Where is Richard Trenton Chase now? | The Vampire of Sacramento

Richard Trenton Chase

What did Richard Trenton Chase do?

Richard Trenton Chase was an American serial killer, cannibal and necrophile who killed 6 people in Sacramento, California from December 1977 to January 1978. He was dubbed “The Vampire of Sacramento” because he drank his victims’ blood. 

On the 29th of December 1977, Chase killed his first known victim in a drive-by shooting. On the 23rd of January 1978, he broke into a house and shot Teresa Wallin dead. He then proceeded to have sex with her dead body while stabbing her with a knife. He then removed multiple organs, cut off one of her nipples and drank her blood.

On the 27th of January 1978, Chase entered the home of Evelyn Miroth and shot her dead along with her 6-year-old son Jason and her 22-month-old nephew David Ferreira. He mutilated Miroth and engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism with her body. 

How was Chase caught and what happened at the trial?

A visitor to Miroth’s home knocked on the door and startled Chase, who then fled. The visitor alerted a neighbour who called the police. The police arrived and discovered that Chase had left handprints and shoe imprints in Miroth’s blood. He was arrested shortly afterward, and they searched his apartment and found everything soaked in blood.

In 1979, Chase stood trial on 6 counts of murder. His defence team tried to have him found guilty of second-degree murder to avoid the death penalty. They tried to suggest his history of mental illness and lack of premeditation for the murders were mitigating circumstances.

However, on the 8th of May 1979, the jury found Chase guilty of six counts of first-degree murder, and he was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. 

Where is Richard Trenton Chase now? 

On the 26th of December 1980, Chase was found dead in his prison cell. An autopsy revealed he died of an overdose of prescription medication. He was 30 years old when he died. 

In 1987, a movie based on Chase’s crimes was released, called Rampage, and it was directed by William Friedkin. 

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