Where is the Chicago Strangler now? | Behind the shocking unsolved murder cases

What happened in the Chicago Strangler murder case?

The Chicago StraThe Chicago Strangler is a serial killer who is believed to be responsible for the deaths of as many as 50 women in the Chicago area. ngler is a serial killer who is believed to be responsible for the deaths of as many as 50 women in the Chicago area. 

Since 2001, these women have been murdered in a way that points to it being committed as part of a series with the victimology being strikingly similar: the victims have been predominantly black and sex workers, and most were strangled to death.

25 of these cases were ”solved” by police, which resulted in the conviction of 13 men. So if these murders were committed by the same offender, that means multiple men were wrongly convicted. 

What links were made?

In 2018, the Murder Accountability Project reviewed 50 unsolved strangulation murders dating back to 2001, and the algorithm they used to sort unsolved homicides by location, killing method and victimology suggested they could be the work of an active serial killer.

In 2019, the Chicago Police created a task force of 6 detectives to work with the FBI to review these cold cases. Shockingly, and for reasons only known to the police who originally investigated the murders, less than half of the victims had DNA collected from the crime scene. 

Media coverage of these murders has been very limited, which is indicative of the world we live in. If a white middle-class woman is murdered, the media is all over it, but when it’s a black woman, nothing is mentioned. It’s disgraceful, but it continues to happen. These women matter. They deserve to have their stories told and have their horrific murders solved. 

Where is the Chicago Strangler now?

The Chicago strangler murders remain unsolved. The Chicago Police Department was pressured into re-investigating the unsolved murders but ended up claiming there was no evidence of a serial killer being responsible for the crimes. It seems they didn’t care enough about the victims and couldn’t be bothered to connect the dots. 

In 2021, a Discovery+ documentary called “The Hunt for the Chicago Strangler” did a deep dive into the investigations, and commented on the systemic racism that exists in relation to these cases. 

The Black Girl Gone Podcast made a 2-part episode that told the victims’ stories and focused on the timeline of the murders.

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