Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

It Wasn’t A Mistake

Episode 1 of Who Killed Sara begins with an innocent enough parasailing event. Only, this dream soon turns to a nightmare as Sara realizes something is horribly wrong.

The straps break and Sara falls to her doom, screaming in fear as she plunges into the water. These memories haunt Alex, who finds himself in prison. Thanks to his good behaviour, he’s released early. In fact, he’s going to leave at 8am the following morning. Narrowing his gaze, he asks if the Lazcano family are aware. Well, if they weren’t before they certainly are now!

Desperate for revenge, Alex leaves the prison and heads back home. These feelings of bitter regret and despair manifest in several flashbacks, shedding more light on Sara and Alex’s past. They’re siblings, as it turns out, and the Lazcanos’ silence caused Alex to take the fall for what happened to Sara. Alex believes Rodolfo Lazcano is responsible, with Sara’s harness cut as an act of sabotage.

Using a key he obtained in prison, Alex opens up a security deposit box and takes out stacks of cash. With financial backing, he begins sorting the house out, ready to exact his revenge. Alex begins meticulously looking through the various files, noticing a scan picture for Sara. Sara was pregnant at the time she was killed.

Rodolfo heads out for a morning run, clearly not in the mood to sleep with his partner Sofia. It’s a big day for him, as he heads to the casino ready to take over as the new CEO. On the roof, patriarch Cesar shows in a helicopter and heads downstairs. He’s not in a good mood though when he learns Alex has been released. He tells his assistant to tighten security, knowing full well that Alex is out for revenge.

Alex makes his move and sends a message to Rodolfo, inexplicably hacking into the cameras in the casino and watching the family gathered together. And just like that, he hacks into the feeds and shows his face to them all.

He promises justice, congratulating Rodolfo on his new position but making it quite clear that this is only the beginning. As the feed drops, Cesar decides to deal with this himself, brushing aside Rodolfo’s suggestion that he speak to his old friend.

As we soon see from flashbacks, the only member of the family who seemed to be against Alex taking the fall was Chema.

This coincides nicely with Alex receiving a mysterious text message from an unknown number. According to them, Rodolfo didn’t kill Sara; he too was tricked. Only, gunshots suddenly rain down across the living room as Alex drops to the ground. Someone is out to kill him.

The Episode Review

In true telenovela fashion, Who Killed Sara presents an intriguing mystery with some skewed logic and a whole lot of drama. The hacking is a little farfetched in truth but if you can go into this one and suspend your disbelief, there’s actually a lot to like with this.

So, who did kill Sara? It seems like Cesar may well be behind this but there’s also a number of different suspects in the family it could be too. And who sent the text message at the end?

There’s lots of intriguing questions with this one and the ending leaves the door wide open for where this may go next. There’s no time to waste though so onto the next!

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