White Lines – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Red Car

Episode 8 of White Lines begins with Zoe awakening to find herself in the camper van at the airport. As she steps outside, Mike greets her with Jenny and together they head down to the beach where the others are. While Mike and Jen play in the sea, Zoe speaks to Anna who encourages her not to tell the truth and keep what she did with Boxer a secret.

Clint meanwhile visits Boxer at the club and finds all of David’s pictures, prompting him to question just who’s been living with him. On the way out, he sees Boxer’s neck tattoo and remembers a scene from the past involving him holding him up against the wall.

Meanwhile, Marcus greets Andreu at his estate and they smoke weed together until Oriol arrives and brings Andreu inside to sign some documents.

While Jen heads out for a night on the town with Anna, Zoe and Mike start to reconnect again. Only, it’s here that Zoe admits to seeing someone else in Ibzia but he shrugs t off and continues to kiss her while he embraces her in the pool. Only, as we see through extra scenes later in the episode, Zoe admits the truth to him about Boxer and mentions how kissing Mike is akin to cheating on Boxer and leaves him standing bewildered at this turn of events.

Clint sifts through David’s photos while they’re projected up on the camper van and notices a red Alfa that looks suspicious. Calling on Juan’s contacts, he decides to try and track down the owner of the car.

In the morning, Anna breaks the news to Zoe that she left Jen and Tanny together to party. It causes them to come to blows and have a fight, in which they question each other’s parenting skills.

Meanwhile, Dave heads up to the Calafat family and home truths are spilled around what happened in the past during a family group therapy session. Within the list of secrets is Oriol trying on Kika’s clothes. As they continue on, Kika accuses Oriol of being attracted to their Mother It’s an awkward conversation and one that sees Conchita talk about his issues during teenage years where he had a wet dream about her.

As more secrets come out, Oriol talks about Axel’s party and what happened that night. He was forced to get a tattoo done, a nasty tattoo about his Mother and it seems he had reason enough to kill Axel. Only, he doesn’t remember doing it so it could have been someone else staging it to look like him.

A frantic Zoe heads up to Boxer’s club with Mike and although they find Tanny, they don’t find Jen. However, they do learn where she is and with Boxer in the car, all three of them head off to bring her back. Zoe heads inside to retrieve Jen while outside, Boxer and Mike come to blows over Zoe.  It all blows over inside too when Jen learns the truth about Boxer and she questions Zoe’s devotion as a Mother.

Juan and Clint make their way to the owner of the red Alfa and it turns out it’s actually Cristobal. Juan and Clint begin doing a thorough search of the car in his garage  to look for clues. In the boot they find Axel’s missing tooth and as they question Cristobal about this, it turns out the car used to belong to Oriol Calafat years before.

As the episode closes out, we see scenes of the past where Oriol found blood soaked all over the boot of the car and frantically began trying to clean this up.

With a bit more of the past revealed and the attention starting to shift a lot more toward the main mystery of the show, White Lines has certainly taken its time to get to the meat of its story. Given the abundance of family melodrama, the seemingly abandoned plot angle of the Martinez/Calafan rivalry and a love triangle thrown in this time for good measure, White Lines is certainly not shy about adding drama but it’s something that hasn’t always worked as well as it perhaps could have.

Still, there’s plenty of time to end things on a bang and the ending certainly leaves things wide open for the final few episodes.

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