Elisa desperate to find out what happened in the past. Cesar refuses to answer any of her questions though, leading Elisa to Alex’s house. She crouches behind the car as armed guards show and begin shooting the place up.

Hired by Cesar, they certainly leave a warning for him, beating Alex down to the ground. With instructions to leave the kid on the floor, Elisa creeps inside and notices all the documents and photos up on the wall. She also sees Alex face down on the ground too, and takes him to the hospital.

Elisa pretends to be an innocent bystander (going under the alias of Maria) but Alex is clearly suspicious. Still, he thanks her for helping and heads back home.

There, he communicates with the mysterious messenger again, who calls themselves Diana the Hunter. Apparently they were at the court house the day Alex was sentenced in court.

More flashbacks reveal the choice Alex had to make. Cesar promised to give his Mother the best healthcare specialists in Mexico. In exchange, he just needed to take the fall for Sara’s death. Well the rest, as they say, is history.

Meanwhile, trouble brews between Rodolfo and Sofia as the latter comes back with another negative pregnancy test. It’s been five years and they still haven’t managed to conceive. He tells her weakly that it’s not him but as we see from flashbacks, Sara too told Rudolfo that she was pregnant. This seems to give him motive to kill her, especially if the family aren’t enthused with this idea.

Rodolfo heads down to the graveyard and pays his respects to Sara. Chema is there too and offers him words of encouragement, asking just what they’re going to do next. Rodolfo gives an impassioned plea, telling him he’s a killer and he let Sara die.

Rodolfo eventually shows up at the office where Elisa sits waiting for him. She questions Rodolfo over the hired hit on Alex, and even asks whether he’s involved with the murder. Cesar suddenly shows and breaks this conversation up, forcing Elisa to leave. Cesar tells Rodolfo in confidence that he didn’t murder Sara but whether this holds weight or not remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Chema sifts through his old gear and finds a tape for a camcorder labeled “A.G.”. As a wry smile crosses his face, he plays the tape which shows Alex in the shower. The camera lingers over his backside, seemingly hinting that Chema took a fancy to Alex in the past.

With everything set up to uncover the truth, Elisa heads over to Alex’s house and decides to share some tequila with him.

Alex finds another suspect in the form of Mariana. She was at the courthouse during that time and, with her picture printed out, Alex sets out to track her down. This begins with him using a mirror app, something that serves as spyware but allows him to see everything and hack directly into Mariana’s phone.

Mariana is haunted by the past too, seemingly guilty as she ties a barbed cilice around her leg to punish herself. This, as we soon see, is as a result of her being onboard the boat at the time, wiping everything down. She even found a knife too, which confirms this act was definitely intentional.

Ringing someone, she calls them a bastard and promises to deal with this herself. Dropping the knife in the water below, this whodunit is left wide open as it seems we have another suspect on the cards.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. Who Killed Sara doubles up its list of suspects during this second episode, leaving lots of tantalizing possibilities on the table. It seems like Mariana is now part of all this, aware of who tried to murder – or at least sabotage – Sara’s parachute. It also seems likely that Chema may not be 100% innocent either, and his little charade with his father about Alex could be a smokescreen. Was he blinded by jealousy and lashed out against Sara?

Either way, this sets up a tantalizing prospect for this series and I’d imagine Rodolfo and Cesar are way too obvious for suspects in this one. Still, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next as this show sets up a very bingeable whodunit.

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