Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

A Plan, a Blunder, and a Commotion

Episode 9 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins with Himari telling Shiho that she adored receiving more details about Shiho’s backstory. Himari questions Shiho again. She wonders if she would’ve reached this level of success with the SSGIRLS. Shiho responds vaguely and departs from the restaurant because she can get back to work. Also, Shiho wants Himari to keep everything a secret. 

Himari ponders Shiho’s situation and wonders how she can encourage Shiho to open up to everyone. Later, we see Himari and Momoka in the cooking club classroom. Himari wants to hold a taste-testing party in preparation for the cultural festival. Also, Himari wants Momoka to invite Shiho and Hajime to the party. Momoka complies and says she’ll grab the ingredients needed for their party. 

Himari plans to invite her SSGIRLS companions and hopes Aki and Shiho will discuss things and become friends again. Eventually, we arrive at the taste-testing party. Himari and Momoka convinced their Laureley and SSGIRLS friends to attend it. Himari’s concerned and tells everyone that she invited them all so they can become friends. 

Although both groups aren’t thrilled about this, Aki suggests they try to work things out. Aki confronts Shiho on why she quit the band. Shiho yells at Aki for bringing that question up. Hajime tells Shiho to calm down. Shiho confronts Himari. She regrets telling Himari her tale because she didn’t expect Himari to throw a party like this. 

Shiho tries leaving but Momoka and Himari insist she stay and at least eat the food they made. Then, Himari trips but Yori saves her. Someone confirms that Himari and Yori are dating each other. Shiho is surprised and ponders this development. Shiho confronts Aki about the competition they agreed upon. She wants to add a new condition and promises to fulfill her promise to her if Aki wins. 

Shiho wants Himari to become Laureley’s manager. The former says she’ll move ahead with the competition if Aki agrees to this condition. Aki and Yori don’t want to comply. After pondering things through, Himari says she’ll become the manager and the SSGIRLS depart. Himari discusses things with the Laureley group later. Shiho says Himari only has to be their manager until the cultural festival ends.

Hajime’s unsure if it’s wise to have Himari as the manager. She argues that Himari wants Shiho to work things out with Aki, therefore, Himari wants the SSGIRLS to win. Shiho understands. She tells Himari that if they win, she’ll fulfill one request from Himari. Himari accepts. Shiho wants Himari to find them a recording space. Hajime insists Himari film them in this space too.

As for Momoka, she wants Himari to give them her thoughts about their music. Meanwhile, the SSGIRLS discuss their qualms with Shiho. They’re uncertain why she wanted Himari to become her group’s manager. At the same time, Aki and the others want to defeat their group at the cultural festival to end the drama between Shiho and themselves. 

Aki and Yori discuss things later. The two promise to give it their all, despite Aki feeling bad for getting Himari involved. Yori departs, pondering how things will go with Himari and Laureley. Eventually, Himari and Yori meet on the rooftop another day. Himari’s worried she won’t get to see Yori since summer break’s approaching. Yori tells Himari that Himari can text her if she wants to see her. 

Then, the SSGIRLS head to Mari’s home. Aki’s uncertain the SSGIRLS will win with their current line-up of songs. Yori says she can write a song that fits with the cultural festival’s vibe. Elsewhere, Shiho watches footage of their practice session. Himari thinks everyone, including Shiho, performed well in it. Then, the girls attend a restaurant. 

There, Himari asks the girls if they have known each other for a long time. Shiho reveals that Laureley formed not too long ago. However, Momoka says she and Hajime have known each other for a long time. Shiho insists that Himari act casually with them. Himari tries and Shiho laughs at her. Then, Himari asks the girls how they formed their band. 

Shiho and Hajime react hesitantly but don’t mind sharing the tale. Shiho asks Himari if she can attend a certain spot with them next week. Himari says she can and Shiho says they’ll reveal their group’s origins to her there. The episode closes with the girls leaving the restaurant. 

The Episode Review

After a 2-week break, Whisper Me A Love Song returns with an episode that’s fine at best. The episode includes some interesting developments from Himari becoming Laureley’s manager to Shiho, Momoka, and Hajime planning to reveal their band’s origins to Himari in a mysterious manner. At the same time, this episode has some questionable material that’ll leave fans puzzled. 

For instance, it’s weird that Shiho got uppity about Yori and Himari’s relationship with each other. While some can argue it’s because Shiho’s upset that Himari’s dating a person from a rival band, her comments that followed that reveal will make others think differently. If that different matter is the case, then it would’ve been great for the showrunners to develop Shiho’s feelings further in prior episodes. 

Additionally, Shiho’s deal with Himari doesn’t make too much sense. She should’ve specified what type of requests were off limits because Himari will likely ask Shiho to reconcile and tell the SSGIRLS the intel they seek.

All in all, this was a decent chapter of Whisper Me A Love Song. The visuals and animation have improved a bit since the break and the tale’s delivering some intriguing bits worth keeping in mind. 

Hopefully, this season can end with exceptional results. 

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