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Morris Solomon Jr.

What did Morris Solomon Jr. do? 

Morris Solomon Jr. is an American serial killer who took the lives of 6 women in the Sacramento area, leading to him being dubbed “The Sacramento Slayer.” 

The investigation into the murders began with Solomon actually reporting the murder of a sex worker called Yolanda Johnson. It is believed Solomon reported Johnson’s body in an attempt to appear innocent of the crime. However, the Police questioned him after finding the body and he gave fingerprints and a blood sample, but gave inconsistent statements and failed to properly identify himself. He was questioned a second time after another body was found, and he continued to give false information to the police.

On the 20th of April 1987, Solomon gave police permission to search his abandoned car on his property. When they were at the premises, police noticed a depression in the soil, and discovered another body. On the 22nd of April, they discovered 2 more bodies buried at a residence linked to Solomon. The game was up for the vicious serial killer, and he was arrested. 

What happened during Morris Solomon Jr.’s trial?

The prosecution case was circumstantial because no direct evidence linked Solomon to the murders. All the victims were found at locations where Solomon had either lived or worked.

DNA testing was in its infancy at the time of these crimes, so no connection could be made that way. However, a semen sample had been collected from Johnson’s body and it was proven to be consistent with Solomon. Solomon was convicted of 6 murders and was given the death sentence. 

Where is Morris Solomon Jr. now?

Morris Solomon is still on death row in San Quentin prison. He is 79 years old. He has never shown any remorse for his crimes, but at his advanced age, he is likely to die of natural causes before he faces the death penalty. 

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  1. Hi just read your article. I’m the first cousin of Yolanda YO-YO Johnson. Wish Gavin new some had the balls to give him a large needle or a load of gas She was my babysitter until I was 9 She was very nice but had a boyfriend that was very bad and got her strung out She didn’t deserve to be left in a crack house. Many times my dad and her mother would have to find her on the streets and bring her home. I was sheltered from this part of her life. My parents have never spoke about this with me or my little brother until my mom was dying. She told me she wished she could have lived long enough to see Solomon die At least soon I will know he is dead

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