Where is Richard Angelo now? The true story behind the killer nurse

What did Richard Angelo do? 

Richard Angelo was a nurse who killed many of his patients by poisoning them, with the total number of his victims believed to be in excess of 35. This is a staggering amount, especially when you take into account he only worked at the hospital for 7 months.

He first came to be known when he was suspected of poisoning a patient in October 1987 at the God Samaritan Medical Centre. He was accused of injecting a patient with Pavulon, and arrested for assault. 

After his arrest, Angelo confessed to poisoning many other patients with Pavulon, and also Anectine. Over 30 deceased patients had their remains exhumed to be examined for traces of these drugs, which acted as powerful paralyzing agents. 

He claimed that his motive was to portray himself as a hero, which is very common for this type of offender. After poisoning his victims, he would wait for them to go into cardiac arrest, and then save them in front of his colleagues. 

What happened to Richard Angelo at his trial? 

Richard Angelo was held in Suffolk County Jail for over a year awaiting his trial. He was offered bail of $50,000 but declined to pay it, as he feared for his safety due to how high profile the case had become. 

The trial lasted 8 weeks, and on the 14th December , Angelo was found guilty of charges including second degree murder, second degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, first degree assault and second degree assault. 

On the 24th January, 1990, the judge sentenced Angelo to over 61 years to life in prison.

Where is Richard Angelo now?

Angelo is currently 61 years of age at the time of writing, and serving his life sentence at the Great Meadow Correctional Facility. He’s eligible for parole in 2049, when he will be 87. But whether he’ll be released or not, is still up for debate.

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