Where is Sean Vincent Gillis now? | The story of the Baton Rouge serial killer

Sean Vincent Gillis

What did Sean Vincent Gillis do? 

Sean Vincent Gillis is an American serial killer who murdered eight women between 1994 and 2004 in Louisiana. The first murder committed by Gillis was of 82-year-old woman Ann Bryan at her retirement home. He slit her throat after she screamed, and then stabbed her 50 times. 

Fast forward five years, and Gillis had committed a number of murders when he began stalking his next victim, a woman he spotted jogging in the south Baton Rouge area. He began driving around looking for her until he eventually found her. Her name was Hardee Schmidt, and he hit her with his car, forcing her into a ditch. He then picked her up and drove her to a park, then raped and killed her. He put her nude corpse into the trunk of his car, and two days later he dumped the body. Gillis continued murdering women for five more years, with law enforcement not connecting the murders. 

How was Gillis caught, and what happened during the trial? 

Authorities began paying attention to certain cold cases when another serial killer, Derrick Todd Lee, was caught in the area in May of 2003. When they couldn’t link various cases to him, investigators thought another serial killer might have been active around the same time. 

Gillis was eventually arrested when investigators found a unique set of tyre tracks near his final victim’s, named Donna Bennett Johnston, dead body. They narrowed it down to only 90 purchases of this particular tyre in the Baton Rouge area, one of which was a car owned by Gillis. They obtained a DNA swab of Gillis and matched it to the evidence found on some of his victims’ bodies, and he was arrested on the 29th April, 2004. 

Initially, he was arrested and charged with three murders and stood trial for these crimes on the 21st July, 2008. He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Where is Sean Vincent Gillis now? 

Sean Vincent Gillis is currently serving his life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. He is 61 years of age. 

The case has been featured quite heavily in the media with the Investigation Discovery series, The Devil You Know and Dead at Night both telling the story of Gillis and his serial murders. 

He was also featured in 2014 on an episode of Born to Kill

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