Whisper Me A Love Song Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch

Whisper Me A Love Song

This new anime series is making its grand debut on HiDive! The story is set moments after a high school’s opening ceremony event. After that, we follow the series’s musician protagonist, Yori, who is left dumbfounded after a fellow freshman named Himari confesses to her.

Before our lead returns Himari’s feelings, Himari tells Yori she admires her and doesn’t have romantic feelings for her. Therefore, we’ll examine Yori’s attempts at getting Himari to love Yori for her, not just her musical talent. 

If you’ve been following this anime, you may be curious to know when the next episode will be released. Well, wonder no more!

Whisper Me A Love Song Episode 2 Release Date

The entire schedule for Whisper Me A Love Song Season 1 so far is as follows:

  • Episode 2 – April 20th 2024

Episode 2 will be released on Saturday 20th April at 2:30am (JST) / 5:30pm (GMT) / 1:30pm (ET) / 10:30am (PT). This is a weekend show, with 1 episode releasing each week on Saturdays.

Expect episode 2 to be roughly 25 minutes long, which is consistent with the timeframe for the rest of the show.

Where Can I Watch Whisper Me A Love Song?

This anime is making its grand debut on HiDive for global audiences. In Japan, it’ll be streaming on TV Asahi, U-Next, and other Japanese networks. It’ll also be available in Japan on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. 

How Many Episodes Will Whisper Me A Love Song Have?

Whisper Me A Love Song Season 1 is expected to have roughly 12 episodes. With that in mind, 10 episodes are remaining after this one. As long as the schedule doesn’t change, it should look something like this:

  • Episode 3 – April 27th
  • Episode 4 – May 4th
  • Episode 5 – May 11th
  • Episode 6 – May 18th
  • Episode 7 – May 25th
  • Episode 8 – June 1st
  • Episode 9 – June 8th
  • Episode 10 –June 15th
  • Episode 11 – June 22nd
  • Episode 12 – June 29th

Is There A Trailer for This Anime?

There is indeed! You can check out the brand-new trailer below:

What Happened In Episode 1?

Whisper Me A Love Song Episode 1 starts with a scene at a high school involving multiple students watching a group of talented musicians called the SSGIRLS perform. Himari, one of our female leads, is in the crowd. She says this is the day she experienced “love at first sight.” Then, we arrive at a scene set hours before the event. 

In it, Himari’s cat Marota wakes her up for school. Once Himari arrives at school, she meets Miki, one of her closest friends. Miki tells them they’re in the same class and asks her to attend a high school performance later. Himari accepts. At the performance, we follow our deuteragonist, Yori. She’s nervous because she doesn’t like singing in front of crowds. 

Nevertheless, the SSGIRLS tell her everything will be okay. After Miki and Himari chat about things, Yori and the SSGIRLS perform. Himari’s amazed by Yori’s singing voice. Once the performance ends, Miki asks Himari to share her opinion on Aki’s (one of the SSGIRLS) performance. Himari doesn’t know what to say. 

However, she tells Miki that she enjoyed the vocalist’s (Yori’s) performance and says it gave her a “love at first sight” experience. Himari continues to praise Yori for her efforts when she and Miki attend class. Meanwhile, Yori celebrates her achievements with the SSGIRLS at their clubroom. After that, the SSGIRLS and Yori discuss Yori as a potential bandmate and her skills at songwriting.

The latter topic entices the SSGIRLS to ask Yori to develop a love song for them, despite her not being the romantic type. Yori departs the room and stumbles upon Himari near the locker area. Himari tells Yori that she loved her performance. Himari says it made her “fall in love at first sight.” Yori’s surprised by Himari’s comments and believes she confessed to her.

Himari promises to attend Yori’s next performance and departs. Yori informs the SSGIRLS about her experience with Himari. They tease her about this matter and one of the girls named Aki (Miki’s sister) gives her advice on how Yori should reply. Meanwhile, Himari tells Miki about her brief encounter with Yori and what she told her.

Miki gives Himari critical details about Yori, her music, and her affiliation with the SSGIRLS. Moreover, she tells Himari she should visit the school’s rooftop after school if she wants to speak with Yori. On the rooftop, Yori plays her guitar and sings. She’s nervous about her future encounter with Himari, especially since Aki and the others expect a report from her.

Suddenly, Himari arrives and Yori confesses to Himari. However, Yori learns that Himari’s “love at first sight” response was out of admiration and not romance. Nevertheless, Himari says she’d like to visit her every day on the roof because she wants to see her perform more. Yori accepts and says she plans to try her best to make Himari fall for her. She meets with Himari and Miki at school the following day.

Yori asks Himari if they can meet after school. Himari says she’d love to. Yori departs and meets with Aki. She tells her how things went regarding her and Himari’s second encounter. Yori says she plans to make herself look cooler in front of Himari. Also, she wants to come off as being someone Himari can rely on. Aki and the others promise to help Yori win Himari over. 

Later, Yori and Himari meet on the school’s rooftop. The two chat about the school’s staff and touch upon life. After some time passes, Himari asks Yori to sing her a song. Yori sings Himari a song and reflects on her situation and love for Himari. The episode closes with a flower petal soaring into the sky. 

We’ve covered the entire episode with a lengthy recap that touches on all major plot points and discusses the chapter with an accompanying review. You can find that link below. 

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What are your hopes for Whisper Me A Love Song? Have you read the manga it’s based on? Let us know in the comments below!

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