Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Old Memories, Old Feelings

Episode 10 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins with a flashback. In it, Momoka and Hajime are waiting for Kyou to finish her interview. Eventually, Kyou finishes her interview and regroups with the girls. Then, we return to the present and follow the SSGIRLS. They’re listening to a music track Yori produced for their upcoming festival performance.

Mari, Kaori, and Aki tell Yori that her new song is amazing. Yori’s glad to hear that and suggests they all conjure a topic and several lyrical phrases for this festival song. The SSGIRLS love the sound of that and contemplate. As for Laureley, they head to a gravesite. Shiho tells Himari they’re heading here because Himari wants to know how Laureley was born. 

Hajime pays respects to an Amasawa grave site. She says this is where her big sister’s resting. Himari’s unsure who this person is and Shiho confirms it’s Kyou. In a flashback, we see Momoka and Shiho attending Kyou’s funeral. Some time passes. Hajime visits Shiho on a bridge and asks her if they can discuss things. Hajime and Shiho visit a bench and the former thanks the latter for attending Kyou’s funeral. 

Hajime relays more details Kyou shared with her about Shiho before Kyou passed away. Hajime notes that Kyou was hurt after she and Shiho’s friendship crumbled. Hajime says that Kyou was happy that Shiho joined a band as a guitarist. Hajime reveals Kyou wanted to see Shiho play the guitar, too. Some time passes. Shiho visits Kyou’s grave.

She tells Kyou that she picked up the guitar to spite Kyou since it was Kyou’s former dream to become a guitarist. Shiho is unsure how to react to Kyou’s passing as she feels relieved and disappointed. More time passes. Shiho revisits Kyou’s grave and vents about her problems with her current band. She wonders if she can revisit Kyou’s grave to vent her future frustrations. 

After more visits, Shiho returns to Kyou’s grave and tells her she quit her band. Based on this response, we can assume the band Kyou’s been referring to is the SSGIRLS. Shiho informs Kyou about what happened between her and the SSGIRLS. She’s also upset that Kyou stole the best thing she’s great at. Before Shiho sobs, Momoka and Hajime stumble upon her. 

Hajime introduces Momoka to Shiho. She tells Shiho that Momoka is Kyou’s girlfriend. Momoka tells Shiho that Kyou talked highly of her and wanted to go to Shiho’s concert. Momoka tells Shiho she wants to go to her next concert. Shiho tells Momoka and Hajime that she has quit the SSGIRLS. Momoka tells Shiho she should continue pursuing music despite her fallout with the SSGIRLS. 

Shiho’s not buying Momoka’s words regarding Kyou loving Shiho’s music. Momoka tells Shiho Kyou only played in a way that’d appeal to the judges. She reveals Kyou felt Shiho’s music evoked freedom and emotion. Shiho ponders an encounter she had with Kyou when they were children. Then, a child version of Shiho convinces Shiho to keep pursuing music. 

Shiho tells Momoka and Hajime if they want her to continue her music career, she wants them to help her form a new band. Momoka and Hajime accept and Shiho says they’ll dedicate their future achievements to Kyou. Later, Himari visits Yori at a restaurant. Himari tells Yori everything that happened between her and Laureley. 

Then, Yori and Himari discuss Shiho’s fallout with the SSGIRLS. Yori understands why Shiho quit the SSGIRLS since her approach to music differs from Aki’s. However, Yori doesn’t understand why Shiho dislikes her. Himari suggests she, Shiho, and Yori go out together. However, Yori shoots that idea down. Yori tells Himari that she’s okay with everything since she doesn’t mind if a few people don’t like her. 

Himari visits Shiho in their practice room. Shiho notices Himari’s texting Yori and shares mean-spirited remarks about Yori. Himari tells Shiho to stop saying mean things about Yori. She also tells Shiho she shouldn’t hate Yori for non-legitimate reasons. Shiho understands and comes clean on why she despises Yori. She brings up Himari and Yori’s “love at first sight event” and reveals she experienced something similar. 

Unfortunately for Shiho, her “love at first sight” event didn’t lead to anything significant. Shiho says the person she loved fell in love with Yori. Himari proposes Shiho quit the SSGIRLS because Aki didn’t reciprocate Shiho’s romantic feelings. Shiho tells Himari not to tell anyone about their conversation and leaves the practice room in tears. 

We cut away to Shiho reflecting on her past grievances with other bands via flashbacks. Additionally, Aki approaches Shiho and asks her if she’d like to join the SSGIRLS. Although Shiho didn’t admire Aki, she started to appreciate Aki’s company. Shiho says her admiration for Aki turned to romance. This led Shiho to write a love letter to Aki. Before Shiho presented her letter to Aki,  Shiho noticed Aki and Yori chatting in a classroom. 

Yori departs and Shiho’s worried Aki and Yori are dating. Before Shiho confesses to Aki, she notices Aki admiring the hand that Yori touched. Shiho runs away and rips up her love letter. She’s upset that she lost her passion for music and her first love. In the present, Shiho ignores everyone’s text, opens up her clothes drawer, and throws out a photo with her and Aki in it. 

Himari reflects on what happened during summer break. The episode closes with a shot of the SSGIRLS notes concerning the song they’re trying to create for the festival. 

The Episode Review

Unfortunately, it looks like Whisper Me A Love Song got hit with the same treatment as last year’s Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (anime) regarding its final two chapters. The official X/Twitter account for this anime mentions that it’ll be on an indefinite hiatus, which is a bummer considering we’re near the show’s climax regarding the upcoming festival competition. 

Nevertheless, this episode wonderfully gave audiences a deeper look at Shiho and Laureley’s origins. Unfortunately, fans will never get a proper reunion between Shiho and Kyou, based on what was unveiled in episode 10. Although it would’ve been stellar if the series had honed in on Kyou’s life a little more to entice audiences to care for her tragic fate, seeing Momoka cry in Shiho’s arms at the grave site should suffice. 

Speaking of Shiho, this episode may entice fans to develop sympathy for Shiho. Although the way she handles situations won’t vibe well with everyone, this episode paints a clear picture of why Shiho presents herself in this semi-unlikable fashion. From losing her rival to her first love, many fans can resonate with the problems buried within Shiho’s core. 

As always, we’re optimistic that Himari will find a way to help Shiho authentically overcome her emotional baggage. Overall, this was a nice showcase from Whisper Me A Love Song. The animation improved slightly, but there were points in this episode where the events on display looked nearly identical to visuals you’d expect from a visual novel.

Hopefully, the visuals and storytelling improve when this anime makes its triumphant return in the future. 

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