Where is Robert Durst now? | The true story of the triple murderer

Robert Durst

What did Robert Durst do? 

Robert Durst allegedly killed his first wife, Kathleen McCormack; his longtime friend, Susan Berman; and his neighbour, Morris Black. He was tried and acquitted of murdering Black in 2003, largely thanks to his ability to hire a dream team of lawyers, due to being an heir to an American real estate tycoon. He claimed self defence in that case, despite admitting to cutting up the victim’s body. 

Kathleen McCormack’s body was never found, but Durst was heavily suspected in her disappearance. As for Susan Berman, it was information that came to light in a true-crime documentary series that put him in the picture for that murder. 

What happened in the true crime documentary series? 

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst was a massive success upon its release in 2015. The true crime documentary told the real life story of Robert Durst. It was directed by Andrew Jarecki, who had previously directed a movie loosely based on Durst’s life, called All Good Things

Jarecki was able to get Durst to participate in the documentary, and he ended up incriminating himself in the murder of Susan Berman, a gangster’s daughter who was found shot to death in her home on Christmas Eve in 2000. 

Berman played a big part in Durst’s alibi, after his first wife Kathleen’s disappearance in 1982, so it was believed Durst felt he had to kill her,-as she knew too much. It was an execution style murder to make it look like it was mob related.

A few days after the murder, a letter was sent to the Beverly Hills Police Department, that included Berman’s address, with the word ”Cadaver” on it. Jarecki interviewed Durst about this letter after noticing that Beverly was misspelled as “Beverley,” which was a known error Durst had made on documents in the past. Durst looked visibly troubled by this, and when using the bathroom, he left his microphone on and appeared to say “That’s right, killed them all didn’t I?”

What happened in the Susan Berman murder investigation and trial?

The Jinx documentary series led to police looking into Robert Durst for the murder of Susan Berman. He was arrested by FBI agents on the 14th March, 2015. It was believed he was planning to flee to Cuba after the airing of the HBO documentary, due to no extradition treaty between the countries. 

The Deputy District Attorney in charge of prosecuting Durst interviewed him for three hours without a lawyer present. He was then charged with the murder of Susan Berman.

This interview was introduced as evidence during the Berman trial, as was the footage from The Jinx, which appeared to show Durst confessing to the murder. 

Where is Robert Durst now? 

Robert Durst was convicted of the murder of Susan Berman in 2021 and sentenced to life in prison without parole. He was also charged with McCormack’s disappearance shortly after being sentenced. He died in 2022 before a trial could begin for the murder of his first wife. 

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