White Lines – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Bad Blood

Episode 4 of White Lines begins with Oriol heading home and telling Conchita about the horrific incident involving Cristobal. The impact of what he’s done has far reaching issues, given he’s just broken a 20+ year truce with Pepe, which Andreu berates him for.

With no sign of the Romanians or the coke she mentioned last time out, the police release Zoe and don’t take her story seriously. However, they do continue to press charges for reckless driving and a prison sentence looms on the horizon for her.

Back at Boxer’s, she presses on with finding who was responsible for Axel’s death. When Boxer offers to help though, she refuses which prompts him to kick her out. As we see later on in the episode, we miss a good chunk of their argument which involves Zoe admitting to telling the police everything and this being the catalyst for him kicking her out.

After dancing with Kika, Zoe decides to head back and speaks to Boxer, patching up their differences together. It’s here he admits to her that whoever killed Axel would have done it at his birthday party.

Conchita heads up to speak to Pepe at his house and try to resolve the issues Oriol has caused. Unfortunately there’s no coming back from what he’s done and deafening Cristobal, shattering his dreams of being a decent DJ, is a step too far for Pepe who’s out for blood. When she leaves, Pepe makes his move and hires an assassin to go after the family and get his revenge.

Marcus is forced to admit the truth about the drug money to Anna as she visits him in hospital while Oriol undergoes a strange procedure with Dave involving toads on his face.

Zoe speaks to Kika and Sissy about her relationship with Mike but midway through, Zoe’s Father meets her at the beach. He tells her to head home but because of her passport issues, she can’t leave just yet. As they talk, it turns out her Father was the one who kicked Axel out the house but he tried to protect her by lying.

As we cut back to the past, we see Axel and his Father in the aftermath of the illegal rave. He was the one who called the police that night and broke the party up. Given Axel’s Father is an officer himself, he threatens Axel and tells him to leave before he drags Zoe down the same path.

Back in the present, Zoe confronts her Father about his lies but midway through receives a call from the police who tell her they’ve found the Romanian’s ship. As she heads off in the car, Andreu is hit by a truck on the road and as the camera pans up, the billboard ironically shows an advert for Cristobal’s party.

Zoe rushes back to Boxer’s but he tells her he’s dealt with the Romanians and they’re now dead. As she begins panicking, Boxer hooks her up with a heady cocktail of weed and alcohol to calm her down. After leaving the room momentarily, when he returns Zoe is nowhere to be seen.

With a deeper mystery this time and more of Oriol’s shady family issues coming to the foreground, there’s clearly more to Zoe’s Father and Boxer than we first thought. The latter in particular is certainly pretty suspicious given how interested he is in Zoe’s investigation and the ease in which he dispatched the Romanians last episode.

The shocking climax involving Andreu being hit by the truck certainly feels like the catalyst for a messy familial feud to follow and quite what will happen next in the aftermath of this, remains to be seen.

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