Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Past, a Song, and a Secret

Episode 7 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins with Yori asking Aki why there’s bad blood between Aki and Shiho. Aki tells Yori to forget about it and insists they head somewhere. Later, Yori and the SSGIRLS regroup with Himari. Aki congratulates Himari for becoming Yori’s girlfriend but reminds Himari that Aki’s still her best friend. 

Nevertheless, Yori and Himari go for a stroll and hold hands. Himari tells Yori she experienced jealousy and Yori wonders why Himari would feel this way. Then, we cut to Miki chatting with Himari at school. Miki teases Himari about her and Yori’s hand-holding ordeal. Moreover, Miki’s happy Himari’s more cheerful now. Himari visits Momoka and tells her that she and Yori are dating. 

Momoka’s proud of Himari and hopes Himari will fill her in on what happens between Himari and Yori moving forward. Also, Momoka tells Himari she’s envious of her happiness and alludes to being in love with someone. Momoka refuses to elaborate on this thought. Instead, Momoka suggests she and Himari have the Cooking Club participate in September’s cultural festival event. 

Momoka argues it’d be a great way to persuade people to join. Next, Shiho and Hajime arrive and reveal they, alongside Momoka, are a part of a band. Nevertheless, Hajime asks Momoka to write them an introductory letter since it’s an audition requirement for the cultural festival. Hajime and Shiho tell Momoka they’re not the most capable writers ever and argue Momoka would write a stellar letter. 

Hajime hands Momoka the documents and promises to regroup at the studio later. Hajime departs and Momoka pulls Shiho aside. Momoka wants Shiho to help her and Himari prepare for the cultural festival since she’s technically a Cooking Club member. Himari convinces Shiho to help her and Mimoka out. However, Shiho tells Himari and Momoka that band practice is her top priority. 

Before Himari reveals she’s dating Yori to Shiho, Momoka cuts Himari off. Momoka wonders what they should make for the cultural festival. Shiho says she’s down to make anything Momoka or Himari want to bake. For today, Momoka says she and Himari are making chocolate cake. Shiho says she’d like to have some when it’s complete. 

Shiho hums a melody while Himari and Momoka bake the cake. Himari compliments Shiho’s voice and Shiho suggests Himari attend one of her band’s performances since Himari is infatuated with her girlfriend’s (Yori’s) voice. While the girls eat the cake, Shiho reveals she likes playing in bands to improve. Himari admires Shiho’s goals, much to Shiho’s confusion.

Later, Himari and Yori attend a coffee shop. Yori tells Himari she and the SSGIRLS will be auditioning for the cultural festival. Himari’s worried about other girls seeing Yori perform at the cultural festival. Yori ensures Himari that she only has eyes for Himari and no one else. Next, Yori regroups with the SSGIRLS in their band room. 

Yori’s worried about her upcoming guitar solo. Aki tells her not to worry about it. Nonetheless, Mari hopes they can nail a solid performance because she doesn’t want Shiho to mock them. This comment triggers Aki and Yori notices its effects on Aki. Later, Aki visits Yori’s home and reveals what happened between the SSGIRLS and Shiho to Yori. 

Aki says Shiho was a loner who exited and entered new bands. One day, Aki noticed Shiho crying in a classroom. There, she asked Shiho to join the SSGIRLS as a guitarist. Although the group wasn’t perfect, Aki tells Yori that she enjoyed playing alongside Shiho. As time passed, Shiho grew dissatisfied with Aki and the others’ performance levels. 

Frustrated, Aki tells Shiho her singing skills aren’t exceptional. Shiho’s upset that Aki and the others don’t take music as seriously as her and feels the SSGIRLS will never amount to anything. Aki slaps Shiho and Shiho quits the band. In the present, Aki cries and Yori comforts her. Next, Yori tells Aki she loves playing alongside Aki and the SSGIRLS. 

The girls laugh it out and audition day arrives. There, Miki, Himari, and other students watch the SSGIRLS perform. During their performance, Shiho clenches her fist and this concerns Momoka. Shiho tells Momoka and Hajime to give it their best effort. Shiho’s band performs next and Himari senses a powerful aura in the audition area.

Later, the president tells everyone she will have the audition results posted in a few days. Shiho confronts Aki and wants to know if she sounds better than Yori. Additionally, Shiho knows Aki loves Yori. Aki tells Shiho she doesn’t view Yori in that way. The episode closes with Shiho telling Aki that she knows Aki loves Yori. 

The Episode Review

Whisper Me A Love Song Episode 7 delves more into Shiho’s character, giving audiences answers to important questions. Although Shiho’s reasons are genuine, many folks will find her decisions unlikable and uninteresting. Nevertheless, Shiho’s singing and guitar talent shouldn’t go unnoticed. Hopefully, Momoka and Himari will find meaningful ways to steer Shiho’s character in the proper direction.

Moreover, this chapter gave audiences a better musical performance, unlike last week’s slide and still-image show. While the performance was brief and its animation jarring in spurts, fans will love hearing Yori and Shiho’s groups sing their hearts out and give it their all. On that note, it appears this anime will be dabbling into problems that can arise in romantic relationships.

Himari’s jealousy may be a one-off matter now, but we predict this will lead to deeper, significant complications in the show’s latter half. Hopefully, our musical lovebirds will authentically defeat those emotional hurdles. All in all, this was an interesting episode of Whisper Me A Love Song. While the anime leans more into drama and doesn’t offer the most visually pleasing musical scenes, it offers a degree of material that’ll keep audiences watching. 

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