Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) Ending Explained – Is Kya guilty?

Where the Crawdads Sing Plot Summary

It is the 1950s, and the South Carolina marsh is all Kya Clark knows, and she certainly does—better than anyone. After being abandoned by her family, Kya is forced to fend for herself and make do with limited resources. Despite her difficult upbringing, Kya possesses a deep understanding of the marsh and its intricate ecosystem. She spends her days studying the natural world, making friends with a few locals every now and then, including a kind boy named Tate.

However, Kya’s peaceful existence is disrupted when she is accused of murdering Chase Andrews, a popular young man from a nearby town. The townspeople hold deep-seated prejudices against Kya, who is seen as an outcast due to her reclusive lifestyle and lack of formal education.

Is Kya found guilty?

In the last portion of Where the Crawdads Sing, Kya stands in court, awaiting a verdict from the judge, with indirect evidence stacked against her. The tense atmosphere in the room is palpable, with Kya looking frail and vulnerable in the face of murder accusations.

Despite all of the hate that she received from people in the town, people who might be eager to pin the murder on someone estranged and different, like herself, Kya is found not guilty. The judge’s decision is a triumph for Kya and a vindication of her character, which is a testament to her resilience and determination to survive.

Do Kya and Tate end up together?

After Tate abandons Kya and left her with some serious emotional damage, their future together is left uncertain. However, the narrative advances to  Kya and Tate in their 60’s, where we see they have now grown old together and seem to have lived a happy life, studying the marsh.

It is clear that their love for each other and the natural world has only grown stronger as they have aged. Their bond had weathered the test of time, evidence of their strong attachment to each other.

Who killed Chase?

The final part of this story picks up when a now elderly Kya, ventures out onto the marsh one last time. It is a peaceful day, and Kya navigates the water with ease, enjoying the tranquility of the natural world she loves so much. As the day progresses, she eventually returns to her home, where Tate is waiting for her. However, what he finds is not what he expects. Kya lies still in her boat, her face peaceful in death, having passed away.

Later, Tate finds a book belonging to Kya. Within it happens to be the necklace that she made for Chase, which was missing from his corpse, and a poem confirming that she did indeed kill him, reaffirming the story’s subtle theme of survival.

The revelation that Kya was responsible for Chase’s death comes as a huge shock to Tate.

How did Kya kill Chase?

Kya meticulously and skillfully planned out Chase’s death. At 11:30pm, she departs Greenville on a bus headed to Barkley Cove while in disguise. She lures Chase to the watchtower, where she pushes him to his death, getting rid of any evidence, and catching the 2.30am bus back to Greenville.

Kya Clark is a character whose intelligence and resourcefulness are certainly remarkable, even if her actions are morally questionable, bringing this film to a shocking conclusion.

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