Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Love at First Sight and the Big Day

Episode 6 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins with Himari and Yori shopping at a store. Himari shows Yori a blue outfit and Yori tries it on. Yori asks Himari how she looks but Himari doesn’t want to look at Yori because she feels she’d be doing something illicit. Yori persuades Himari to try on outfits. She likes how Himari looks in all of them and chooses an outfit for Himari to wear for the concert. 

The two visit a bench to enjoy ice cream. There, Yori tells Himari she’s nervous about the upcoming concert. Also, Yori says if she hadn’t met Himari, she wouldn’t have the courage to return to the stage and join a band. Himari thanks Yori for getting her invested in something. Yori tells Himari she’s proud she developed an original song. 

Himari wants to know what it’s about but Yori tells her she’ll find out at the concert. The two visit a new store and Himari purchases Yori two blue earrings. Himari charms the earrings and hands them to Yori. She tells Yori she won’t feel nervous on stage now that she’s charmed her earrings. The two arrive at Himari’s home and Yori hugs her. Yori hopes this won’t be their final date and departs. 

After band practice, Aki, Yori, and the other SSGIRLS wander somewhere. Aki confronts Yori about Himari during their travels, asking her questions concerning Himari’s inevitable romance-oriented response. Aki wants to tell Yori she loves her but backs down. Instead, Aki hopes everything works out between Yori and Himari. 

Meanwhile, Miki picks Himari up from her home. During their venture, Himari’s nervous about Yori, the concert, and the idea of her experiencing love at the event. Himari tells Miki that she loves spending time with Yori, but doesn’t have romantic feelings for Yori. Miki wishes Himari the best but hopes she admires Aki’s performance all the same. 

Eventually, the SSGIRLS play at the concert. Himari and Miki observe them from the crowd. Yori gives it her best and hopes her voice and play style will influence Himari to develop romantic feelings for her. Later, Yori tells the crowd she and the SSGIRLS will play the original song Sunny Spot. Yori says she injected the song with the feeling she’s attained for someone special. 

Then, we receive several flashback sequences, with Yori reflecting on her experiences with Himari through each of them. The SSGIRLS finish playing and Himari wanders toward the stage and tells Yori she found “it.” Aki suggests Yori and Himari chat outside. Outside, Himari tells Yori she wants to be by Yori’s side and likes her. Himari asks Yori if she wants to go out with her. 

Yori accepts Himari’s answer and the two hug each other with tears in their eyes. Yori and Himari tell their friends they’re pursuing romance. Later, Aki reflects on this new development and she’s upset. Yori arrives and thanks Aki for her help. She deems Aki her number one friend and Aki hopes she can maintain that position. 

The next day, Yori and Himari spend quality time together. However, Yori feels something is missing despite her and Himari dating. Yori tells Himari that she wants their dynamic to change since she’s unsure why things are still the same despite the two being in a romantic relationship. Himari tells Yori not to worry about that since Himari’s still happy she gets to spend time with her. 

Himari kisses Yori on the cheek and Yori’s baffled by Himari’s unexpected tactic. After that, Yori suggests they stick to their usual dynamic since she’s not ready to move forward with kisses or anything of that nature. Later, Yori and the SSGIRLS visit the student council room to apply for the upcoming festival performance. The president tells them that too many bands applied this year. 

Also, the president wants to hold auditions before summer break to narrow the applicant list. The SSGIRLS understand and will wait to hear more details. Before Kaori leaves, Momoka’s female friend (Shiho) bumps into her and the other SSGIRLS. Shiho notices Yori with the girls and clenches her fist. The SSGIRLS and Shiho take their conversation outside. 

Shiho confirms she was the SSGIRLS’s singer who quit the band. She tells them she and her band plan to audition for the festival. Shiho confirms she attended their previous concert thanks to Kaori giving her a ticket. Additionally, Shiho confronts Yori and tells her that her performance was terrible. The episode closes with Yori reacting to Shiho’s comments. 

The Episode Review

It’s a rarity to see romance anime have couples hook up mid-way through its first season. Granted, Whisper Me A Love Song decently built up this romantic outing between Himari and Yori. However, it’s unfortunate that Yori and Himari didn’t have any significant obstacles to conquer to achieve this happy outcome. While the series set up a love triangle between Aki, Yori, and Himari, seeing Aki fold and let the two become a couple felt underwhelming. 

At the same time, Aki still holds regrets for letting the two become a thing, so there’s still time for her to tell Yori the truth about her feelings for her. Moreover, as with romances today, Yori and Himari may stumble upon obstacles that could ruin the new relationship they agreed upon. Whether through meaningful arguments or common misunderstandings, Yori and Himari aren’t out of the woods yet. 

Simultaneously, this episode sets up more drama for fans to engage with involving Shiho’s band and the SSGIRLS. I’m excited to see what unfolds between the two bands as most music anime today tend to shy away from having band rivalry concepts.

Overall, this was an okay chapter of Whisper Me A Love Song. While its premise remains intriguing, it’s unfortunate that some aspects, especially those on the visual side of things, aren’t up to snuff with today’s standards.

Hopefully, the next chapter will produce favorable results. 

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