Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Going Home, A Meeting, and a Promise

Episode 5 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins with Himari contemplating the situation Aki put her in during the previous episode’s cliffhanger. Aki confirms that she does love Yori romantically. However, she was rooting for Himari and Yori to become a couple. Also, Aki says, it made her stomach turn when she learned Himari withheld her answer to Yori’s confession. 

Himari tells Aki she wants to fall in love with Yori eventually, but Aki tells Himari she must decide soon. If Himari doesn’t decide soon, Aki says she’ll intervene and make Yori happy. Aki departs after Miki reenters the room. Himari hands Miki a cake and departs Miki’s home. During Himari’s stroll, she fears that her and Yori’s relationship will end if she doesn’t give Yori the love she requests. 

Momoka notices something troubling Himari at the cooking club the following day. Additionally, she knows Himari’s going through romantic problems so Himari informs Momoka about what’s happening between her and Yori. Himari shares her take on romance and Momoka informs her there are different ways to express one’s love for another. 

After bestowing Himari with advice, Momoka tells Himari to come to her if she needs future assistance. Then, Himari departs to her shoe locker and contemplates topics such as love and care. Then, Yori arrives and greets Himari. The two chat briefly and decide to walk home together. During their stroll, Himari presents Yori with one of her cookies and Yori tries it. 

After the two chat about the cookies, Momoka arrives and hands Himari her cell phone because she left it at the cooking club. Momoka notices Yori and Himari confirms she’s the girl she told Momoka about. Momoka introduces herself to Yori and tells Yori she’s thankful for Himari’s assistance at the cooking club. Later, Yori opens up to Himari and tells her why she tried to prevent Himari from interacting with Momoka. 

Himari finds Yori’s comments adorable. Then, Himari tells Yori that she asked Momoka questions on how she should handle the “love dilemma” between her and Yori. Himari doesn’t confirm that Aki enticed her to speed up her decision process so Yori apologizes for making Himari worry about that. Yori tells Himari she’s afraid Momoka will steal Himari from her. 

Himari promises Yori that Momoka won’t do that. Yori tells Himari to give her a solid answer after the upcoming concert ends. That way, Himari won’t feel guilty about making Yori wait. Himari’s slightly concerned but Yori promises Himari that her performance will motivate her to make that decision. Later, Yori reflects on how her perspective on romance has changed since meeting Himari at home. 

Seconds later, Yori hops in bed and states that she finished writing the SSGIRLS’s love song. Yori presents and lets the SSGIRLS listen to the song in their clubroom. Mari and Aki tell Yori that it sounds great and Yori tells the girls the song’s called Sunny Spot. During their band practice, Aki informs Yori that she got a text from Himari. 

Yori learns Himari finished the cat-shaped cookies she wanted Himari to make for her. Aki suggests inviting Himari here so she can give those cookies to Yori. Yori’s nervous about that but Kaori and Mari tell her it’s okay for Himari to stop by. In the restroom, Aki looks in the mirror, contemplating Yori’s deep affection for Himari. Aki feels guilty for saying mean things to Himari. 

Then, she exits the restroom and bumps into Himari. Aki apologizes for being rude to Himari, but Himari tells Aki not to feel guilty about it. Also, Himari says she plans to give Yori a concrete response after the concert ends. Aki leads Himari to the SSGIRLS clubroom. There, Kaori and Mari greet Himari. Kaori gets a bit affectionate toward Himari and Mari tells her to stop because it’s slightly bothering Yori. 

While Himari and Mari get into an argument over height differences, Aki asks Yori to help her with a Sunny Spot bassline part. Himari notices Yori and Aki chatting with each other and feels a strange sensation pounding through her chest. Next, Aki tells Yori she must acquire a themed accessory for the concert. Yori doesn’t know what to choose so Aki suggests Yori ask Himari for tips. 

Aki calls out to Himari and asks her to accompany Yori on a date. She wants Himari to help Yori purchase an accessory for the concert. Himari tells Yori that she’d love to help Yori out with that. Then, Himari presents Yori with her cat-themed cookies and Yori eats them. Later, we see Momoka chatting with Hajime in a different classroom. 

Hajime’s eating Momoka’s baked goods and Momoka’s happy Hajime likes them. Then, the girl from the previous episode arrives and tells Hajime and Mamoka that she obtained tickets for the upcoming concert. Next, we return to following Yori and the others. The episode closes with Yori eating Himari’s cookies while the SSGIRLS observe them. 

The Episode Review

Episode 5 puts the pressure on Himari’s character tenfold, which is nice considering how much of a toll this relationship’s had on Yori (so far). Fortunately, Himari received helpful advice from Momoka and encouragement from Yori to press forward with this matter. While Himari must decide by the upcoming concert’s conclusion, we’ll at least get a solid answer from her soon (hopefully). 

In other news, Aki’s character will leave some folks feeling mixed. While it’s nice that she’ll be playing a wing-woman and rival role, some would’ve preferred it if the story’s author Eku Takeshima placed Aki in one role and ran with that. Although Aki’s still up for making Yori hers, there’s a chance she won’t be too hard on Himari. Fortunately, this episode shows Himari experiencing slight jealousy toward the end when Aki and Yori interact with each other. 

All in all, we’re optimistic Takeshima’s decision for Aki will provide fruitful results. While these portions will leave fans feeling mixed, many folks will enjoy how upfront Himari and Yori are about their feelings. Seeing Yori tell Himari that Momoka made her uncomfortable was a refreshing development and made the follow-up situations engaging. 

Hopefully, the series continues to include more scenarios like that as it’ll make Himari and Yori’s romantic endeavors enjoyable. While the visuals and animation continue producing subpar results, the storytelling seems ripe with this one. Let’s pray that remains the case with the series’s remaining chapters. 

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